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"Jane, long time no see. You are getting prettier and prettier." Sabonis looked at Gomez Jane and praised her. He couldn't stop praising her in his mind, "This woman would make any man's eyes light up no matter how many times they see her. The more I look at her, the prettier she becomes. If only she wasn't the daughter of Fabreidis! If that was the case, I would try to get her in bed by any means."

Gomez Jane on the other side was as cold as usual. She saluted Sabonis like how many people saluted their elders, and then she sat down and placed the [Dual Moon] on the table.

Sabonis looked at the [Dual Moon] that reflected a stream of chilling sunlight into his eyes, and all the desire in his mind cooled down. He secretly reminded himself, "This woman in front of me isn't just an ordinary woman; she is also a powerful Demon Fighter. It wasn't unprecedented that a lot of men tried to pursue her. One of them tried to get her with his dirty methods, but before Fabreidis made his move, the man's special body part was chopped off by her directly."

"This mage is named Gabriella, right?" Sabonis quickly shifted his focus and looked at Gabriella, "I know that you are going to partner with Qian Jin and get involved in the duel. I respect your courage and boldness since you are willing to risk your life for a friend. This is my personal gift to you; it's not related to my role as the mayor at all. I hope it can help you in the duel that is about to start."

Sabonis laughed as he took out four magic scrolls from the big sleeves on his mayor robe and handed them to Gabriella kindly.

"I'm a mage student…" Gabriella replied timidly. She quickly bowed and showed her thanks as she saw Sabonis handing her the scrolls. She took the magic scrolls with both of her hands and didn't try to be polite and reject the gift. To be honest, she wasn't too confident in the duel. Currently, she had two magic scrolls that were given to her by Rosella; one of them was a Level 2 Defense Magic, Sky Blue Ice Shield, and one of them was a Level 2 Attack Magic, Sky Blue Icicle.

"Mage student? Hehe, one day you will become a real mage and a Supreme Mage." Sabonis praised her casually as he peeked at Fabreidis. He hoped that Qian Jin and Gabriella wouldn't lose by too much in this duel with his gifts. He only did so to comfort the city guardian; otherwise, how was a little mage student qualified to talk to him?

Gabriella opened up the magic scrolls carefully and took a look. All four scrolls were Level 3 Defense Magic, Sky Blue Protection. They were better than Sky Blue Ice Shields in terms of their defensibility.

"Good…" Gabriella calmed down. She only had the spiritual power of a Level 5 Mage Student, so she just had enough power and ability to use these four magic scrolls. However, she only had one magic scroll that could be used to attack. "How can I help Qian Jin to win this duel?" She thought to herself.

Gabriella was feeling some regret. If she knew that she would be put into this situation, she would have taken a piece off of the Magic Core and ground it into powder. This way, she could use the powder and fresh animal hide to make magic scrolls. As long as she was careful and earnest, she could draw out a Level 3 Fire Ball Magic Scroll in roughly seven days.

Since she only had one night to prepare for the duel, even if she chipped a Magic Core and grind it to powder, she wouldn't have enough time to make the Magic Scroll that required a lot of spiritual power.

More sounds of horse carriages moving resonated on the street outside of the yard. This time, they sounded very messy; there was more than just one horse carriage. Also, the sounds that the wheels made when they were rolling on the ground seemed to embody a metal colliding noise, and they hid a murderous intent. The noises together sounded like the battle melody that excited everyone for the upcoming duel.

A series of noises of feet landing on the ground sounded, followed by a series of loud and messy footsteps. Qian Jin could tell from the noises that these people were approaching the gate to the yard quickly.

Sabonis was about to get up and greet these people habitually. But when he saw that Fabreidis, who was on the same Level as him and other people like Qian Jin who were lower than him, didn't have the intent of getting up, he sat back down in his seat awkwardly and waited for the people from the Cae Family to come in.

Caeller was walking at the very front of the group. He was feeling a bit strange, "Why didn't Glan return after he took care of the situation last night? Did he accidentally kill Qian Jin and feel like he couldn't face me since he ruined the duel today?" He thought.

The weak smell of blood that dispersed in the yard got into Caeller's nose. When he raised his head subconsciously, his body froze on the spot as if someone cast a Petrification Spell on him; all he could see was Glan who was turned into a corpse and tied onto the wooden stake.

"Dead?" The first thought popped into Caeller's head was, "How is this possible?" He instantly looked at Fabreidis and thought, "Could it be that he didn't leave last night, and Glan had to battle with him? But even if he is the guardian of the city, he doesn't have the power to kill anyone he wants."

Cage followed Caeller into the yard. When he saw Caeller stop moving, he sensed that something was wrong. He moved away from Caeller who blocked his path and walked into the yard. When he saw Gomez Jane, his eyes shone. He tried to put on a gentleman-like smile on his face as he bent his back and greeted Gomez Jane from afar; he only used his peripheral vision to glance at Rosella who was also very pretty.

Finally, he discovered a familiar figure that was tied upside down on a wooden stake in the yard: Demon Fighter Glan!

"Dead?" A cautious expression appeared on Cage's face, "Such a clean execution! It wasn't as simple as chopping Glan in half. From how he died, he probably didn't even have time to react and was killed instantly. Could it be that…The city's guardian Fabreidis bumped into Glan coincidentally last night when Glan was about to take care of business? How unlucky Glan was!" He thought to himself.

