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If one ignored the fact that there was a person being stepped on under her foot, Mystic One still appeared extremely adorable.

But right now, in the eyes of the crowd, Mystic One did not seem cute at all. Rather, the sweet smile which always hung on her face looked like the grimace of a little devil!


A lady at a table nearby turned to look at the man beside her with a serious expression on her face.

"What is it?" The man asked uncertainly.

"Let's not have a daughter… I think a boy is better after all."

The lady shuddered as she looked at Mystic One. In that moment, everything she knew about cute little girls was shattered.

"En, a boy is better. Sons are raised to guard against old age."

The man similarly felt a chill run down his spine as he looked at the sinister smile on Mystic One's face.

"Elder Brother Wang!"

Liu Yaxi hurriedly got up. But even as he moved to help Wang Yong up, he caught sight of Mystic One's eyes swiveling to meet his own.

'Good grief! C-change of plans...there's no way in hell I'm going over there now! That's right, even if I go over, the situation would not change! The only thing that's confirmed is that I will also end up becoming one of the people under her feet!'

Liu Xiya felt his mind tremble as he hurriedly sat down again.

"F*cking b*tch! Do you know the identity of the person you are stepping on?! Hurry up and let him go!"

The man who had arrived with Wang Yong was not like Liu Xiya. He was a loyal lackey who had already followed Wang Yong for a long time! If he didn't stand up for his boss now, he would most likely find himself kicked back to the countryside before the sun even set for the day!

'If push comes to shove, I'll just receive a thorough beating. It's not like I would die from it. As long as I showed my loyalty at this point, Wang Yong would definitely place more value on me in the future!'

Ceng Yu gritted his teeth as he charged toward Mystic One.

"Uncle, are you here to play with me too?"

Mystic One's eyes lit up. It was like she had just found a new toy. Gingerly kicking Wang Yong who was lying like a dead dog to the side, she skipped forward to meet Ceng Yu's charge!

A tough, adult fist and a little girl's petite fist clashed head on with each other. Normally, the bigger adult fist should completely crush the latter and gain an overwhelming advantage.


Of course, someone like Mystic One could not be measured with common sense. The crisp sound of bone shattering sounded out as their fists met.

Ceng Yu's finger bones were splintered, and his person was sent flying two, three meters backwards!

'F*ck! It really hurts!'

That was the only thought in Ceng Yu's mind as he tumbled backwards.

"What monstrous strength!"

"It's fake, right? They're all actors with cables attached to them, right?"

"This is too f*cking ridiculous!"

Everyone's eyeballs were practically popping out of their eye sockets. Although it was obvious by now that this little girl was different from other kids, they simply could not imagine that a child could have such great strength!

"How boring...are there other uncles who want to play with me?" Mystic One pouted her mouth cutely and complained in a crestfallen tone.

'Bloody hell! Who in their right mind would want to play with her? Whoever does so will either end up with a broken bone or a face full of bruises!'

'D*mn, this outcome might be worse than the "three years to capital"...'

Although the crowd had all kinds of thoughts in their heads, no one dared to utter a word. The lewd and timid-looking man was especially quiet, as though he were afraid of being found out.

Mystic One surveyed the yard with a cold gleam in her eyes. The entire group of customers hurriedly turned their heads, afraid to meet her eyes. After a moment, she quickly grew bored. That was when she spotted Mystic Two and Three who were hiding in a room.

"How long are the both of you going to stand there and gawk for? Come here and throw these two bags of trash out!"

"Hehe, we just didn't want to get in the way of your playtime..."

Mystic Two and Three laughed awkwardly as they walked out nervously. They were afraid that the volatile little girl would suddenly give them a beating to soothe her mood.

"Che, how boring... I'll go back inside to watch Boonie Bears."

Mystic One stamped her little foot in displeasure. She felt that these two Mystics were too sly. She couldn't find a proper excuse to teach them a lesson at all!

Mystic Two and Three who were still nearby very nearly staggered as they heard Mystic One's childish words. Hurriedly picking up their steps, they fled from the scene.

Bei Feng, who was in the kitchen, had naturally noticed the commotion caused by Mystic One in the yard. However, he did not move to stop her in the slightest.

It was fine if the customer made a scene at his restaurant. But they actually dared to threaten to shut him down? Such people definitely deserved a beating!

