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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 3: Glory on the Other Side

Chapter 20

Gun spoke again, “Have you forgotten what you promised me?”

Solo glanced at Ai Qing.  “Stay farther away.”

Stay farther away.

When these two fought on the street in Guangzhou or it was better described as
the time when Gun beat up Solo, he repeatedly said this to anybody who wanted to
stop Gun.  These three words instantly reminded her of that scene.  Ai Qing was in
a panic, afraid that Gun would hit Solo again.  She stretched out her hand again and
grabbed Gun’s wrist.  “Han Shangyan.”

“Get lost!  Do you hear me?”  Gun was irritated,  “Didn’t you hear me the first time?”

“Han Shangyan.”  Solo’s voice was a little bit lower and slightly colder, he was
warning him.

“You want to scare me?”  Gun sneered,  “I’m not your team member.”

It was silent for a couple of seconds.

Solo patted his shoulder again.  “That’s right.  I will never have my own team
members in my life.  This was the first thing I promised you.”

What did it mean?  Ai Qing was dumbfounded.

The man under the moonlight was still very gentle.  His every word, every sentence,
even his expression and action were not aggressive at all.  But what he had said hit
with great force.

It wasn’t just Ai Qing, even Gun was suddenly startled.

“If I left the team, then I couldn’t play any team games.”  Solo added,  “Did you
forget?  This was your request.  So, I played WarCraft and StarCraft. Other than
those two, I didn’t touch any team game.  This was the first thing I promised you
ten years ago.”

Solo slightly paused, then continued,  “The second thing I promised you was that
if I insisted on bringing back the original team, then I have to take good care of them.  
I promised you this in Korea.  I did the first thing, but I didn’t do good on the second
promise.”  While he was talking, he gave up resisting Gun.  He leaned on wall as if he
had accepted his fate,  “Come on.  Beat me for all you can.”

The night sea breeze from the distance had grown cold by the time it reached them.

It was cold enough that her face hurt as the wind blew by.

She learned about all of this just tonight about the things Solo just said.

That was a promise to decide his whole professional career. It was simply too cruel
to a person who was born with the talent to be a captain, that he couldn’t partic.i.p.ate
in any team game and have his own team.


“What are you guys doing?  Two men and a woman.”  Xiaomi seemed bored to death
looking at them.  The short man stood not far from them.  “Bad for your images, bosses.”

Xiaomi said calmly.  He asked again after he thought a little bit.  “It couldn’t have
anything to do with me?”

Gun stiffened and deterred by Solo’s words.  He finally released his hand after hearing
Xiaomi.  He moved around his shoulder and said, “Do you want to jump ship to K&K?”

“Me?”  Xiaomi pointed to his own nose.

“Who else.”  Gun was losing his patience, not wanting to stay any more than he had to.  
“If you want, then cancel the contract with SP right way.  I’ll arrange a manager to sign a
contract with you.  Or just come to me without going through a manager.  Perhaps we
don’t even need to go through all that trouble, go with me to meet A team’s main players
tonight-- --”

“Gun G.o.d.”  Xiaomi was amused,  “Are you joking?  The weakest one in your A team is
still ranked at 71.  I’m already thrown out of the top 100.  What do you want me there for?
 To wipe monitors and clean keyboards for everybody?”

Wipe monitor and clean keyboard…...it was the words Gun used to yell at him the most
in the past.

Gun suddenly lost the ability to speak.

Xiaomi shrugged his shoulder.  “Boss, I’m going to call my home first, then I’ll talk to you
half an hour later.”

Apparently he was speaking to Solo.

Then he turned to Gun,  “Han Shangyan, come out and have a drink with me before I
go home.  It’s been a while.”

Then he turned around, waved his hand, and left without waiting for any of their reactions.

Ai Qing didn’t have a chance to speak at all.

She knew that it was time for Xiaomi to retire after he spoke to Solo tonight.  His
back was walking away from them step by step on the beach without the slightest bit
of nostalgia.

It was like…...in the morning that year, she stood at the train station begging him to
give his home number to her.  He kept asking her for mercy, telling her that he really
didn’t want to fight with Solo over his girlfriend and it would be best not to leave his
phone number.

In the end, he didn’t give his phone number to her that day at the train station.

He just carried his luggage and jumped on the train, not even looking back at her at
the last moment.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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