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074. The Osmanthus Fish of 6 years ago

The next day was Monday, so Su Yi Cheng went ahead and drove An Ran to work. An Ran has her head turned to look out the window, and doesn’t speak. The mood was somewhat heavy.

The car slowly stops in front of Jing Cheng building. Turning the engine off, An Ran undoes her seat belt. She turns her head to look at Su Yi Cheng and says thanks. She then carries her bag and was about to open the door to leave.

“An Ran.” Su Yi Cheng grabs her hand before she could open the door.

An Ran turns her head, looks at him puzzled, and asks, “What?”

Su YI Cheng doesn’t say anything, just smiles. Then he pulls on her, leans his head forward and plants a kiss on her forehead. He then lets go of her, the corner of mouth carries a faint smile. He helps her fix her collar, then quietly says, “Go up. Remember to wait for me tonight?”

An Ran nods, her face carried a slight flush as a result of his kiss. She looks at him, and couldn’t help but remind him, “Drive carefully.”

Su Yi Cheng smiles, nods and replies, “Alright.”

Perhaps she was still a bit shy and embarrassed, An Ran couldn’t face him. She quickly turns around and gets off the car, then she quickly walks over to the building. Midway, she didn’t forget to turn around and look, and sees that he was still there watching her. She waves her hand, then turns around to go in.

In the car, Su Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. He waited until her figure disappeared behind the door, then starts the car and leaves.

By the time An Ran had reached the office she felt that the atmosphere today was strange. The people in the office seemed to be talking about something, as once she stepped into the office, they quickly put on an act and left.

An Ran doesn’t ask, and just goes straight into her office.

During lunch apparently she had too much soup, because the entire afternoon she was constantly running to the washroom.

When An Ran went in, not even a minute later, two of her female colleagues also came into the washroom. They were fixing up their makeup--no--to be accurate, they were gossiping.

“Have you seen the corner of Xiao xiao’s eyes, it looks like it caught a big line.” One person says.

The other person replies, “Who hasn’t seen it. Did she think wearing sunglasses could cover it up. It clearly exposes what she wanted to hide. Who in the office doesn’t know the relationship between her and Huang De Xing. She was caught red-handed, having a scrape at the corner of her eye is considered good luck. She has a few cases in her hands, yet everyday she dresses up like a witch.”

“Hey, some have to rely on their face and bedroom skills to survive in this harsh environment. You’re jealous, you’re so jealous that you also bought some revealing clothes. Everyday you drew like a siren, then when Director came you quickly tossed some winks at him so you don’t have to design, and become our company’s other beauty designer.”

“Fuck off, I’d rather design for the rest of my life than to serve that old man.”

Outside, the two giggle for a while, wash their hands, then prepared to leave, yet when they were about to go out they were suddenly startled, only to see Xiao xiao wearing dark glasses that concealed more than half her face, her hair was still wavy and graceful, her tight outfit showed off her impressive figure.

“Ar-architect Xiao.” The pair who were laughing just now immediately become stupid. They didn’t know when Xiao xiao had come in, and how much she had heard.

Xiao xiao steps forward, that dark glasses that was cover half of her face, made is so that one couldn’t see her current expression.

The pair that was once joking around immediately became listless. They look at Xiao xiao and give her a hollow laugh to admit concession. They stammer, “W-we’re leaving first.”

Xiao xiao stands there in front of the glass mirror, and reaches up to lift her sunglasses. The corner of her eye had a bright red and slender cut, with bruises surrounding it. She expressionlessly takes out her foundation from her bag, opens it and fixes up her make up, concentrating on the area around her eyes.

Upon seeing this, the two women, turn around in anger, only to hear Xiao xiao’s soft voice, “No need to come tomorrow.” Her tone was neither quick nor slow, salty nor weak.

Hearing that, the two halt, turn around, and scowl, “Xiao, Xiao jie, we were wrong. We didn’t do it on purpose, no malice, please, please forgive us.”

Xiao xiao looks at herself through the mirror indifferently. With skilled practice she fixed her make-up, managing to cover up the redness on her face as much as possible. As for the two people behind her, she doesn’t even glance at them.

Seeing her unconcerned, they couldn’t come up with anything, and they didn’t know what her attitude was like. Even though they didn’t like her, but after all she was Huang De Xing’s person. If she really wanted them to go, then it wouldn’t be impossible.

