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She sits in front of the dressing table and stares at her phone in hesitation; should she call him?

Will he answer her phone call?

In the midst of her entanglement, her eyes fall on a piece of red silk left on top of the dresser.  That is the same red silk used to wrap Ding Mengya's gift.

When she thinks of that, Zhuang Nai Nai reluctantly acknowledge that throwing it away was a little too much.

Even if she dislikes Ding Mengya, even if she hates Ding Mengya to the bones, this was a gift she personally came over to give.  Maybe, it has special meaning to the Si Family.

The dustbin inside the room is almost useless.  They only use it to discard things after bed activities.  The trash inside the dustbin is changed early every morning.  She merely threw the box there to vent; she knew it wasn't going to be touched by anyone until the next morning.

With that in mind, she stands up and walks to the dustbin, intending to pick the bracelet back up.

However, after searching it, the box is nowhere in sight.

Zhuang Nai Nai's heart rate picks up.  She search again one more time, this time, emptying the dustbin's content to the floor, but she still cannot find the box.

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