"What is going on? Why are you guys not moving?" Gleen Pan asked as he moved to Caeller's other side and squeezed into the yard. When he saw what Caeller and Cage were seeing, his hands shivered and he almost dropped his wand onto the ground. He quickly ran to Glan's corpse. His dry yellowish eyes opened so wide that his eyes were about to be torn, and a sorrowful expression appeared on his face. He glanced at everyone in the yard with a vicious and ferocious look as he shouted, "Who! Who killed my brother? Stand out!"

Caeller and Cage shifted their focus onto Fabreidis, and Sabonis also landed his eyes onto Fabreidis. Sabonis thought, "Such a clean cut can't be done by someone who just advanced to the rank of Demon Fighter. Qian Jin probably said those words to me because he knew the fact that Fabreidis killing Glan as the city's guardian doesn't stand from the perspective of reason and legality."

Such things had happened before and would probably happen again in the future. Therefore, Sabonis wasn't surprised that Qian Jin would take on the main role in the story.

"Guardian of the city…" Gleen Pan opened his eyes wide angrily and stared at Fabreidis as he pronounced every word clearly and furiously. As someone who had a high chance of becoming a Supreme Mage and someone who had the Mage Union in Yulee State behind him, even though he was facing the guardian of a city, he shouted with no hesitation and fear under the anger of losing one of his close family, "You killed my brother! Mr. Mayor, is Zence Empire's law only for show? Does the city's guardian have the privilege of killing anyone he wants? Fabreidis, I challenge you to a duel!"

Fabreidis said without even looking up in the eyes, "If you want to die, I can help you with that. But if you want to find the person who killed your brother, what I have to tell you is that you are looking at the wrong person. He… he is the one who killed Glan."

Qian Jin, who was leaning against the coffin, lightly lifted up his chest as he nodded and said in a relaxing tone, "Last time, he came here with a longsword. He wanted to kill me, but he sucked too much so I killed him easily out of self-defense. Even if you argue using the law of Zence Empire, even if he revives a hundred times, I'm still not guilty if I kill him a hundred more times."

"You… You…" Gleen Pan's right hand that squeezed the red gem magic wand tightly shivered. He suddenly raised his left hand and a magic scroll appeared in his hand and shone a bright light. Three fist-sized fireballs appeared in the air and were shot towards Qian Jin while leaving a line of crackling noises in the air.

Gabriella still had the magic scrolls that Sabonis gave her in her hands. Her spiritual power instantly activated the two magic scrolls. A blue light flashed on the scrolls, and two circular ice shields that were a meter in diameter and a centimeter thick appeared in front of Qian Jin, one behind the other.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The first fireball instantly disappeared when it hit the first Sky Blue Protection, and the second fireball broke through the ice shield and disappeared after it hit the second shield. The third fireball smashed the ice shield into pieces and disappeared with it as well.

"Sky Blue Protection?" Gleen Pan waved his wrist again, and a throwing knife also appeared in Qian Jin's hand. At this moment, Sabonis raised his voice and shouted, "Mage Gleen Pan! Please watch your actions!"

The scroll that lit up lightly in Gleen Pan's hand instantly dimmed. An uncontrollable and angry expression appeared on Gleen Pan's face as he stared at Qian Jin ferociously. He lightly bent his back and bowed at Sabonis as he said, "Respectable Mayor, please forgive me for my sorrow in losing my little brother."

Sabonis' expression also calmed down a little. The action of attacking the perpetrator who killed his brother was understandable from a human angle. However, Sabonis was the mayor of Oakland, and he had to represent Zence Empire's law. "If I wasn't here, then it doesn't matter who kills who, as long as you get someone to be your witness and make up a story that is reasonable. But since I'm here, how dare you attack someone without a legal reason in front of the mayor?" That went through Sabonis' mind.

A private fight that suddenly occurred was instantly oppressed. Caeller secretly wiped the sweat off of his forehead. Although this Gleen Pan was at the peak of the mage rank and had the Mage Union in Yulee State behind his back, if Fabreidis acted as the guardian of the city and executed him from the grounds of maintaining the law and order of the Empire, even the Mage Union couldn't say anything about that and would have to accept the fact.

Cage observed Qian Jin with his eyes filled with suspicion. "Although Glan was very dumb, he had the strength of a Demon Fighter. He was even standing at the peak of a Level 1 Demon Fighter! If he was lucky and had a good mentality, he could potentially advance to a Level 2 Demon Fighter! Was this warrior really killed by Qian Jin last night? Could he be stronger than a Level 2 Demon Fighter? Could he secretly be a bloodline warrior as well?" He thought to himself.

"Respectable Mayor." Gleen Pan raised his head as tears were sliding off of his face. He suddenly raised his voice and roared angrily, "I challenge Qian Jin to a duel!" This shout instantly destroyed the last bit of peacefulness in the Mourning Hall.

Under everyone's stare, Qian Jin raised his hand and pointed at Cage who was looking at him suspiciously. "Sorry, you are a bit late. Please don't learn from Glan who cut in line and got killed by me earlier. If you want to die, please wait in line."

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