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Chapter 2 – Recollection II/Dawn “──That’s right, Claudia. Shall we go watch the next ?” A while after Claudia won the , Nicholas suddenly brought up the topic during breakfast. “The , is it?” When her father spoke those words while the waitress was pouring tea for him, Claudia paused from eating the apple compote and turned her gaze to him. The Gothic Revival style mansion, which had been dismantled then rebuilt by Tee Burton, had furniture and furnishings that all conformed with antiques of Nicholas’ preferences, as well as fitting tableware and stainless pure white tablecloths. Nicholas preferred these, as combined with his own manners, it helped him recall the old days. “I don’t particularly mind it, but…… then again it’s quite sudden.” “I was invited. Therefore, I thought that since it’s a rare occasion, then you could come as well.” Then in contrast with Nicholas, the utilitarian[1] Isabella revealed a calm and gentle smile and said. “Oh, that’s rare.” As far as Claudia remembered at least, they had gone out as a family only one or two times. Although, if one were to say it, you might also say that the whole family gathering like this during breakfast was rare. Nicholas was still better; but when it came to Isabella, one could count the number of times she was present during breakfast in one year. “In the next year, I will become busy for a while and considering my position, I will not be able to move that much freely. Being invited to the will also prove to be difficult as well.” Isabella was already almost assured a seat of a top executive of Galaxy. Certainly in that case, she would have less and less time to spare to trivial things. “Besides, it will not be a bad thing for you to actually feel the atmosphere of Asterisk, will it?” “Well, that’s right……” I see. It seemed to be due to his parental affection that he was attempting to illuminate a path for his hesitant daughter. In that case, she could not flatly decline it. “It isn’t really like I’m telling you to advance to Asterisk. You should only use it as a reference. You’re free to live however you want after all.” Though Nicholas’ words were somewhat pushy, Claudia was well aware that he said them because he thought for her sake. Although Isabelle could not read until his real intention, it would rather only become a nuisance if she were to take a child along to enjoy the ; so at least expressly taking useless trouble to do it seemed to be her way of thinking about Claudia. In other words, both her father and mother loved Claudia as such. And to balance with it, Claudia loved both of them, as well. Therefore. “──Thank you.” Claudia said so with a smile. As a matter of fact, it was not like Claudia was hesitant; she just had neither deep emotion nor strong attachment for the future where she herself would advance. Among some fans, the was called the among the . There were several reasons such as that it was the very first held up or that it was a that decided the general results of the season; but above all, it was simply because it was an individual battle tournament which decided the strongest student of his/her era. The title of that has existed before was the ultimate glory given to the individual who earned the most points in the season. However, as each academy developed strategies in the , the trend, where a student participated only in the that suits his aptitude, became strong. As a result, the student acquisition points just kept decreasing in the season credit, and its meaning[2] would fade. Moreover, because the contest for the title often caused serious antagonism within the academy, it had been abolished approximately 20 years ago. This was also probably one of the factors that boosted the value of the . “……I see. As expected of a real. It’s on a whole different level from the low-end category ones (i.e. ).” Claudia, who was watching the from a VIP room of the Sirius Dome, muttered so at the intensity of the fight unfolded under her eyes. Even though it was still at the stage of the first round, the players coming out were all considerably skilled. Claudia had naturally watched the matches’ videos of the before, but one could say that the impact of seeing it close like this was incomparable after all. “Because players with high degree of attention are assigned in this Sirius Dome, the level here is higher than in other domes.” “Hmm. Which reminds me, I heard that a promising student of Seidoukan will come out in the next match.” Nicholas and Isabella, who were sitting on both sides of Claudia, as might be expected, looked used to it as they had already come many times to watch matches. That said, it did not mean that both of them were particularly interested in the . As members of the Galaxy head office, this much was the minimum courtesy. “Promising student?” “It’s