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As Alphonse start to calm down, I ask him a question.

"I'm gonna be frank with you. Will you train under me?"


He looks at me flabbergast.

"Well, recently I have a lot of free time on my hand."

"Wait a minute! So, you're training me because you have nothing to do?!"

I swing my hands to the side and put in a thrust.

Acting this much is quite impressive for me.

"You're saying no then?"

"It would be an honour for me to train under you…"

"I will train you properly then."


I couldn't clearly hear him.

"What's wrong?"

"I am worried. I've been in so many fights but clearly I haven't become any stronger. Can I actually become one?"

Such trivial matters.

"Worry not. I know no one with such sort of thing."

"…Where does your confidence come from?"

"Do you think those who don't believe in themselves can become stronger?"

"…Can I?"

Are you even listening to me?

"If you don't understand, you should've said so."

"…I got it. …I'll trust in myself."

Thus, the making of a Hero began.

"First, let see how fair your swordplay is."

I change place to training ground and pull out a sword.

I feel bad for Magi Dolls who were training here but I've reserve this place first.

"What? Seriously?"

"Show me everything you got. Quickly, come."

"…Are you for real?"

I don't mind if he hit me.

"Ahhh! I understood! I'll do it!"

Alphonse pulls out his sword and thrust forward as soon as he stands up.

After crossing swords for three to four times, I found his improvement point.

"Don't use your hand alone. Use your whole body too."

"Even if you said so many times before, I still can't understand it at all."

Can you even use your head properly?

"If you can't understand it then you have to experience it yourself. Stay still and hold your sword properly."

"Like this?"

Alphonse stands a little away from me while holding his sword.

"Are you holding it tightly?"

And just like that, I cut the distance between us and send the momentum through my whole body to the tips of the sword and deliver a full blow at him.

As the metal clashed, Alphonse's sword slips from his hand and fell on the ground.

"A-, Amazing."

"Don't admire it too much. That's only the first step."

I pick up the sword and pass it to Alphonse.

"One more time."


Why are you so surprised?

This is your training.

"It might be impossible in the beginning but for now just do it."

"I, I understand."

Alphonse holds his sword and run forward.

His running is slow but he was able to properly deliver the momentum from his feet to his body.

However, he fails to do the same with his arms and suddenly braking in the midway. Just like before, he end up using his arms alone to swing his sword.

Well, it can't be helped since this is his first time.

I took his attack head on and flick his sword away.


"You've slightly improved."

"O-, Oh."

He unwillingly replied.

"Let's try again."


Alphonse picks up his fallen sword and came running from the distance.

This time when I'm using the sword, I'll put more force into it.

I do not know whether he got it by chance or grasped a knack of it, but as long as he keep doing the same thing over and over again, he soon be able to perfectly execute it.

"Let's do it one more time."


Just a while before, he can only swing his sword without momentum in it.



As we continuously training, Eins came to call for lunch.

"The lunch is now ready."

Is it time already?

I was too into it and didn't notice the time.

"We've been training since the morning. We'll continue after lunch and a little break."


That's a good answer.

Together with Eins and Alphonse, we head to the dining room.

I wonder what's for lunch today.

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