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072. Pillow side whispers 

Su Yi Cheng dazedly stares at her, and doesn’t say anything for a while.

An Ran suddenly felt that she had spoken too much. He had never asked her to tell everything about the relationship between her and Mo Fei, so who was she to ask about his?

The corner of her mouth bends shamelessly, “I asked without thinking, don’t mind me.” Saying that, she reaches out to open the door and gets out.

Xiao Zhang by the door approaches them to welcome them, and seeing An Ran his bright voice calls out, “Hi sister-in-law.” 

An Ran bursts out laughing, and with equal cheerfulness says,  “Hi Xiao Zhang.”

Xiao Zhang scratches his head, embarrassed, his mouth split wide open. It was so pure and cute.

Su Yi Cheng comes out from the car, carrying their luggage. He smiles at Xiao Zhang and asks, “Xiao Zhang, is my dad back?”

“Reporting, senior official hasn’t returned yet. I heard that in the next few days there will be a military exercise, so in recent days senior official has been returning home later.” Xiao Zhang says in seriousness, his two arms straight down by his side, his body straight as a ramrod.

Su Yi Cheng nods, and goes over to An Ran to pull on her hand, “Let’s go in.”

An Ran returns a smile, and nods. She allows him to lead her into the courtyard.

When they went in Qin Yun was in the kitchen and their aunt was busy preparing lunch. Hearing the noise outside, she circles around and comes out with her apron. She sees An Ran and Su Yi Cheng together, and immediately a smile fills her face, “An Ran’s back. Come sit for a bit, sit for a bit. Lunch is almost ready.” Saying this she quickly heads back to the kitchen, pressing on to speed up.

Su Yi Cheng watches his mother disappear into the kitchen, and turns to look at An Ran. A while later, he then says, “Hey, you think my mom didn’t see me?”

An Ran looks at him, puzzled, “What do you mean?”

He’s such a big person, but also he was standing right beside her. If her mother-in-law could see her, how could she not see him?

“Before, once I came home she’d go ‘Ah Cheng Ah Cheng’. Did you hear, she just said An Ran you’re back!” Su Yi Cheng says. He has a childish expression, as if he had been wronged, like he was complaining.

“Pfft---!” An Ran couldn’t hold it in, and sneers. She deviously turns her head and looks at him amused, and says, “Su Yi Cheng, are you jealous?”

Su Yi Cheng rubs his nose, and whines, “Just feel snubbed.”

An Ran laughs even harder. She never thought that his deadpan outside can be this adorably funny. Then suddenly, her lips warm up, and she couldn’t even laugh, because Su Yi Cheng had already sealed it with a kiss, swallowing all of her laughter, and her own bashfulness and embarrassment.

An Ran goes wide eyed, somewhat at a loss from his doing. She haphazardly swats his shoulder in response. He really is crazy, where does he think he is, his mother is in the kitchen, if she comes out she can see, as if he wanted his own mother to see that she is like this with him, then does he want her to hide from people!

“Wu wu, Su…. Su Yi Cheng, you… you let wu… let me go wuuu…” She was distracted by the kiss, and she couldn’t even muster what she wanted to say.

However, Su Yi Cheng had no intention of letting her go. With one hand he grabs her waist, so she can press onto him, while the other hand holds on to the back of An Ran’s head, deepening the kiss.

Unable to throw him off, instead An Ran was disorientated by his kiss. She was even slowly getting excited by his kiss, forgetting that she was outside right now. Her arms creep up around his neck, eyes closed, and returns his hot kiss.

“Uh, madam, why are you standing by the door, didn’t you want to tell them lunch was ready?” The aunt carries out the dishes and was about to go out to put them on the table, but she catches Qin Yun secretly hiding behind the door, sticking her head outside looking at something. She was muttering something, seeming like she was cracking jokes, such a joyful expression.

“Aiyah.” Qin Yun was startled. She turns her head, reprimanding, “Why are you so loud.” She turns back and was about to go back and watch the couple passionately kiss each other, yet she sees her son smiling yet not smiling towards her side, and her daughter-in-law was burying herself in her son’s chest, her tiny hands unceasingly slapping her son.

Upon seeing this, Qin Yun immediately makes her appearance clear, and quickly says, “You guys continue, continue. Food isn’t ready yet, not ready yet, also I didn’t see anything, really did not see a thing.” Saying that she hurriedly closes the kitchen door.

