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"It hasn't been a year since my dungeon has been around. Why would you need me?"

"Ten days from now, we’re going to face against the Human. Therefore, we need all the strength we can get during that time."

"A war in ten days?"

"Yes. We plan to strike them while they are unprepared and we're not afraid to do it because our lord, the Vampire, has a lot of subordinates under him."

"…Is that so."

I see, so it was a vampire who became the Demon King.

"Then, where do you need me?"

"Your current location is already ideal since you can directly attack the kingdom as the war begins."

"I disagreed. Even with the kingdom unguarded, it will still be hard for us to attack them. Please let me join with the rest of you as well."

"For real?! I'm happy to hear that! Then, please send your soldier to the deepest part of the forest!"

Dark forest, is it?

"I understand. Now, kill him."

As I said so, simultaneously, Eins throw her dagger, Zwei approach him, Drei and his men showed up and immediately swing their katana.

However, he manages to deflect Eins dagger and slash at Zwei using his claw. He then jumps up to avoid Drei's katana.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

The werewolf glares at me.

"I’m not subject to anyone’s command. You will die here."

"Damn you!"

The werewolf now understands that I am his enemy. He breaks the window and jumps out of it.


The golem who was waiting outside surrounds the werewolf.

"There's no way this slow turtle can catch me!"

He ran to the side of the golem.

"But it’s not the turtle that will catch you."

"What?! Guhh!"

Unseen by the werewolf, Eins appeared next to him and used her dagger to stab him right in the flank.

"It's not just Eins."

Drei and his men arrived a bit later and hit him by the back.

Still, Drei's attack leaves him only with shallow wounds as he roll forward during the last second.

"This is the end."

He tried to get up and run but Zwei hold his head and twist it.

Snap! The werewolf's head turned 180 degree from its normal position.

『The intruder has been repelled.』

"Everyone, you've done well."

"""Thank you for your kind words."""

Everyone bowed and three of them expressed their gratitude on behalf of their units.

"You may now return to your normal duty."


Everyone disappears and return to their everyday life.

Shall I go training then?

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting."

"No, I don't mind."

How should we do our training now?

"Ready! Haaa!"

Anyhow, I decided to attack.

And I'll precisely judge how strong Alphonse's attack is.

He has a good muscle but his basic status is too low.

However, if he awakens his dormant Hero's power, his status will be increased by several folds.

But how can I activate it?


Three days has passed since I train Alphonse.

Today, Aristo came in the morning.

"So, in other words, there will be no auction for a while. Is that it?"

Aristo explained to me the current circumstances. Since the lord of each place weren't allowed to leave their territory due to the sudden appearance of Demon King, the number of customer coming to the auction has drastically decreased. Not only that, the adventurers were also paid to search for the Demon King's Castle. Also, the exhibit for the auction has becoming less as they start to run out of high quality goods and told me to take this chance to take a break.

"Don't worry it too much. We'll continue the auction as usual after our current situation settled down first."

"I don't mind it."

Aristo nodded his head feeling a bit relief.

"Now then, there was a Demon King's minion who came here a few days ago and he told me a quite few interesting things."

"What did you say? The Demon King's minion?!"

"He said there will be war in ten days… Wait, it's been three days since he came, so it will be seven days from now or a week later."

Aristo's face turned blue.

"Excuse me I have to go now. I have something to do today."

"Is that so? Then be careful on your way home."

Let see how the Human will prepare against the invasion force in a week.

I'm looking forward to it.

"Leader, the investigation is now over."

"Thanks for your hard work."

Several Machinas appeared and pull up the map.

"After passing through the Dark Mountain, we found the Demon King's Castle. It resides in the darkest part of the forest. I've confirmed the number of monster present in the dark forest which is nearly a thousand. Based on this, the Demon King might be in cooperation with a dungeon. Furthermore, the Demon King's army consist of 300 werewolves and 700 ghouls. There's no sign of the Demon King anywhere. It might be due to lack of war preparation or perhaps they may be taking some safety measures. End of the report."

The Demon King has a thousand minions.

And the dungeon issued another thousand of monster.

A total of 2 thousand.

Can you invade a country with an army of 2 thousand?

…The werewolf certainly said that, "Your current location is already ideal since you can directly attack the kingdom as the war begins."

So, which dungeon isn't strategically place near the kingdom?

"Maybe, during the moment, the werewolf tried to keep it a secret?"

When the war broke out, there certainly will be invasion on other countries too.

There will be tremendous damage if both sides were to rampage in those country.

…but will their plan progress smoothly?

Even if they are in war, they must left someone to guard their base.

Not only had they overwhelmed us by their army of thousand but what concern me the most is 70% of them are made up of ghouls.

I wonder if the werewolf is stronger when it comes to strength.

…I’m clueless right now.

I might obtained more information if I catch and interrogate the werewolf.

But I failed to do so.

Well, for the time being, good luck Human.

TL Note:

Tomorrow’s chapter will be a side story of a certain dungeon.

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