a student who entered the in the most recent Official Ranking Battle and moreover, it seems that he obtained a quite powerful ogre lux just the other day.” To Claudia’s question, Nicholas answered while reading data off the small space window that he opened. “A powerful ogre lux, is it?” Claudia was also informed about Asterisk’s circumstance to some extent. That means that the use application of an ogre lux has probably been admitted for that student as he became a . “Yes, if I remember correctly, they said it is called .” Nicholas said so as he did not seem to hold that much interest in it. “From what I heard, it seems to possess the ability of future foresight, but……” “That is again an exceptional ability, eh.” If that was true, one would probably not lose unless there was a great ability difference. “But accordingly, the price paid for it is large. Due to that, I heard that there hasn’t yet been any wielder who has been able to properly use it. I wonder how it’ll be with that promising student……” “……I think that it’ll probably be harsh. The works of that professor all have a quite strong peculiarity after all.” “Eh?” At the time when Claudia shifted her attention to Isabella’s way of speaking, which got more like some prediction, the live reporter’s announce echoed in the hall and the students entered the stage from the entrance gates. The one, who has entered from the western gate, was, according to the data at hand, a student of Queen Veil. She seemed to be ranked, but to be frank, she did not appear to be a student who could aim for a high rank that much. On the other side, the young man, who has entered from the eastern gate, seemed to be the above-mentioned promising one ── but one realized that an uneasy noise ran among the spectators who saw the young man’s appearance. “Oh my, just as I thought.” Isabella put a hand on her cheek as though she was quite disappointed. The young man’s state was clearly abnormal. His steps tottered and there was almost no vitality on his face projected in the space screen. His eyes were hollow and his cheeks were scrawny like a sick person’s. At a glance, one could realize that it was not a condition in which he could fight satisfactorily. Even so, perhaps because he had only the will to fight, he activated the ogre lux that he had in his hand while slowly advancing. One could feel that the twin swords ogre lux ── the eerie design that looked just like eyeballs emitted a somewhat ominous aura. “!?” At that moment, a shock as if being struck by lightning ran through Claudia’s body. It felt like the eyeballs inserted in the hilts of the twin swords took a glance towards Claudia. No, it was not only that. As a matter of course, even though there were no parts at all on the twin swords that created an expression, she certainly felt like they were laughing. “……!” Nicholas looked at Claudia, who unintentionally stood up, with a quizzical face. “What’s the matter, Claudia?” Though Claudia faltered for an instant due to the unknown chill that assailed her whole body, she immediately regained her calm and shook her head with a soft smile. “No, sorry. It’s nothing……” “──Did you feel something at that ogre lux?” But, Isabella smiled as if she had seen through the heart of Claudia. “……What do you mean by feeling something?” “Such things occasionally happened with ogre luxes. The wielder does not choose the ogre lux, but the ogre lux chooses its wielder…… it seems that at such a time, it felt like the ogre lux smiled at him/her[3].” “……” Though Claudia fixedly stared back at her mother’s smile without saying anything, she turned her gaze away before long and walked towards the door. “H-Hey, Claudia……?” “I’m going to take in some fresh air outside.” As Claudia replied only that at Nicholas’ perplexed voice, she left the VIP room. From what she heard later, the young man of Seidoukan was defeated in a one-sided development.     *     “……I see, thank you for the report.” As Ernest Fairclough heaved a sigh, he thanked the three men standing in front of him. A pure white canonical robe with lines of gilt characters and a mask with geometric patterns signified that the men were the information interrogators (Inquisitors) of the Holy Ecumenical Council (Sinodomias) which was St. Garrardsworth Academy’s Intelligence Organization.