Watching the incredibly shy and embarrassed person in his chest, Su Yi Cheng’s mood improves. He whispers into her ears, “Alright, my mom went back in. Let’s continue?”

An Ran jerks her head up, and hurriedly withdraws from his embrace. Continue, then she really is digging a hole and burying herself. She resolutely looks at him wide-eyed, and hurried turns around and runs into Su Yi Cheng’s room. Before going for a meal she arranges the hair and clothing that Su Yi Cheng had messed up.

When she came out of the room Qin Yun and auntie had already arranged the bowls and utensils. Seeing An Ran appear, the two simultaneously give her an ambiguous smile.

An Ran turned red and said ‘mother’ in a low voice. Then Su Yi Cheng sits beside her. Su Han Nian and Su Wen Qing, because the army department was preparing for a performance, they did not return that noon.

At the dining table, Qin Yun was like last time, enthusiastically giving her food, saying that she’s too thin, and needs to eat a bit more. Talking about Su Yi Cheng’s shortcomings, saying a wife is married to pain, how she brings children yet not a piece of meat is to be seen.

Su Yi Cheng rubs his nose, looks at An Ran, then turns to look at the table, even adding a few pieces of large meat onto An Ran’s bowl. “Here, eat a bit more meat.”

An Ran looks at her bowl half filled with food. She was simply helpless. She is thin because her appetite isn’t that big, and now with this much, when can she finish this!

After eating Qin Yun pulls An Ran aside to chat. The two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair joke around and chat for a bit. However, they didn’t chat for too long, when An Ran felt that she was quickly getting overwhelmed. Because Qin Yun had asked her when she was planning to get pregnant. Not waiting for An Ran’s reply, on her own she laughs and says, that she can see that right now they are very affectionate, and she can estimate that the time when she will carry a son will not be too long. Then she looks at An Ran, and looks at An Ran’s belly. She mutters something for the longest time, which An Ran did not year the first time, still foolishly asking all over. Qin Yun then smiles ambiguously at her, and says, that she can’t say for sure that your stomach already is carrying my eldest grandchild.

An Ran was shocked and embarrassed, she couldn’t even say a word. Her face turned even more red and heated, looking like a red apple, that is to say, very goodlooking.

Finally Su Yi Cheng comes out of the room, and says that he wants to show An Ran around, rescuing An Ran from the waters.

Seeing that her son wanted to take An Ran out, Qin Yun naturally doesn’t object. She nods her head incessantly, furthermore warning Su Yi Cheng that he needs to properly show An Ran around.

After An Ran had stepped out and walked for a bit, her blushing cheeks did not even fade away. She looks at Su Yi Cheng and sees that he is in a very good mood.

An ran pouted at him, and shakes off his hand. She speeds up her pace, feeling regret. If she had known that it would be this way she wouldn’t have returned with him.

Su Yi Cheng smiles, walks ahead and takes her hand, and says, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to look at the back mountain.”

The couple, hand-in-hand, walk along the clay path. The path was very wide, and was made of yellow clay. There was a lot of silt, and the pavement had some trace of being rolled over, which must have came from a large vehicle or machine.

In reality, on both sides of the path the landscape was very beautiful. As far as the eye can see was green rice fields, and when you raise your head you can see the dark blue sky that was a rare sight in the city. The environment here was very good, taking a breath, the air was clean.

In fact, what Su Yi Cheng had called a back mountain was not very high. It didn’t reach 200 m, and there was a road built around the mountain. In between the mountain farmers were working the land, and once you go up and survey the scene below, you can see that not too far away troops were training. You can faintly hear the loud shouting of the slogan, very imposing, one would shake if they were to hear it.

“How come you aren’t in the army?” An Ran turns around to ask Su Yi Cheng beside her. For two generations the Su family had served the army. They were considered the typical military family, and according to the family tradition it was considered normal for the child to serve the army, and he nevertheless relinquished military politics, relinquished martial culture.

Su Yi Cheng was taken aback, his brows wrinkle because of the question. After a while he then turns his head to look at An Ran and says, “I needed a challenge. Being in an environment for so long will cause conflict in the environment. Since childhood the military lifestyle made me feel that the force and my lifestyle wasn’t that different. After being in the force for 10 years, I decided to change into a new environment, one that was completely different.” 

“You’re very successful ha, now you’re a leader, how many people flatter you.” An Ran teases.

Su Yi Cheng turns himself, facing her, and looks at her funny. “Then do you want to flatter me?”

“Do you need me to flatter you?” An Ran replies, smiling.