The redness around the corner of her eye was too big. The foundation couldn’t even cover up half of it. On the contrary, the excessive foundation was making the corner of her eye look even worse. She squeezes her powder puff, recalling the scene of Huang De Xing’s bitch grabbing her, while he stood there indifferently. Her rage flares wildly. The more she thought about it the more difficult it was to breathe. She gravely turns her head, glowers at them, and howls, “What are you still stupidly standing there for, get lost!”

The two women both were frightened. The redness around corner of her eye was exposed, and she looked terrifying to them at the moment, made people want to be careful.

“What are you looking at, get lost!”

One of the girls would not back down, and talks back, “You, what seniority do you have to let us go, anyways, what we said was fact, if you’re scared of people talking, then don’t do it. Doing it yet not letting people talk about it, how noble and virtuous.”

“What did you just say?” Xiao xiao steps forward. She glowers at her, it seemed like it could oppress people, incredibly terrifying. Gnashing her teeth, she emphasizes each word, “You. Have. The. Guts. To. Say. It. Again!”

The person swallows her saliva, her body moving back continuously. By her side the other person stands there. Looking at her appearance, also scared people. She wanted to say something to ease the tension, then finally says, “Xiao, Xiao jie----“

Only Xiao xiao, with just a glance, scared her so badly that she swallowed her words down.

*Crashing sound!*

When they were deadlocked outside, An Ran flushes and comes out from the toilet. She turns her head to look at them indifferently, then turns back and goes to wash her hands.

Xiao xiao suddenly walks over to An Ran, glowers at her, and asks, “Why are you here!”

An Ran shoots at a glance at her from the mirror. She turns on the tap, presses on the soap dispenser and starts to wash her hands, at the same time, she says, “Peeing.”

“So you heard everything!” Xiao xiao clenches her two fists by her thighs. She did not expect that she was also in the washroom, her own sorry situation, she couldn’t stand that she’d heard it all!

Not looking at her, An Ran insipidly replies, “I’m not deaf.” Moreover they were howling, it’s impossible for her to pretend that she didn’t hear!

Xiao xiao’s chest move up and down. She looks at her and sneers, “So proud of yourself now aren’t you, you’re secretly laughing, laughing that I’d get this one day right? Looking at what a joke I've become must make you so happy, doesn’t it?”

An Ran turns off the tap, grabs a paper towel to wipe a wet spot. She turns around and calmly looks at her, insipidly says, “You always like to impose your ways of thinking on others. I wasn’t thinking that, but you must be thinking it, and I can't help it, because that way of thinking is your’s. I can’t change it.”

“Heng, what pretty words, don’t think that I don’t know, you’ve been eager to see the day when I make a joke of myself.” Xiao xiao says sharply.

An Ran sneers, “Don’t assume that everyone’s like you. Not everyone is as narrow-minded as you.”

“You---!” Xiao xiao was pissed, her chest heaving.

An Ran doesn’t say any more, passes her and was about to leave.

“You think you’re so good, you’re just fortunate to catch Su Yi Cheng, otherwise, you won’t be anything!” Xiao xiao says resentfully.

An Ran smiles, and nods, not denying her words. She says, “I really am lucky.”

“Heng, I’ve seen enough of his kind, I’m afraid that he’s just playing with you, when he gets tired of you, he’ll kick you away.” Xiao xiao remarks scathingly, her eyes were filled with indignant jealousy.

An Ran smiles shallowly. She doesn’t pay attention to her, and directly goes out of the washroom. When she passed the two women, she says to them, “Last week did you guys finish your blueprint?”

“Uh…..” The two were stupefied. What blueprint, they stare at each other, not understanding what An Ran was saying.

An Ran frowns, sending a message through her eyes, she feigns strictness and says, “If you’re not even designing, why are you still gossiping idly? Get back to work!”

The two finally got the message, hurriedly nods, and says, “We’ll go back, we’ll go back right now.” Saying that, then hasten to leave the washroom.

Xiao xiao looks at them resentfully. In the end, she swipes her make-up box and throws it on the round.

*T/N: The ‘love’ that they used isn’t the usual character, ‘ai’, but ‘teng’, which is commonly known as ‘pain’. The alternate meaning is ‘to love dearly’. Take what you will

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