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TL: Yuki


Rinne-chan was holding two sticks shaped like a sword.

I you look closely, you can see that her body is fit and resembles that of a sporty school girl which joins sports clubs.

I guess this is the result of everyday training.

「Fuu… Well then, can you show me how you defeated those two professional adventurers? 」

After saying that, she took a pose holding tight her two swords. One pointing forward and the other close to her face, her legs were apart and her right knee is slightly bent forward.

It looks like a stance where she was about to beat a drum.

She is about 1.7 times taller than me, or more like almost twice as tall as me.

In terms of body difference, I'm probably in the disadvantageous side I guess?

【Since you will be starting first, I will do my best to counter but not to the extent that any of us would get injured 】

Just like the stance of a samurai about to pull the sword out of it's scabbard, I set up my club in an iaido stance.

Something like this is what I wanted to try.

Somehow, I wanted to know if there is iaido in this world.

「Well then, here I go!… Haaaa!」

At the same time she breathes out, her right hand move above her head, while her left hand tried to assault me moving from her center of gravity.

I move with a few steps to the right, then strikes Rinne's sword approaching me, but at that same time she slashed down her right hand towards me as in a really fast motion.

Well I have expected that, so with action like flipping a sword I then gripped it firmly, and as to not kill the momentum from the iaido, I rotated my body and pushed the club upwards striking the sword. Well even with my small stature I was able to put it to a stop.

My and her movements have been stopped perfectly, From Rinne's forehead were large beads of sweat dripping down, then she said.

「I… I surrender…」

And so I held my club down and bowed.

「So… So Strong… Are you really a toon golem…? 」

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