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"You!" Gleen Pan gave Qian Jin a deadly stare. He swung the big sleeves on his mage robe forcefully and walked up to Cage. "Young Master Cage, I, Gleen Pan, have rarely asked for any favors from the Cae Family during my stay all these years. This time, I have a favor to ask of you, this person has to be killed by me!"

Cage rubbed his chin with one of his hands as a difficult expression appeared on his face. "Uh… this will probably not be easy…"

Caeller who was listening on the side was so anxious that he was about to stomp his feet and shout at Cage. "The purpose of this duel is just to get all of Roll Family's properties. As long as Qian Jin is dead, why is letting Gleen Pan kill him a problem? If you can disable Qian Jin in the duel and let Gleen Pan kill him in the next duel, then Gleen Pan would owe the Cae Family a big favor! He is someone who has a high potential of becoming a Supreme Mage in the future!" These thoughts went through his head.

Gleen Pan and Cage looked at each other in the eyes for a few seconds. Gleen Pan then bit his teeth and stomped the ground as he got close to Cage and whispered into his ear, "If I do advance to a Supreme Mage in the future, then I shall become the closest ally with Young Master Cage!"

"Ally?" Caeller's ears shook lightly as he heard that. He wished he could accept this deal for Cage immediately. Mages were usually a group of people who valued their words the most. "The closest ally forever? How much help would it be for a warrior? Speed Spell, Berserk Spell, Stone Skin Spell, Eyes of the Darkness Spell… All these support magic spells could easily determine the outcomes of battles!"

"This…" Cage lightly frowned. He did reject or accept this deal right away; he only smacked his own lips and lightly nodded his head.

Gleen Pan took a deep breath and got close to Cage's ear and whispered again, "I will pledge my loyalty to you for ten years… No, twenty years!"

"A potential Supreme Mage pledging his loyalty to someone?" Caeller felt like this offer was so intense that his heart was about explode. When he took another look at Cage who was letting out a bit of smile on his face, Caeller felt like he had underestimated his nephew. His nephew was not only a powerful warrior, but he also had a brain that Caeller didn't expect.

Gradually, the smile on Cage's face disappeared and a more serious expression appeared on his face. He glanced at Glan who he always thought was dumb and annoying and a thought popped into his head, "I didn't expect that this trash would have some value. He sent a future Supreme to work for me as a henchman, and not even as an ally of equal status!"

"Mr. Gleen Pan, you can relax." Cage said as he took the battle blade from a servant who was handing it to him. He walked to the center of the yard with his head raised and chest lifted. He then lowered his head and bowed at the Mayor and Fabreidis who were sitting at the best seats in the hall. He said his name loudly, "Cae Family's representative for the duel, Cage!"

Qian Jin on the other side walked to the middle of the yard with his Zhanmadao and did the same thing; he lightly nodded and then bent his back and bowed, "Roll Family's guardian, Qian Jin."

Gleen Pan grasped onto his wand with the red gem tightly; a number of his veins bulged and jumped beneath his skin. He said with hatred, "Cae Family's mage representative for the mage duel, Gleen Pan."

With the big mage head on her head that blocked off the majority of her small body, Gabriella slowly "floated" to Qian Jin's side and said in her usual timid tone, "Ro… Roll Family's mage… mage representative, Gabrie… Gabriella."

Gleen Pan looked at Gabriella viciously and said, "So you are the representative for the mage duel today? Did you leave a will yet? How dare you stop me from me taking revenge for my brother? I will make sure to play with you for a long time. I will make you use all of your magic scrolls, and I will let your friend watch you get tortured to death! It would be even better If he dares to interfere with our duel, so I can take care of him as well. But unfortunately, I don't think he has the balls."

Qian Jin bent his back and lowered his head to Gabriella's mage hat. "You can surrender in this duel. If you think you have no chance of winning, then just surrender. I will take care of the rest." Qian Jin whispered.

The big mage hat waved forward and backward continuously. After two years of living together in the Four Season Valley, Gabriella had unlimited confidence in Qian Jin. Words flew out under the rim of the mage hat in a timid tone, "I… I will try my best."

Gleen Pan went back to Caeller and whispered something to him. Caeller nodded repeatedly as he said, "Respectable Mayor, we wish to put the mage duel at the beginning and the warrior duel after it. Is that okay?"

Sabonis looked at Fabreidis first. After noticing that this city's guardian didn't have any objection, he waved his hands and agreed.

"Good, very good!" Gleen Pan walked to the middle of the yard with a big smile on his face, but his eyes were locked onto Qian Jin. "Do you know why I wanted to go first? I wanted to let you witness the death of your friend. I will let you experience the spiritual pain first before I destroy your physical body." He shouted at Qian Jin viciously.

Qian Jin was standing in front of Gabriella. He reached behind her and patted her on the back. From the audiences' view, it seemed like Qian Jin was hugging her by wrapping his arms around her. He reminded her again, "If you don't think you can fight anymore, then surrender immediately. No one will blame you. Remember, you are someone who will become a Supreme Mage! You can't stop your journey here."

Under the mage hat, Gabriella's cheeks were as red as an apple. She could feel her body heating up continuously in this intimate hug. Her reply was so quiet that Qian Jin didn't even hear it.

All the audience members moved to the side and left enough space for the two mages to start their duel. Sabonis was the first one to stand up as he announced, "Get ready! Under my order, the first duel of the day will begin!"