[4] Among the six academies, it was considered to be the only Intelligence Gathering Organization not performing purely strategy activities, but the student council president Ernest knew that that was naturally just the official stance. Moreover, through managing them, he could reign as the head of the broad minded Garrardsworth that is capable of associating with various types of people. However at the same time, it was not easy to settle it with the price of the ogre lux , which Ernest owned. Even now, Ernest was concerned about the report the Inquisitors brought. “Good morning. I will come in, Ernest.” Then, knocking sounds resounded and the student council vice-president Laetitia Blanchard entered the office. Following her, the other vice-president Kevin Holst, the student council secretary Perceval Gardner and the student council accountant Leonel Karsh showed up. Including Ernest, those five people were the current student council executives of the St. Garrardsworth Academy and at the same time, also the five from the top of the . Though there were also staff other these five people that supported the student council’s office work, it was those five members which substantially managed Garrardsworth. “Geez, even though you should just leave it to us and take a break since it’s the holiday, to think that you’re working this early in the morning, you should take a little care of your bo──” The vice-president, who was known for her benevolence and her elegance, however held her tongue and openly frowned when she saw the figures of the Inquisitors. Laetitia hated them very much. Laetitia, who irritatingly turned her face away from the Inquisitors who left the rooms after they (student council body) came in, turned a quizzical gaze to Ernest at the same time as the door closed. “……To have three Inquisitors showed up in the office at such a time, what kind of business was it?” Certainly, one might say that it was still early morning. The morning sun finally began to come in through the window facing the east, and the chirps of brown-eared bulbuls were noisily telling the beginning of the day. “Well, let’s leave it as that for now. More importantly, give me the report, Perceval.” Ernest plainly glossed it over as such and brought up another topic to the beautiful girl with male clothing. “Roger. First, about the morning’s schedule; the review of various documents, the confirmation of the next Official Ranking Battle’s combination, the handling of supplementary budget’s application from the liberal arts clubs association, the response for the receipt of the petition transferred money from yesterday, and then……” Perceval indifferently read out loud the works that must be handled today. “*yawn*…… Today will get really busy as well, huh. I didn’t get enough sleep.” Kevin, who was listening to Perceval’s report that went on for a long time while crossing his hands behind his head, greatly yawned. Kevin was a slender handsome man, but he had a somewhat frivolous personality quite rare for a True Knight of Garrardsworth. He got a reputation as a philanderer from beautiful women and girls regardless of inside and outside of Garrardsworth. Although, knight and romance was originally an inseparable relationship; and in that sense, one could not say that he was not knight-like. And as for Ernest, there was some part which he liked in Kevin’s lightness. “……You’re a frivolous man as always. Can’t you adopt a more serious attitude at least in the morning?” The giant/big man who turned a severe gaze at such Kevin ── Leonel, in contrast, was too serious a man, and also a “being stern and honest to other people” model-like man. Though Leonel had a heroic way of fighting to the extent of having the nickname of , in fact he was well versed in heartfelt tactics and it might be said that he was the student council’s pivot that paid really meticulous attention to details even in everyday life. “It can’t be helped even if you say that, right? I had to show up in three parties yesterday, so I’m really shot.” “I’m not interested in your unseemly private life in the slightest, but it’d be a problem if it were to reflect on your duties.” “As a knight, it’s my duty to respond to a lady’s appeal, right? You, too, Leo, aren’t you taking that part a little too lightly?” “As usual, you’re good at finding an excuse.” “Not really, I’m just speaking the truth after all.” ──And as the two men’s dispute was about to begin as usual, a gunshot suddenly resounded. “……Both of you, have you listened to what I said?” On a closer look, Perceval deployed a revolver type lux and pointed its muzzle towards the ceiling. “The next time, I’ll aim at you, so be ready.” To Perceval who indifferently warned so without changing her expression at all, Kevin and Leonel immediately raised the white flag. This was because they were made to realize all too well that Perceval was saying that seriously. “……Got it, Percy. It was my, our bad. Right, Leo?” “……That’s right. I’m sorry, Gardner.” “Then, I will continue the report.” Perceval resumed the report as if nothing happened, but the revolver was grasped in her right hand as is. On the other hand, Laetitia, seeing the hole bored in the ceiling, became disheartened. “Why is this girl trigger-happy to this extent……?” “Hahaha…… Well, we can’t only think that this is also a part of her personality.” Conversely speaking, it was probably because