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With the natural terrain, as well as the efforts of the experts, the zombies were kept at bay, prevented from entering the mountain gorge.

After battling intensely for an entire day, the zombies still could not breach the gorge.

The valley was too narrow, and unless the zombies activated their winged counterparts or the intelligent ones to launch an assault, there was no way to breach the pass.

The battle continued for some time, while Big-nose Liu went back towards the base silently.

Early the next morning, Yue Hai Min had a look of excitement as he told the rest, "The leader of the central government is here, let's go welcome him."

Many of them exchanged glances. While some were reluctant, they still followed behind.

"Ai! What is that?!"

"Is that a spaceship?! Holy shit!"

"Did the Martians already invade Earth?!"


These commanders all turned to look at the sky, their eyes filled with shock.

The huge metal behemoth soaring above them was precisely the Protector Battleship. It was a helicarrier, the likes of which had never been seen on Earth before. It was the first time these military officers had seen something so advanced, hence, their astonishment.

As they continued to stare, the battleship opened, as a smaller-sized carrier came descending.

The moment that carrier touched down, over a dozen soldiers equipped with nano armors on the outside, as well as Battle Armors on the inside, carrying Gauss Rifles, Electromagnetic Rifles, came rushing out. They were all armed to the teeth, with Type 4 strength, guarding the helicopter.

"Elite soldiers! Look at their weapons! So futuristic!! Is this the strength of the new government?"

When the commanders saw the soldiers disembarking, they were truly taken aback. They were not considered newbies, and had seen their fair share of war and battles, and could sense the aura emitted by these soldiers.

Under their stunned gazes, Yue Zhong came out, dressed in military wear. Beside him was the small, petite beauty, Floxenia, whose gaze was sharp.

Yue Zhong was already pretty much invincible on Earth, if he did not come across any other freaks from other worlds, he did not need to fear anything. However, in coming to pick up the survivors from Sichuan, he had to watch out for the human heart.

Yue Hai Min came up to Yue Zhong, saluting him in the military style, with a hint of respect in his gaze, "Leader, Yue Hai Min reporting! It is an honor to finally meet you!"

He had received the radio broadcast from a long ago and had been kept updated on news from the capital. In truth, he had been contemplating to initiate contact for the longest time after Yue Zhong regained the capital.

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