As soon as Sabonis finished speaking, Gabriella felt the magic surge. She saw a magic scroll in Gleen Pan's hands shine like the stars in a night sky. Three fist-sized fireballs flew though the air towards Gabriella with a long fire tailing behind them. The fire crackling noise was so loud that it sounded like someone was lighting a whole forest on fire.

In battle, mages, even Supreme Mages, usually used magic scrolls. They didn't usually stand at the same location and use their spiritual power and magic power to chant and arrange magic elements in the air to cast a magic spell. The time it took to cast a spell ranged from long to short, but during the gap between chanting and casting, mages were very vulnerable.

"Open!" With two Sky Blue Protection Scrolls, one in each of her hands, she summoned and stacked the two thick ice shields in front of her as she stared at Gleen Pan, who was way stronger than her cautiously and mindfully. After she did that, she took other another two magic scrolls and injected her spiritual power into them. By this time, she had taken out all of her magic scrolls.

The fireballs smashed onto the Sky Blue Protection ice shields. The flashy fire and chipped ice flew in all directions, and the scene looked very beautiful under the bright sunlight. Gabriella, who felt the strong impact from the magic power, backed off. She was actually a little bit excited, "So this is how mages really battle. The process is this intense!" She thought.

After the spinning fireball attack, Gleen Pan started laughing as he looked at Gabriella's mage robe. "This is really an inexperienced mage student. She doesn't even know that if she doesn't have more magic scrolls, she has to keep some fake ones in her sleeves just to fool her opponent and gain an advantage in battle. Since all four of her magic scrolls are out, does that mean she has no more fighting ability?"

"This thing floating in the air is a Sky Blue Ice Shield, right?" Gleen Pan held the red gem magic wand with both of his hands as he laughed loudly at Gabriella viciously, "So I would imagine that the same shield is floating behind it. I can feel the sensation of a Level 1 Magic Spell. You are so pitiful; you don't even know any magic spells for attacking. Today, I will chant a magic spell to destroy your magic scrolls! Poor child, don't you know? Although other people can't tell if you have any more stocks left in your robe and sleeves, an experienced mage like me can easily tell that you have no more magic scrolls in your sleeves. When you die and returned to the stars, remember to check if someone is going to bring you trouble that you can't deal with before you become friend with him. Oh the great fire elemental spirits…"

Dots started to light up on the red gem that was located on the tip of Gleen Pan's magic wand. Gleen Pan used his spiritual power to summon the magic power that was stored in the red gem, and then he controlled the fire elements that came out of the gem and arranged them in the air.

This was his most precious magic wand, and he wasn't even willing to use it during battles. However, right now Gleen Pan was feeling the thrill of getting revenge. It wasn't easy to chant a magic spell during battle normally because there wasn't enough time, so Gleen Pan felt like this was a great opportunity to show off his skill since Gabriella was like a sleep that was tied up in a butcher shop.

"Go!" A sense of decisiveness and determination appeared in Gabriella's usual timid tone. To make the Sky Blue Ice Shield float in front of her was already taking a lot of spiritual power from her, but she suddenly raised the ice shields and shot out the icicles that were hiding behind them; these icicles cooled the air beside them as they traveled through the air.

"This!" Gleen Pan was surprised to the icicles that were flying towards him. It was the first time that he regretted acting so arrogantly. "I should've just destroyed all her magic scrolls and her attack or defensive abilities before I did this!" The thought went through his head as the fire elements that were about to be arranged properly went into chaos. The fireball that was about to be condensed spun faster in the air and coincidentally blocked the path of the icicles.

Boom! After the explosion, Gleen Pan got knocked down to the ground by the impact and rolled away four or five times. When he stood up, a lot of burning holes appeared on his mage robe. One of his grey eyebrows was burnt off, his mage hat was nowhere to be seen and his semi-bald head appeared under the day light, and many burn marks appeared on his hands and face.

When magic elements broke loose from a mage's control, the chaotic explosive power was usually greater than the spell itself. When Gleen Pan got up from the ground, he knew that his arrogance almost cost him his life! "If the somewhat completed fireball didn't block the path of the icicle, then the icicle would definitely pierce through my throat…" He thought.

Some sweat appeared on Gabriella's forehead as she tried to control and make the two ice shields float in the air after her strike. She knew that her strength and resources were not comparable to her opponent, and the only chance she had was to use everything she had and launch a sneak attack against her opponent. However, because the fire elements had lost control and got in the way of her icicles, her plan failed. She felt a bit disappointed and depressed.

"Die!" Gleen Pan shouted angrily; he was really embarrassed, and the only way for him to redeem himself was to kill the little mage student in front of him! He initiated the fireball magic scroll in his hand, and the red fireballs smashed onto the ice shields again. The scene of flashy flames and chipped ice appeared again. But this time, Gabriella couldn't bare the impact from this collision of the two forces; she was pushed back. She backed off two steps, but that wasn't enough to cancel the force of the impact. She fell and her butt landed on the ground instantly.

All of her magic scrolls were used up!

Praise and appreciation flashed through Qian Jin's eyes. "Achieving such a result with so little resources… Gabriella really does have the talent for magic combat. She only had a slow improvement in spiritual power, so I guess her sister Gloria didn't take away all of her little sister's talent." He thought.

"It's okay Gabriella." Qian Jin waved at Gabriella who was in the dueling ring and said, "You did great! You can give up and surrender now."

"No…" A rare stubbornness appeared in her quiet voice. When she landed on the ground, the friction between the ground and her hands had injured her hands by tearing some of her skin. But one of these hands that were hiding in the long sleeves held onto a throwing knife tightly! This was the last trump card she had. It was the trump card that even Qian Jin didn't know about!

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