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"How is this possible?" All the surprise in Glan's eyes turned into shock as all the pores on his back opened and let out a ton a cold sweat. "How is this possible? Even a war horse would fall to the ground after getting punched by me, let alone a man. Even Cage couldn't take a punch from me with just regular clothes on!"

"This is… is this all your strength?" Qian Jin asked with his eyes still closed as a disdainful smile appeared on his face. "A punch like this can't even tickle me. Were you drunk when you said that you were going to let me feel pain? Too weak, just too weak… You are even weaker than a Centaur Demon Beast."

Glan felt like he was watching the undead in the middle of the night! They were all Demon Fighters, and Glan knew that his punches dealt tons of damage. If Qian Jin was in warrior armor, then everything made sense. However, Qian Jin was wearing very common clothes.

"Could it be…" As if Glan just got electrocuted, he stomped the ground with both of his feet and leaped backward. He took another detailed look at Qian Jin, "Could it be that these clothes that look very normal are actually made out of high-level Demon Beasts' skin? Do they have exceptional defensive abilities? That's right! It has to be!" He shouted to himself.

Tink… a crisp metal colliding sound resonated in the backyard where the Mourning Hall was as Glan pulled his longsword from its scabbard.

With his hands behind his back, Fabreidis slowly walked into the yard as he looked at Qian Jin's body with interest. Glan's punch was very powerful; even a wooden stake around the thickness of a human arm would break after taking that strike. However, Qian Jin didn't react after taking the punch; his defensive ability was… on another level!

"It's not on another level." Fabreidis lightly shook his head as he said to himself, "It's on several other levels at least!" But after remembering that Qian Jin had achieved the rank of Level 9 Demon Fighter in less than nineteen years, Fabreidis felt like him having this defensive ability wasn't that improbable.

Glan became a bit more cautious as he saw Fabreidis walking in. When facing two Demon Fighters, he didn't have much chance of winning.

"Don't mind me, I'm just the audience tonight." Fabreidis casually walked into the Mourning Hall and sat down on a chair. He gestured with his hands and said, "Please continue, I can promise that no matter what happens, I won't interfere with your battle."

Glan looked at Fabredis doubtfully, and then his focus shifted onto Qian Jin again. As long as he could severely injure Qian Jin before Fabreidis could react, then he wouldn't have to worry about fighting two Demon Fighters at the same; he wasn't too worried about fighting Fabreidis alone.

Glen held onto the longsword with both of his hands and raised the sword above his head. As he stepped forward with his left leg, his warrior power cycled in his body at the maximum speed. His energy connections felt some pain as if they were being torn apart, and the warrior power was conducted into the sword. It made the sword look like there was a layer of water floating on its surface.

One strike! Only one strike was needed! Glan's eyes that were as big as bells squinted into a slit, and his confidence returned to its peak. Using this sharp Level 8 sword that was forged by a Level 8 Blacksmith carefully for a month and all his warrior power, he believed that this strike could chop through Qian Jin's blade and almost end Qian Jin's life.

Qian Jin's eyes suddenly opened, and a lightning-like light shot out of his eyes in the night. His lifeless presence was gone. Instead, like a volcano that suddenly erupted, endless murderous spirit and intent came off Qian Jin's body, and the Zhanmadao started to buzz under the empowerment of the warrior power and murderous spirit. Qian Jin stomped the ground with his left foot and boosted himself with the Zhanmadao towards Glan.

The surging murderous spirit and intent instantly filled every corner of the Mourning Hall. Glan's squinted eyes immediately opened wide. He felt like he was on the Human-Demon Battle Front that was filled with weapons, war horses, blood, and stumps. The ferocious battle blade was like a gigantic demon that could swallow up a living human being in one try. The warrior power that was accelerating in his body collapsed completely under the heavy pressure of this strike from Qian Jin, and his Level 8 sword that was filled with warrior power and shining lights dimmed and lost its strength.

"What kind of murderous spirit is this? What is this strength?" Glan shouted at himself. At that moment, Glan felt like he was being arrogant and raided a demon's military camp alone. His body completely stiffened, and his eyes stared at the most flashy and lethal reflection of light coming off of Qian Jin's blade. He didn't feel any pain, but he saw a line of noise-piercing blood spurting out of the middle of his torso, as if someone had drawn a perfect line vertically down the middle of his body.

He lowered his head to see exactly where the blood was coming out from, but he soon realized that a line down the middle of his eyes was also spurting blood. Then, his body separated in half vertically, with half of his body falling down to the left and the other half falling down to the right.

"Such a fast blade… I'm dead? Where is Qian Jin?" Glan's eyes opened wide and this thought passed through his head as his halves fell to the ground. There were only two pieces of floorboard that were chipped where Qian Jin was standing.

Fabreidis stared at Qian Jin in surprise; the strike that Qian Jin used wasn't any one of the techniques in [Seven Bloody Combat Strikes], but that strike contained the thick and brutal murderous spirit and intent, charging forward and never turning back.

