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Indeed, the entire group was seated together in the yard. There were simply too many people but only two dining rooms. In such a scenario, it would be a bad move to give the dining rooms to any particular guests. Those who didn't get a seat would gripe about how the entire affair was unfair, and those who did would appear as if they were receiving special treatment. Therefore, Bei Feng directly seated everyone down in the yard.

"I say, Little Fumble, what kind of restaurant have you brought us to this time? Can the food from this kind of place even taste good?"

Wang Yong complained to the spectacled man seated across him with dissatisfaction.

"Big Brother Wang, you don't have to worry, this restaurant's food is definitely much better than its appearance! Even the richest man in Qingcheng frequents this place for the food..."

The person addressed as Little Fumble replied in a meek voice. Based on his actions and appearance, he seemed to belong to the easy-to-bully kind.

The spectacled guy was actually named Liu Yaxi. He was a novel writer, one who was renowned for fumbling every book he wrote. Because of his numerous failures, people around him started calling him Little Fumble.

The reason he was here today was because he wanted to help his girlfriend secure a better job. Left with few options, he had turned to his university classmate, Wang Yong.

Wang Yong came from a pretty good family who owned a medium-sized company. Among all his classmates, he could be considered as one of the more well-off people.

'This kid appears dumb and nerdy on the outside, but his girlfriend's such a beauty! Bloody hell, this is simply like planting a beautiful rose on a pile of cow feces! Whatever, I'll first invite her into the company, and then find the opportunity to interact with her on a more intimate level…'

Wang Yong eyed the gentle and demure girl beside Liu Xiya as he sneered in his heart.

"En, relax, you can just leave the matter about this sister here to me. I'll just holler at a few guys at the administrative department and inform them later. As for this little sister, you can report to the office directly tomorrow to start working. As for the position, you can be my secretary for the time being, until I figure something out. The salary will be 5000 yuan a month. Of course, things like insurance, bonuses and other welfare will naturally be included."

Wang Yong spoke in a gentlemanly manner. But in his mind, he thought of an old, wise axiom—if there was something that needed to be done, the secretary would do it. If there was nothing to do, then the boss would do the secretary.

"Many thanks, Big Brother Wang! Here, I'll use this cup of tea in place of wine to offer you a toast."

If Liu Xiya could hear what Wang Yong was thinking in his head, he would definitely jump at him and fight him to the death on the spot! But in that moment, his voice was laced with gratitude as he lifted his cup to Wang Yong.

"Haha, this is something that I should be doing. Don't worry about it. We've spent four years as friends at the university; it's only right that I help you out! Besides, if not me, who else is more worthy to lend you a helping hand?"

Wang Yong laughed complacently. He refused to believe that he wouldn't be able to steal the girl from this idiot after she started working for him.

"By the way, how can we drink tea for such a joyous occasion? We'll need to have some wine! Waiter! What wine do you have here? Do you have Moutai Flying Fairy? Give me two bottles of it!"

The fool's girlfriend was about to become his and this idiot still wanted to treat him to a meal? Since it was not his money in the first place, he didn't even hesitate as he ordered the wine.

"...What's this? What kind of service is this?! Waiter!"

Wang Yong who had already drank some alcohol before arriving was visibly annoyed as no one responded to him.

"Uncle, we don't provide alcohol here~"

Mystic One had on a dainty little red dress and her hair was tied up in a girly ponytail. A pair of dimples nestled on her chubby face as she replied sweetly while skipping over.

"F*ck, my eyes must be deceiving me!"

"You're not the only one! I think there's something wrong with my eyes as well…"

Mystic Two and Three looked at the adorable Mystic One in shock. They found it hard to associate the demonic Mystic One whom they had suffered under for the past few days with this innocent-looking little girl.

Their hands could not help but wander over to the many hidden wounds on their body as they pondered over their realities.

"Oh, what a cute loli!"

"Good God! It'd be great if my daughter was this adorable!"

"Big Brother Feng, I want a cute daughter as well…"

"It's three years to capital… I must remain calm!" [1]

The commotion created by Wang Yong was not small at all. Since his arrival, the man had been behaving disgracefully. His latest antics had drawn the scorn of the public as everyone turned to look at him.

But when they saw Mystic One who was so adorable she looked like a character out of a children's book, the female guests could hardly contain their excitement.

"What kind of a restaurant doesn't even serve wine? You should just shut it down!"

