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The Great Divination Art

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Comparing to the other elders' private summits, Tianji Mountain seemed a lot shabbier, however, it was incomparably clean and elegant. The top of the mountain was covered with mist, making it look like a fairyland. Anyone who saw it couldn't help feeling refreshed.

At this moment, two people landed on the summit simultaneously. Tianji Zi couldn't help but turn and yelled at Jiang Chen. "Dammit! You callow brat! Do you have any idea how dangerous and scary the Evil Abyss is? How could you agree to it so quickly? Did you know that you have just signed a death contract? It was a DEATH CONTRACT!"

Tianji Zi seemed somewhat emotional. Red-colored light glowed from his eyes. 

When Jiang Chen saw how Tianji Zi reacted, he didn't feel angry. Instead, he felt warmth from his master's concerns and worries. This was only the second time they met. Although they were nominally regarded as master and disciple, Tianji Zi had spared no pity for himself to fight Yang Shu and challenge the authority of the Law Enforcement Hall just for Jiang Chen. And now, he was even still concerned of Jiang Chen's safety. It was undeniably a true caring heart of a person.

"There's no need to be too emotional, master. Master knows the Divination Art, right? Why don't you calculate disciple's future to see if disciple will encounter any danger?" Jiang Chen shrugged and said with a smile.

"Humph! You thought this old man didn't want to calculate your fate? Unfortunately, I have no idea what's wrong with you as I can't divine your fate, it's seems like your fate is ethereal and is probably beyond the scope of the Divination Art. That's why I still can't calculate any of your future."

Tianji Zi harrumphed coldly. He had tried more than once to predict Jiang Chen's future, but found nothing in the end. Otherwise, he wouldn't miss the chance of calculating the dangerous encounters that Jiang Chen would face in the Evil Abyss.


After listening to this, Jiang Chen almost exclaimed. This was a situation that he totally didn't think of. When even the Divination Art couldn't calculate his future, it only showed how unique his fate really was.

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