Perceval was like that that she was chosen by the . Before long, the work was apportioned by Perceval; and when the other members finished their individual report, everyone scattered to their respective rooms. But, the last person ── only Laetitia remained in the office and glared at Ernest. “My, my, why are you making such a scary face, Laetitia?” “Please, do not play dumb.” Laetitia brushed it aside. “I will have you tell me what kind of talk you had with the Inquisitors.” It was that after all, huh. After Ernest put his hand on his forehead and pondered for a while, he reluctantly opened his mouth. “You’re the number one person I didn’t want to know about it, but…… It seems that Galaxy has made a move. Sinodomias seemed to have confirmed the information from the top.” “Galaxy……?” “Yes, their combat unit seemed to have entered Rikka.” Laetitia’s complexion changed at these words. “Don’t tell me……!” “Thinking about the situation, their aim must be Miss Enfield.” “No way, no matter how you look at it, at such a period……!” Laetitia’s voice trembled showing that she could not believe it. In fact, Ernest was of the same opinion as well. Although the reason was unclear, he knew that Claudia was trying to antagonize Galaxy. The issue was probably the information related Ladislav Bartsheik and the that she said at the interview. But, Ernest did not think that Galaxy would go as far as to resort to such high-handed means because of only that.The matter of Ladislav was certainly a fact that Galaxy did not want to be uncovered, but even so it was a story of the past now. If they were to deal with Claudia high-handedly in this timing when the five other Integrated Enterprise Foundations vigilantly kept a close watch on them, it would rather bring them a disadvantage. If they were to postpone even shortly, it should be easy for them to deal with Claudia more calmly without causing discord. And yet, theses drastic measures. (Is Miss Enfield holding more than that…… something that Galaxy can’t overlook……?) Ernest put his fingers together and was lost in deep thought. In any case, now that it had come to this, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation EP, which was Garrardsworth’s management parent organization, should assume a stance of watchful alertness. Since the other party (Galaxy) revealed a weakness on their own accord, their own conduct would become predominant now during the , so it was natural. This should also be the same for the other Integrated Enterprise Foundations. He thought that it was a quick change of attitude for Galaxy that has protected the restrained Claudia until now, but it was understandable that this was the most probable theory. Even if leaving out the struggle for victory in the , if Galaxy were to get rid of Claudia like this, there would be a weakness to take advantage of. After all, assassinating the student council president of the academy under their supervision during the period of a was unprecedented. Of course, they would not blunder as to allow other places to get a hold of complete evidence, but they would have no way to cover the fact, and only that was enough for the other places to use as a card. And it would become a considerable advantage against Galaxy at a time when something happened, If by any chance, Claudia were to survive, and then if she were to win the and urge in the matter of Ladislav and the , that would next become a new weakness of Galaxy. In any case, it was best for the other Integrated Enterprise Foundations to watch calmly. ──However. “Such a thing…… I will never accept such a thing……!” Laetitia bit her lips while strongly clenching her fists. Then, she suddenly took out a portable terminal from her pocket and began to contact somewhere with hurried hands. “……Aah, geez! Why doesn’t it connect?!” It looked like she tried to contact Claudia, but it did not connect. Or there was also the possibility that the other party was in a situation that she could no longer correspond with. “Either way, it’s highly probably that your careless communication was guessed by the Sinodomias. You should either make suitable preparations or stay on the side line.” “Kuh……!” Laetitia openly chewed her nails due to vexation and irritation. Her eyes burnt with strong anger, but no one knew whether its aim was Galaxy or Claudia. Perhaps it might be both. “Is your anger pure righteous indignation towards Galaxy’s reckless action, Laetitia? Or your pride of being fixated in your revenge?” “That’s……” Laetitia was evasive to Ernest’s nasty question. Ernest did not know in detail what kind of connection Laetitia and Claudia had. But for Laetitia, it was clear that Claudia was some kind of special existence. Laetitia did seem to have the intention to reveal it though. “Well whatever. Regarding this matter, I will try investigating it a little on my