Su Yi Cheng nods his head noncommittally, “Of course.”

An Ran also nods in understanding, then angles her head and thinks for a while. She feigns distress and says, “It seems that I can’t find anything to flatter you, what to do?”

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng scowls, “Aiyah, that indeed is not good.”

An Ran was amused by his appearance, then with a righteous face she says, “You are the people’s public servant, what nerve you have for wanting the common folk to flatter you. Mr. Su, serving the people is your mission!” She pouts, her expression serious.

Su Yi Cheng nods, and says, “Makes sense.” Then he looks at her for a while, then says, “I think I know what to do.”

An Ran was curious, and cautiously asks, “Whaaaa---“ Her what was cut off, because her mouth was already blocked by someone. Thus, not one word can come out. Just like the heated kiss from that afternoon, Su Yi Cheng closes his eyes and sucks on her, his hands, slowly stroking her slender waist.

An Ran was a little annoyed, but she couldn’t hide from his heated kiss. At this enticement, her pink tongue followed by dancing with him.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Su Yi Cheng was finally full, and lets go of her. His stomach heaves up and down, his breathing was also hurried and disordered. Holding An Ran, the two stood there foolishly, unmoving.

After a while, An Ran finally adjusted her breathing in his embrace, then grumbles and swats Su Yi Cheng, saying, “Why do you always go for a surprise attack like that.” Fortunately there wasn’t anyone, but if someone had walked by, she really would have lost face.

Su Yi Cheng chuckles, and allows her to swat him. It didn’t hurt and it wasn’t ticklish. Then, wearing a smile, he softly speaks into her ears, “Your pouty appearance, looked like an invitation to me, so I complied to the natural request. I am the people’s public servant, of course it’s my duty.”

“When did I!” An Ran protested. She glares at him. She herself was not aware, that her small mouth was pouting right now.

Su Yi Cheng breaks into laughter, looks at her earnestly and asks, “Are you inviting me again?”

An Ran hurriedly covers her mouth, coquettishly staring at him wide-eyed, the redness in her face carried down to her body.

By the time they got back to the courtyard it was already night fall. The sun was setting behind the mountain, the sunset glow projected a red light across the entire horizon. A faint whistle of a bugle horn sounded from a distant place, and the soldier’s chanting were especially resounding.

Xiao Zhang sees him, and as always he calls out ‘sister-in-law’ in a bright and clear voice. His honest smile could infect people.

But, the car parked in front of the gate surprised Su Yi Cheng. He frowns and wrinkles his brows.

An Ran noticed his change in attitude, and turns to look at the vehicle. It was an Audi. She doesn’t know much about cars, so she doesn’t know what model it is and what was wrong with it. She asks, “What’s wrong? Is something wrong with the car?”

Su Yi Cheng shakes his head. He turns to ask Xiao Zhang, “Mayor Ling is here?” There was nothing wrong with the car, however the license plate belonged to the municipal committee, and Mayor Ling drives this car.

“Yes. He is in the house talking with Madam.” Xiao Zhang replies.

Su Yi Cheng nods, turns his head to An Ran and says, “Let’s go in.”

An Ran doesn’t say anymore, nods, and follows him into the courtyard.

Entering, Mayor Ling and Qin Yun were talking in the living room. On the small table there was a cup of tea, still steaming. The two in the living room see that they had returned, and a smile appears on their faces.

Su Yi Cheng gives a faint smile in response, and simply walks over to the living room, and says, “Uncle Ling must be here looking for dad to play chess.”

Ling Chuan laughs and nods, “Yes. Originally I wanted to kill a few rounds with him, didn’t expect that he’s been busy with practice.” He sees An Ran stand beside Su Yi Cheng. His eyes had this unspeakable melancholy and regret.

An Ran smiles and nods at him, and politely calls out, “Uncle Ling.”

Ling Chuan nods, then, he seemed to recall something, and asks Su Yi Cheng, “Oh right, has your health recovered? I hope it’s not a hindrance.”

Su Yi Cheng sits across from, smiles and nods, “It’s nothing. Just an old illness, not serious.”

“You, young fellow need to take care of your body. You are my right hand man, without you these past two days, I could not get used to it. Looks like I’ve truly gotten old, gotten old.” Ling Chuan sighs.

“Our generation should be old, busying for a decade, our children have already grown. Is it possible not to be old.” Qin Yun says. She then stands up, and smiles at An Ran, “Come, An Ran, help mother prepare dinner. Us ladies can chat aimlessly then, let’s not let these menfolk listen.”