Qian Jin pulled the Zhanmadao off of the ground with one hand and lightly caressed the blade with the other. "[Bloody Combat], it only needs one strike…"

"Seven strikes combined into one?" Fabreidis instantly stood up and sighed several times. He thought to himself, "What is this? [Seven Bloody Combat Strike] had an eighth strike, which was the combination of the previous seven strikes. The only thing was that my friend who created the [Seven Bloody Combat Strikes] only truly combined the seven strikes into one after several years of practicing. How did this kid combine them into one in less than a night? Although it is not perfect…"

Fabreidis looked at Qian Jin and started to question his own talent; he felt like he was too stupid. Qian Jin's performance was way too impressive! Only warriors who went through numerous bloody battles could gradually understand the essence of the [Seven Bloody Combat Strikes]. "Qian Jin is less than nineteen years old, so theoretically he should have never been to the Human-Demon Battle Front before. Where did he get the experience of all these bloody battles? But from his murderous spirit… Even warriors who went through hundreds of battles on the Human-Demon Battle Front don't have that level of murderous spirit."

"[Seven Bloody Combat Strikes], [The Bloody Combat Strike]." The more Qian Jin thought about it, the more he felt like this fighting technique was specially created for him. This fighting technique required a lot of murderous spirits and a very strong mentality when facing death. For the last two years, all the dangerous, life-risking battles and combat that Qian Jin went thought in Four Season Valley and the Endless World made him a warrior that was better than warriors that went through hundreds of battles.

"Never mind." Fabreidis turned around and walked away. "If I continue watching him, it might actually drop my confidence. Even though he has the One Hundred and Eight Energy Reservoir Cycling Technique, this is still too shocking.

Qian Jin raised the Zhanmadao and put it back into the Warrior Dimension. He then found some rope in the yard and tied the two "Glans" onto a long wooden stake in the yard upside down.

"Two years." Qian Jin walked to the coffin and ate an apple that was a part someone's tribute to Rollin.

"In just two years, Oakland has changed so much after I came back. Tomorrow, in just one day, Oakland will change completely again… I'm looking forward to it."

The wind blew by, as if it was trying to blow away the endless darkness and welcome the morning sun. Everyone in Oakland was sleeping at night.

The gate to the yard opened, and Gomez Jane who was in a simple battle dress walked into the Mourning Hall slowly with the [Dual Moon] in her hands. Under the moonlight, this beauty looked like a goddess and was very intriguing.

Qian Jin stood up and nodded at the beauty who he hadn't see in two years to greet her. Gomez Jane lightly bent her back and nodded back. After she saluted and paid her respects to Rollin like how Fabreidis did, she walked directly into the backyard alone.

Another light breeze blew by outside of the Mourning Hall, and the long white silks that were tied onto wooden stakes fluttered in the air. The clouds once again blocked the bright moon in the sky.

Qian Jin took out the Zhanmadao and placed it beside his hands before he lied against the coffin and fell asleep. One should always be at the optimal state before heading to battle; this was one of the key lessons that Qian Jin learned at Four Season Valley and the Endless World in the last two years.

The moon sunk below the horizon, and it was the sun's turn to shine again. Before the sun could get rid of the chilling sensation that was left by the darkness at night, the sound of horse carriage's wheels rolling on the ground sounded on the street outside of the yard. Sabonis got off the carriage and quickly fixed the clothes that represented the status of the mayor on his body. He quietly reminded himself that he had to handle this duel fairly and justly.

The heavy gate in the yard slowly opened as the servant of the mayor carefully pushed on it; he didn't dare to break through to the door arrogantly and dominantly anymore.

Sabonis walked into the yard where a lot of white long silks were hung. His polite smile instantly froze on his face as he stared at the corpse that was tied to a wooden stake in the yard; the blood in the corpse had bled out a long time ago.

"Glan! The Demon Fighter from the Cae Family!" As soon as Sabonis saw the corpse, his head cooled down instantly as if someone poured a bucket of cold water onto his face. He stared at Glan who was chopped in half and couldn't be put back together, even with the most magical glue in the world.

"Mr. Mayor, you arrived very early today." Qian Jin walked up to Sabonis as he pointed at the corpse on the wooden stake, "This Mr. Glan came here last night with his longsword and said he was going to kill me. I had to kill him instead for self-defense. Mr. Fabreidis can be my witness."

"Really?" Sabonis raised his eyebrows as he said, "That's very unpleasant. I hope such an incident won't affect Mr. Qian Jin's mood and warrior power for the duel today."

Qian Jin walked to the Mourning Hall with Sabonis side by side as he said, "Thanks for asking, Mr. Mayor. After I was forced to kill Mr. Glan in self-defense, my mood became a lot better for some reason."

"That's good. Then I wish you a good luck for the duel today."

Sabonis let out a fake laugh as he secretly peeked at Glan's corpse that was being hung upside down; his surprise still hadn't subsided yet. After being the mayor of the city for this long, he had never seen such a dominating young man. He had seen young people kill before, but never tying the person that they killed upside down on a stake and waiting for the other party to come. "What kind of trump cards and confidence are hiding under this provocation?" He thought.

Fabreidis walked out with Gomez Jane and several others from the backyard. When he saw Sabonis, he lightly nodded to greet him, and both of them sat on the best seats in the building since they were on the same level.

Although everything seemed calm, there was a corpse that was chopped in half by a battle blade and tied on a wooden stake upside down. Moreover, a pile of internal organs was on the ground below the corpse, making it impossible for the atmosphere to be light and relaxed.

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