end.” “Eh?” Laetitia looked at Ernest with a surprised face. “B-But, if you move on your own accord, your position will be……” Laetitia also seemed to have expected that the EP would assume a stance of watchful alertness. No matter if Ernest was the student council president, he could naturally not go against the intention of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation; and if he was found out, he would not escape from some sort of punishment. That said. “Since I hold on to the nickname of , I cannot turn a blind eye to a lady’s crisis. Of course, even me as an individual.” “……Do you have some kind of plan?” “No, unfortunately as you said, I have no card to play considering my position.” When Ernest shrugged his shoulders, Laetitia pouted in displeasure. “What are you saying now?” “Now now, can you wait? I have no cards to play, but I have an idea.” “An idea?” “──First, I should have someone able to play a card move.” Laetitia slightly tilted her head to the side at Ernest’s words. She did not seem to get the hint yet. “You seemed to strongly wish for a rematch against Miss Enfield’s team, but in this , isn’t there another person who wants to watch their match against that team?” “Ah……!” As expected, having been given this hint, even Laetitia seemed to have realized. “C-Certainly if it is that person, then they might ignore the intention of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, but…… will they move just as you expect?” “What, I say it like this, but in the last School Festival, I also offered help in no small amount. Thinking that it’s my turn this time, that person won’t have any complaint.” As Ernest said so, he smiled lightly and opened the portable terminal of the work desk. “Besides, if I use a hotline, even Sinodomias wouldn’t be able to interfere so easily.”     *     “──Hohou, and so you’re trying to use me, huh. Oh dear, you’ve more guts than I thought, eh, -dono.” While jokingly glaring at the handsome face displayed in the space window, Fan XingLu rattlingly laughed. 『I apologize if I offended you, Princess.』 World Dragon Seventh Institute Yellow Dragon Temple, Audience Room. XingLu, who sat down on a chair so big that it was mismatched with her small body, just finished the morning training. HuFeng, who was at her side, silently stayed on a knee as is, praying very strongly in his mind that this whimsical and rampant master of his did not poke her nose again into another unneeded thing. “I certainly owe -dono regarding the Grand Coliseum…… But, don’t you think that this request is a little mismatched compared to that time?”[5] To that reply of XingLu, HuFeng strongly nodded many times. 『I wonder about that. If you ask me, isn’t it because Miss Lyyneheym knew of my participation that she also decided to participate at that? In that case, I think that you should also assessed the fact that there was the worth of two ranks #1 though.』 “……Hmm, I see; you have a point.” To this reply of XingLu, HuFeng shook his head many times. 『That said, I am well aware of my repeated impoliteness. So, how about this, Princess? How about I invite you to our Garrardsworth’s Official Ranking Battle next time? ──Ah, of course, in the meaning of viewing.』 “Hou!” Ah, this is bad. It was indeed the enticement that XingLu seemed to like. It was customary for the Official Ranking Battle to perform on a stage of the urban area, thus putting the meaning of performance in the case that the competition became the showpiece in any academy. Conversely, a confrontation between fellow students, whose names were not that well-known, was held within the academy. Of course, unless this was broadcasted, no one other than the students of that academy could view it. Utilizing this, there were academies that host competitions within the academy in order to develop trump cards for the . In fact, XingLu herself did as such. In addition, although battles between nameless students were given priority, conversely speaking there was no better place to discover new talents. Among the enthusiastic fans of the , there were people who rather devoted special attention to these battles. As HuFeng felt nervous about his bad feeling welling up, Ernest, so as to make doubly sure, continued like this. 『And above all, don’t you look forward to the confrontation of your favorite pupil’s team against Team Enfield, Princess? At this rate, they will lose a bit of precious battle potential. Normally, it will be something to be pleased with, but you should be different.』 “Hmm…… That girl of is certainly that team’s pivot. And if she were to be removed, it’ll become boring, I guess.” 『As you know, my academy’s Sinodomias is under the direct control of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, so I can’t take action in this matter. But on that point, the “Glaring Eye” on your side is under the student council’s direct control. You should be able to manage somehow, right Princess?』 