An Ran nods, and agrees, “Alright.”

The living room was left over with Su Yi Cheng and Ling Chuan. The two men were silent for a while, when Ling Chuan takes the lead and says, “Yi Cheng, come play a round with me. We haven’t seen each other in a while.”

Su Yi Cheng nods, “Okay.” He gets up and carries the set of Chinese set from the studio, and arranges the chessboard.

Ling Chuan starts with the red flag. Su Yi Cheng follows; the opening was typical. Both sides were evenly matched; it was hard to tell who would win.

The rook was brought out, falling behind the opponent’s juncture, suppressing the dark horse’s advancement. Ling Chuan laments, “If not for that time, do you think you would have become my son-in-law?”

Su Yi Cheng looks at him, plays the cannon, and just faintly responds, “Affairs of life are hard to tell.”

“Right. The affairs of life are hard to tell!” Ling Chuan approves, nodding his head. He never thought that he would have to cut ties with his own daughter. Not seeing her for a several years, even though he knows that she is back, he hasn’t seen her yet.

Su Yi Cheng doesn’t speak, concentrating on playing chess.

“She… Has she looked for you?” Ling Chuan asks.

Su Yi Cheng doesn’t raise his head. He knows that he is asking about Ling Ran. He lightly nods, “Yes. I’ve met her.”

“Yi Cheng, do you still have feelings for her?” Ling Chuan couldn’t help but ask. These past few years there wasn’t anyone else by his side. He had always assumed that he could not let go of his affections for Ling Ran, so much that he thought that he would still be his son-in-law, even though it was late by so many years. However he did not expect that he would suddenly marry; there wasn’t even a bit of sign indicating so.

Su Yi Cheng looks at him, pulls his rook and drops it, then faintly says, “Checkmate.”

Ling Chuan was surprised, his lost spirit comes back. He looks down at the chessboard, slightly dazed. He had no intention of placing that chess piece there, and not long after, he got his own king captured.

While Ling Chuan was frazzled, Su Yi Cheng faintly says, “Now I just see her as your daughter.”

Ling Chuan raises his head, looks at his serene, smiling face, and instantly, doesn’t know what he should say. Right, how could he have some feelings left for her after going through that.

Ling Chuan forces a smile and nods, “Don’t mind, don’t mind. It was I who was thinking too much.”

Su Yi Cheng doesn’t reply, his expression still the same as before. He only says, “Uncle Ling, stay for dinner tonight. Tonight let’s swap pointers with a second round.”

Ling Chuan powerlessly shakes his head, laughing at himself, “Can’t, can’t. I’m afraid that if I stay I will get sliced to pieces by your father-son combo. I can see that I should save my army and quickly return, otherwise it will be an ugly death.” His visit today was to ask; chess was just a pretense. He had asked what he wanted, and so he should return.

Su Yi Cheng smiles, “Uncle Ling is joking, that was just luck.”

Ling Chuan stands, before leaving he pats Su Yi Cheng on the shoulder and says, “These next two days you should take care of your health. Get better so you can return to work early. Besides, next week the committee is holding a meeting on advancing with Ke Ji city, when the time comes you should prepare a statement.”

Su Yi Cheng nods, and accompanies him out.

It was only after eating dinner that Su Wen Qing and Su Han Nian had returned. An Ran kept the two company by talking for a bit, then she returned to the room, and Su Yi Cheng calls her into the study.

An Ran sits on the desk and looks over the book that was on it, to pass the time.

At this time, Lin Li calls, and says that Cheng Xiang was back. She told Cheng Xiang about the co-worker situation, and Cheng Xiang said it was no problem, when the moment comes he will contact her colleague, and he can lend a hand and look at the risks of the investment.

Originally, asking for Cheng Xiang about investments was just an excuse, so at this moment An Ran can only carelessly answer,” Ok. When the time comes I’ll give Cheng Xiang’s number to her, so that she can contact him herself.”

Lin Li straightforwardly agrees. The two talk about nothing significant for a bit, then An Ran hears Cheng Xiang’s voice in the background.

“Aiyah, not going to talk with you anymore, my Xiao Xiang is calling me.” Lin Li says, and was about to hang up.

“Wait, Lin Li!” Before she could hang up, An Ran calls out to her.

Lin Li was startled, she asks, “What’s wrong? Is there something?”

