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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 3: Glory on the Other Side

Chapter 18

His dark eyes slowly moved away, he was trying to not focus his attention on her too
much.  There were so many good things about her. He wanted so much, but he couldn’t
rush in and scare her away.

“......Aren’t you coming in?”  Ai Qing asked lightly.

“I’m going.”  He heard himself telling her.

He always felt that he didn’t have much to say.  Would she find it boring?  He thought.

A few seconds later, he added,  “Sleep early.”


She watched him leave and locked the door.  She absent mindedly looked at the door for
several seconds before she came to herself.  She rubbed her hair, huh, she was so nervous
just now……

Actually she hadn’t been in a good mood lately.

Though among the players next door, Gun must be the most moody and depressed one.  
He wouldn’t be in any better mood than her.

Back in 2005 at the Capital Gymnasium, they had won the CS national championship for
the second time.

As for the details…...she couldn’t recall it clearly since it was so long ago.

But she remembered very clearly------after Buff lost to her team again in the national finals
…...Those five tall and burly northern guys smashed their keyboards backstage. At that
moment, she happened to be carrying her medal and following Solo and Gun backstage.  
They were all a little scared when they saw them in such furious anger.

Backstage at that time was very simple and crude, random people were coming and going.

Solo already felt the unusual atmosphere and shielded her behind him with his arm.

Gun seemed unafraid and walked ahead of them brushing right by Buff.  Then Buff grabbed
his arm, but Gun didn’t even bother to turn his head.  “What?  Do you want a real fight?”  
Buff tightened his fingers and stared at him angrily.  “Listen.  Take the world championship
back, otherwise I will beat you to death.”

Gun turned away his arm, “Don’t bother. Loser.”

He was truly looking for trouble.

The other team members behind Buff all rolled up their sleeves and rushed over, but Buff
stopped them.  Buff said they couldn’t hurt the main force of Solo’s team before the world
tournament, otherwise the chance for the Chinese team to win the championship would be
gone.  He was pretty serious. However, Gun didn’t seem to appreciate his effort to protect
him and immediately left.

Afterwards, she walked past them cautiously, scared to death by the presence of these
tough guys.

Ai Qing pressed the Pause key.

Back then, Gun could always rile people up with just a few words.

She rewatched the first match, the one that had ended in a tie.  It was the scene she least
wanted to see, right when Demo’s head exploded in the Secret Room duel.

Back then, Buff’s skill wasn’t compet.i.tive enough, so Buff could only watch them walk to
the top.

But now it was their turn to be envious of Buff for their courage to start over again.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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