As for the guests, they were finally able to breathe freely now that Mystic One had left. They could still feel their hearts pounding and their gall bladders trembling every time they thought of the devil-like little girl.

"Why do I feel like we are risking our lives just to eat a meal?" Someone pointed out.

"I'm so glad we didn't try to help those guys. Otherwise, we'd be among the several idiots who were thrown out before even tasting anything."

"Mystic Two, Mystic Three, come and help me bring out the dishes."

Bei Feng's voice floated out of the kitchen.

Every table was served two large basin-sized dish. Although a lid covered each dish, tiny wisps of smoke still escaped from the gaps between the dish and the lid, slowly permeating the entire yard with its fragrance.

"Woah, what's in the dish?! It smells so good!"

"Sniff, sniff, oh my God, it really smells great! This restaurant's reputation is indeed well deserved!"

In that moment, everyone forgot about all the unhappiness and dissatisfaction they had towards Bei Feng. In fact, even their daily troubles were cleanly forgotten. Right now, only the two large plates before them remained in their sight.

After what seemed like eternity, someone was finally unable to hold themselves back and removed the lid covering the dishes. In an instant, a thick fragrance much richer than the one they had smelled so far burst out of the dish and filled the entire yard!

A plate of stir-fried Giant Salamander braised in soy sauce and a Giant Salamander clear soup sat in the middle of each table. Bei Feng had only mastered the two recipes last night by following the instructions from a few internet videos.

To him, cooking was less about the technique and more about the dedication, enjoyment and commitment felt by a chef during the cooking process.

In addition, the Variant Giant Salamander's meat's quality was very good on its own. As long as he made sure that the amount of salt was right and the fire was controlled well, it would be hard to go wrong even if he wanted the meat to taste bad!

"Good Lord! This is too delicious!"

Someone exclaimed loudly as he bit down on a piece of meat. His eyes were open so wide one would worry that they might fall out at any moment. A look of intoxication lingered on his face as he sucked in a breath of cool air through his nose and savored the taste.

"This meat is so tender and refreshing, it feels like I'm eating a pudding instead of meat!"

Contented sighs and exaggerated cries both sounded out in the yard as everybody tasted the food.

'What is this meat?! It seems like a Giant Salamander, but the texture feels somewhat different…' Ma Ming fell into a deep contemplation as he chewed.

In the past few years, Ma Ming had journeyed the length and breadth of the country, tasting various kinds of meat. However, he was unable to match any animal's meat to the one before him.

The Variant Giant Salamander's meat in the dishes had all been diced into bite-sized cubes. As such, there were no distinguishing features like head or limbs with which it would be possible to determine the species.

But as he turned around, Ma Ming very nearly spat out a mouthful of blood in anger! The d*mn brat, Wang Hu, was stuffing his mouth so vigorously that his cheeks looked like a hamster's, ready to burst apart at the slightest touch! His chopsticks were dancing about with such skill and elegance that they looked like a graceful tiger pouncing at its prey! Despite eating so ferociously, he made little noise, as though he were a prisoner of war, trying to hide his food from his warden!

Ma Ming immediately discarded all his useless thoughts and hurriedly tucked in.


Ma Ming put down his chopsticks and belched loudly in contentment.

Such an act was actually really inconceivable coming from Ma Ming. Before this, as long as he was in public, no matter the setting, he would never allow himself to do something as disgraceful as burping aloud.

"I gotta hand it to you, brat, you've actually managed to find such amazing food for me!"

Ma Ming wiped his mouth with a tissue and raised a big thumbs up at Wang Hu at the same time.

Truthfully, he had felt some degree of dissatisfaction on his way here. But all that had vanished like the mist and clouds in the face of the delicious food.

"Haha, don't mention it, since I'm treating you to a meal, it's natural that we must go to the best restaurant!"

Wang Hu's heart fell as he remembered his original mission. Earlier, he had completely lost himself in the food. Throughout the meal, he had not even uttered a single word, let alone bring up official business! Now that the meal was done with, the timing didn't seem as adequate anymore.

"En, to be honest, I feel that your style is quite compatible with mine. I think it might be a good idea for the two of us to work together. I'll give my guys a call tomorrow, and we'll be depending on you for the building materials for our company's new industrial project. Hehe, you must remember to give me a discount at that time!"

Ma Ming was definitely an expert at reading people. It was obvious that there was something that Wang Hu wished to say, but was unable to. Thus, he took the initiative and directly proposed a deal with him.

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