“Uh, n-no.” An Ran hesitates. She doesn’t know why, but she started to feel strange, a feeling that she couldn’t quite describe.

“Huh?” Lin Li was suspicious.

“You, you and Cheng Xiang, are things well?” An Ran probes.

“Huh? Should something be wrong?” Lin Li asks puzzled, like she didn’t understand.

An Ran had just unnecessarily asked. They had known each other for 10 years, and Cheng Xiang’s character isn’t distrustful. It was just her that was too sensitive, “N-nothing. Just with the texting situation I thought you would still have a grudge, so I just asked carelessly.”

“Aiyah, it was just a misunderstanding. Besides Cheng Xiang came back, and he bought me a really pretty crystal bracelet. I’ll show it to you another day ha!” Lin Li says excitedly, her voice couldn’t hide her happiness.

An Ran softly smiles, and relieves herself, says, “You’re bullying me. The whole day you’ve been flaunting about how much your Cheng Xiang loves you.”

“Doesn’t your Mr. Su love you?” Lin Li asks. Then she puts on attitude and says, “How about this, next time you bring your Mr. Su with you, this older sister will teach him properly, let him know, that there is someone on this side, so he dare not bully you.”

“Hehe.” An Ran sneers, and again says, “Okay okay okay. Next time I’ll let you lecture him, let him know that I have a powerful backing behind me. See if he dares bully me or not.”

“Yeah, obviously.”

The two chat for a little more, then they end the call.

Closing the phone, An Ran laughs to herself and shakes her head. She takes one of the scattered books again and flips through it. Suddenly someone from behind circles their arm around her waist, startling An Ran, “Ah---!”

That person laughs, his breath sprinkles into her ears.

An Ran turns her head, only to see Su Yi Cheng looking at her funnily. She couldn’t help but pout and glare, “You scared me to death. How could you not make a sound coming here?” When he had come in, she did not hear a thing.

“Why, were you talking bad about me?” Su Yi Cheng hugs her and jokes.

“Of course not.” An Ran denies. She wasn’t that kind of loose-mouthed person, and doesn’t have the habit of talking behind someone’s back.

“Really?” Su Yi Cheng raises his brow, then asks, “Then when did I bully you? Not treat you right?”

An Ran blanks. Clearly he had just heard what she was talking about with Lin Li, and her little brain rolls around. She strikes, “You were eavesdropping!”

“You didn’t lock the door, moreover this is my room, it’s considered public space to us, so you were talking in a public space.” Moreover she was talking loudly, it was hard not to hear, so how could that be considered eavesdropping.

“I…..” An Ran was speechless. Indeed it was so. “B-but I was just joking with Lin Li, you don’t have to take it seriously.”

Su Yi Cheng frowns, “Really? But judging from your friend’s tone it didn’t sound like she was joking. She said that next time she sees me she will lecture me properly?”

An Ran takes a step back. She always had a bad feeling, especially now when they were leaning so close to each other, especially when there was only them in the room, especially when it’s night right now!

Su Yi Cheng naturally saw through her intention. Not batting an eyelid he moves forward to lean against her, and puts a tighter hold on her waist. His expression was still just as vigorous as before. He has this expectant look in his eyes as he looks at her face to face.

An Ran subconsciously averts her eyes, somewhat lacking confidence she says, “I-I w-want to go shower.” Saying that, she struggles to throw off Su Yi Cheng’s embrace.

Su Yi Cheng doesn’t let go. He stares at her. Because An Ran was struggling, their bodies were starting to rub against each other. She was soft against his hardness, that kind of clear contrast. A flame quickly blazes in his heart. The corner of his mouth that had that faintly discernible smile at once becomes artificially rigid, and his deep eyes now had this fervent heat, that heat, was burning her.

The physical change was obvious, and An Ran naturally sensed it. That premonition she had before was coming out to be even more violent, she knows, that if she didn’t go now, she is going to be very miserable later on!

“L-let me go, I really want to take a shower.” An Ran pleads.

Su Yi Cheng stares at her, his grasp on her tightens even more. Only after a while does he spit out the words, “Not letting go!”

An Ran swallows uneasily, her body incessantly backing up,” You, you you you what do you want to do?”

“You don’t know what I want?” His voice was already dark, but his hoarse voice at this ambiguous room seemed especially enticing. Saying that, Su Yi Cheng pulls her back. Because their bodies were inseparably close, the change in his physiology was obvious.

An Ran reddens even more. She twists herself, and stutters, “D-don’t know.” Of course she knows what he wants to do, but how could she say it.