The Espionage Organizations of the six academies respectively had their own special structures and their fields were different as well, but generally, they commonly shared the fact that they were substantially under the direct control of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which was their management parent. Even if each academy had the right to make use of them, that right was only something given temporarily by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, and they themselves were also aware of who their true master was. However regarding this, the circumstances were slightly different in this World Dragon and Allekant Academy. In Allekant where the faction doctrines were taken to the extreme, even their Espionage Organizations were separated and it was the present situation that each faction enclosed their own covert operatives. On the other hand, the “Glaring Eye”, which was World Dragon’s secret service, was an organization that the first generation built up for himself from the beginning, and because it was conventionally applied under the student council’s direct control since then, its relationship with the Integrated Enterprise Foundation was extremely small. 『To begin with ── the result aside, I don’t think that only standing and watching things unfolded does match the Princess’ liking.』 “Hmph, aren’t you the tempting one? Don’t get too full of yourself, boy.” Though a color of danger was mixed in the atmosphere that XingLu was clad in, that was just for a moment and it immediately vanished. “But, well never mind. I’m on.” HuFeng, who heard her reply, could not help holding his head. Although he somehow knew from the beginning that it would end up like this, even so HuFeng was no so understanding to the point of giving up and saying “yes, I see”. “……With all due respect, Master. I do not think it to be the good idea to be easily concerned with other academies’ troubles in this period.” “Don’t say that, HuFeng. You too will be lonely if you can’t fight an opponent in his perfect condition, right?” “Well that’s true, but……” The aforementioned Team Enfield was HuFeng’s Team Yellow Dragon’s next opponent. As a fist warrior, there was also the thought of winning against an opponent going all out. But, this and that were different things. There was no way that he would stay quiet and see how they were tempted by another academy and made to take risk. “A-Anyway, you should at least consider it a little……” “No. I’ve already decided.” As XingLu revealed an innocent smile, she clearly sounded a bell which one did not know where she took it out from. “*sigh*……” HuFeng, who heard that sound, was really at wits’ end this time for sure. There was no longer any way back anymore after she sounded that bell. In fact, before the bell sound finished ringing, it appeared in front of XingLu. 『Yes. Did you call me, XingLu-chan?』 Having suddenly appeared like wind out of nowhere was one woman. To his great displeasure, HuFeng was still not able to perceive her presence. She had big eyes like a cat’s, short hair with strong peculiarity and a short stature, but her body’s line was blessed with a feminine richness. And what were peculiar above all were the countless scars left on her whole body. They were clearly carved in every place including her face as if she was proud of them. With the current medical treatment techniques, it was easy to erase a scar. In other words, she ──Arema Seiyaan, an agent of the Seventh Prefecture, the secret service “Glaring Eye” of the Nine Offspring of the Dragon, organization under World Dragon Seventh Institute student council’s direct control and known of their brutality, left these scars on purpose. “Umu, Umu. Can I ask you to do a task for me, Arema?” 『Well, if it’s a job, I’ve no right to decline, so it can’t be helped.』 Arema did not speak words, but instead used a window that she displayed next to her to speak through. This was because a choker-shaped long and narrow spell tag was put around Arema’s neck, and her voice was sealed by its power. 『Hi, . It’s a been a while since the ’s closing ceremony.』 『Oh, if it isn’t Ernest-chan. Long time no see.』 Arema, who waved her hand with a quite indifferent smile, was quite friendly. In fact, it was a fact that both of them were acquainted to some extent. After all, Arema was XingLu’s favorite and often acted as XingLu’s substitute when XingLu was absent from the event of the front stage. 『Hehehe! I’m seeing you in the , but looks like you’re healthy. How about it, do you want to spar with me next time……?』 『It is a great NO! As I said many times, duels are prohibited in our academy! There is no way that the student council president Ernest will violate this rule! Or rather, you act too familiarly!』 