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072. Pillow side whispers 

Su Yi Cheng dazedly stares at her, and doesn’t say anything for a while.

An Ran suddenly felt that she had spoken too much. He had never asked her to tell everything about the relationship between her and Mo Fei, so who was she to ask about his?

The corner of her mouth bends shamelessly, “I asked without thinking, don’t mind me.” Saying that, she reaches out to open the door and gets out.

Xiao Zhang by the door approaches them to welcome them, and seeing An Ran his bright voice calls out, “Hi sister-in-law.” 

Su Yi Cheng was taken aback, his brows wrinkle because of the question. After a while he then turns his head to look at An Ran and says, “I needed a challenge. Being in an environment for so long will cause conflict in the environment. Since childhood the military lifestyle made me feel that the force and my lifestyle wasn’t that different. After being in the force for 10 years, I decided to change into a new environment, one that was completely different.” 

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First Marriage Then Love Chapter 72 summary

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