Su Yi Cheng laughs evilly. Suddenly he uses his strength to hug her.

“Ya---!” An Ran cries out, her arms quickly embraces itself around his neck, “You-what are you doing!” It was so sudden that it startled her.

“Doing ai!” Su Yi Cheng finishes with hearts in his expression, then directly hugs her down onto the bed. Then he practices what he preaches and does his thing.

Outside, Qin Yun had boiled some rice balls for a midnight snack, but when she reached the door, she had her raised, when she heard from inside that ambiguous, delicate sound. She quickly puts her hand down, the smile on her face deepens. She hastens up and turns back.

In the living room Su Wen Qing was sitting on the sofa. He was holding the preparation map for the military performance, and on the small table, had a bowl of boiled rice balls placed in front of him, still steaming.

Seeing Qin Yun carrying the rice balls in and come out again, he pushes his spectacle up, and says, “The children don’t like eating it?” Actually he also doesn’t really like it, these things were too sweet, but he doesn’t dare voice it out. His wife loved eating sweet things, and thought that everyone else in the world has the same taste as her.

Qin Yun laughs happily and sits down beside her husband. The smile on her face was split open to her ears. She puts the tray on top of the small table, and takes an rice ball herself as she says, “They’re busy right now, can’t eat. There are still more in the kitchen, later on Ah Chang can heat it up himself and eat.”

“Huh?” Su Wen Qing was puzzled, “Don’t they have the day off? They still brought work back home?” Saying that he still has the map in his hands and lectures Qin Yun, “You too, you didn’t say anything to him, even though work is important, but if he wears his body down, then it’ll hinder his work even more!”

Qin Yun glares at him, and says, “They aren’t busy with work, they’re busy with something else.”

Su Wen Qing was confused and doesn’t respond. His brows wrinkles even more, puzzled was painted all over his face, “What else?”

Qin Yun was defeated by this unromantic husband. With good mood she jokingly sings, “Knucklehead!” Then she leans close to him and says, “Perhaps soon, we will be holding a grandchild.”

Su Wen Qing blanks, and reacts much later on. Naturally he understood what she meant, but he was not completely there, rather he was stuck on that word grandchild, “Really?” With his troop and courtyard, at his age, who doesn’t brag about their offspring. Like the front yard’s Old Xu, all day long he was flaunting over how cute his granddaughter was, she can sing and dance, all day long calling ‘grandpa, grandpa’ and clinging onto him. Hmph, he was purposely showing off in front of him. However that child really was nimble, and was pretty. One look would attract people’s attention. It was just that Ah Cheng was slow with tying the knot, don’t talk about carrying a grandchild. But now it was good, he has a daughter-in-law, and the day when he will hold his grandchild is not too far off. At that time he will also hold his grandchild and bring it to Old Xu’s house, see if his granddaughter is nimble or his grandchild is intelligent.

“Really, it’s true.” She was genuinely eager, furthermore she was truly fond of An Ran, “Anyways, they just got married, newlyweds naturally are more affectionate.”

“Makes sense.” Su Wen Qing agrees and nods. He also has a smile on his face.

“Here, this bowl is for you.” Qin Yun says and pushes the tray of rice balls towards Su Wen Qing.

Su Wen Qing blanks, the corner of his mouth twitches. He just forces a smile and says, “Um, I still haven’t finished this one. It’s not good to eat too much at night.”

Qin Yun looks at him, and just says, “Then eat quickly, don’t you soldiers hate wasting food the most.” Saying that, she carries the half of the remaining rice ball and goes to the kitchen.

Meanwhile Su Wen Qing looks at the two trays of rice balls, and spaces out for a while. He then sighs, accepting his misfortune and takes a bite.

An Ran felt dizzy has someone was holding her, but she didn’t have the strength to resist. Her eyelids could not open. She just felt someone holding her, the hug was warm, then she was put into warm water, the ache in her body relaxed at once. She was awake, but her eyes could not open. She did not have an ounce of strength left in her body. Her body was wiped clean by someone, she could feel it. Their action was very gentle.

She doesn’t know how long she had washed, just felt that she was once again in the air, and when she was put down she was already lying on the bed. The person put her clothes on for her. Then she lies down on the bed again. She only feels tired and sleepy, after lying down she wanted to sleep. Her consciousness was also slipping away little by little. In the misty gap she seemed to hear someone speak into her ears.

“I lost love once. This time, I’m not losing my happiness……”


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