Then, Laetitia, who forced her way through on the other side of the space window as she pushed Ernest aside, lifted her eyes. 『Tsk, stingy~』 Though Arema pouted in displeasure, HuFeng, while standing to the side, strongly nodded at Laetitia’s words. It was the first or the second time that he himself offered his honest opinion to Arema’s rude attitude towards XingLu. Although, even when he said it, she was not the kind of person who would simply listen to it and above all, Arema was permitted to speak as such. Arema Seiyaan also known as was the former rank #1 ── in other words, the person with the strongest position in World Dragon Seventh Institute before XingLu appeared. Although XingLu invited Arema, whom she defeated, to be one of her disciples, Arema declined this. However, XingLu, who valued her ability, seemed to want to have Arema in her hands by all means, thus offered her a compromise and a deal. It was to make Arema not a disciple, but a member of the “Glaring Eye”, and in return, she was given the right of being able to propose a duel to XingLu freely. Arema, who was as much of a battle maniac as XingLu, agreed to this and to this day has challenged XingLu whenever possible. 『So, what work is it?』 “Before that, Arema, the story that Galaxy’s underlings entered this Rikka yesterday, have you heard of it?” 『Hmm? No, I’m completely clueless.』 Arema shook her head with a puzzled face. “It seems to be information that Garrardsworth’s Sinodomias got a hold of. Our side is again taking it quite easy as I see.” As HuFeng said so with the utmost sarcasm, Arema scratched her head without particular showing any sign of being timid. 『The extent of the information network laid out between there and the “Glaring Eye” is different, so I would like you to refrain from comparing it.』 “Well, that’s fine. More importantly, I don’t really want to let those guys do whatever they want. That’s this time’s work” A sharp light ran through XingLu’s eyes for an instant. 『Hmm…… I see. So, about Galaxy’s underlings, who are you talking about?』 “According to -dono, it seems to be the Yabuki Clan (Knight Emmitt). It seems that there was also the figure of the Head among them.” 『Heeh, how interesting! Speaking of the Yabuki’s Head, he’s quite strong, right? I’m suddenly fired up.』 Striking her fist to the palm of her hand, Arema revealed a ferocious smile. The flames shining in her eyes were similar to XingLu’s when she got fired up. “Well, unfortunately I don’t know the current Head’s skill, but I’ve got the memory of the bout I had with one several generations ago. He was……” XingLu tilted her head as she dug up into her memory and then clapped her hands before long. “Oh, that’s right. If I remember correctly, I took him one arm that time. Oh dear, how nostalgic.” 『Heeh! I can’t wait to fight that kind of opponent!』 “I’ll say just in case, but the techniques that they use are kind of troublesome. And it’d be better for you not to fight the Head in particular.” 『And do you think that I’ll listen to that?』 Arema’s smile grew more and more fiendish. “……Well, I don’t mind it as long as you properly handle the work though.” While listening to their exchanges, HuFeng frowned as his headache kept getting intense. Why on earth do only these kind of people gathered around XingLu? 『……Looks like the talk is settled. Well then Princess, is it all right to leave this matter to your side for the time being?』 Then, Ernest said with a wry smile. “Sure. So, what do you guys intend to do?” 『Of course, we intend to do all we can on our side, but…… if we could somehow manage it, we wouldn’t have expressly approached you with such a talk. Right, Laetitia?』 Ernest’s gaze across the space window was turned to his side for a moment. He seemed to give a warning to a friend. Then, it also meant that there were people that seemed to act rashly in Garrardsworth. “Hohou, I see. That’s also true.” 『Well then, we leave it to you, Princess.』 Then, the space window disappeared and the communication ended. 『Well then, I guess I’ll begin with the preparations.』 After ascertaining it, Arema soundlessly disappeared as well in the same way as when she appeared. While gritting his teeth in vexation as he could not sense her movements as expected although he squared off to some extent, HuFeng said to XingLu “But, is it really all right, Master. As expect, antagonizing the Integrated Enterprise Foundation at this period is……” “Don’t worry about it. As long as I, , am here, they won’t make a move on us. Rather, this year’s went so smoothly that it felt very boring. An event of this extent will add a rather moderate spice to it.” She said so and innocently laughed. Although he understood it, HuFeng grandly sighed to the fact these kinds of people gathered around XingLu precisely because XingLu herself had such a personality.

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