Although Wang Yong was momentarily stunned by the cute loli before him, he still continued to make a spectacle.

"Do you know who I am? I just need to give my guys at the bureau of commerce and industry a call and you'll have to shut down immediately! Understand?"

Wang Yong laughed arrogantly. He enjoyed the way Liu Yaxi and his girlfriend looked at him. It was like they truly adored and respected him!

"Uncle, we don't have wine here~"

Mystic One smiled sweetly.

"What will he do? On one hand, he has his principles. But on the other hand, there is the bleak future of shutting down the restaurant. I wonder… what will the boss do?"

The other guests also looked on with interest as they whispered amongst themselves. It was as though they were anticipating an entertaining show. They wanted to know how the infamous Bei Feng, known for his ridiculous rules and strange principles, was going to settle the matter. One had to know, this group of people still harbored a stomach full of anger with regards to Bei Feng!

"No wine? Don't you know how to go and buy? In any case, if I don't get my wine today, you guys can forget about keeping the restaurant!"

"Little girl, go and call the adults over here. I want to hear an explanation from them!"

Wang Yong said with a sneer as he extended his hands to pinch Mystic One's chubby cheeks.

"Hurry up and call the adults here. What's there to talk about with a little girl?"

Wang Yong increased the strength in his fingers as he pinched Mystic One's cheek, a perverted rush rising in his heart.

"Uncle, you're hurting me."

Mystic One pouted her mouth with a wronged expression.

"No way, Uncle's barely using any strength at all! How could Uncle bear to hurt an adorable little thing like you?"

Wang Yong increased his strength again.

"Hey, what kind of a man are you that you would bully a little girl?!"

"I can't watch this anymore, I'm going over there!"

A few of the guests started pointing their fingers at Wang Yong, openly berating him. One man even stood up to walk over to Wang Yong's table.

"Oh no!"

Mystic Two and Three felt their hearts quivering and their guts shrivelling up as they observed the almost indiscernible change of expression on Mystic One's face. In that moment, they could only pray silently for Wang Yong's poor soul.

"Haha, it's just a joke."

Wang Yong saw that the situation was getting ugly and started to loosen his grip on Mystic One's cheek.

"Uncle, I have a joke to share with you as well…"

Mystic One still wore the same sweet smile on her face. But for some reason, it looked somewhat sinister in that moment.

Mystic Two and Three collectively swallowed a mouthful of saliva and slowly turned their heads to the side, pretending that they couldn't see anything at all.

"Let go of me!"

Wang Yong saw with a shock that his hand had been caught in a death grip by a tiny, girly hand. He tried to pull his arm back, but no matter how much strength he exerted, the little girl's grip would not budge even in the slightest!

"Uncle, weren't you going to play with me?"

Mystic One cocked her head as she inquired in a pitiful tone.

"Eh? Could it be that we had misjudged him just now?"

The crowd was a little confused.

"Since you don't wish to play, you can go ahead and... DIE! Kekekeke!"

Mystic One's expression suddenly changed, a devilish grin spreading out across her delicate face. A bone-chilling laughter rang out as her eyes gleamed brilliantly.


"Ah! My hand!"

Mystic One twisted her wrist casually, causing Wang Yong's hand to bend at a weird angle. A crisp snapping sound rang out across the yard, sending chills from the tips of everyone's hair down to the marrow of their very bones!

This was not a simple dislocation like that which Bei Feng had done to the Bei Feng Guards back at the dilapidated manor. This was the sound of bone breaking apart!

"Peng! Peng!"

Although Mystic One was only a little girl, her strength was at least double that of an average adult male! Her speed was also far superior. With her having seized the advantage, Wang Yong was completely helpless, having no way to fight back at all.

A dull thud could be heard everywhere her little fists landed.

This was the legendary "every blow reaching the core"!

"Aiya, Uncle, why aren't you playing with me anymore? Get up and play with me~"

Mystic One had returned to her adorable form, innocence apparent in her voice as she asked.

As for Wang Yong, he was crying miserably as his face was plastered to the ground, the little girl's foot resting on the back of his head.

[1] TL/N: The penalty for rape in China is 3 to 10 years in jail, with a chance for the capital punishment if the victim is a minor.

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I'm sure you guys are starting to get confused by all the Wang characters in this novel... The surname Wang is just a very common surname in China, and the characters are not related to each other.

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