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Chapter 247 - Unceasing Chase!

The plan was to have Yang Botao , the marshal of the northern troop and thirty of the Four Seasons Towers’ top experts sacrificed, and to utilize the saber in the sky, to set up a fatal death trap at a distant place.

This arrangement was ingenious and more focused. Looking at the situation, this person who had saved Yang Botao and escaped would have had no one capable of chasing him, and even if there was, he would be slaughtered by that saber of his.

Only Supreme Wind’s wind manifestation could possibly allow him to succeed in the chase.

So long as Supreme Wind had come, the plan would be considered as partially accomplished.

Bearing in mind that Yang Botao was the target of vengeance as deep as an ocean for the conspired murder of the Nine Supremes, as well as the reason that Supreme Wind had reappeared, how could Supreme Wind let go of the chase?

Despite knowing that there were risks, he still had to give chase.

Hence it could be said that, this time’s focused planning was infallible, secured and without loopholes.

What was more, if Yun Yang was merely Supreme Wind, he would only have the power of wind manifestation and he would not have been able to notice the saber that had locked down on him from his back!

It would have been the end of him.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the originator of the wind manifestation was not Supreme Wind, but Supreme Cloud. The so-called foolproof trap designed specifically would then have a giant loophole!

Yun Yang came up to a conclusion immediately. There must definitely be a trap in front and that kind of trap would most probably similar to the Spiritual Sealing Formation at TianXuan Cliff that limited the ability to manifest into their powers. This was also the killing style used against Supreme Wind by the other party.

Even if an accident had occurred and the Spiritual Sealing Formation could not slaughter him, it would not have been a terribly important concern as the saber that had followed him from behind would become his shadow, continually following him. It would be impossible to remain as his wind manifestation forever. As long as his mystical Qi cultivation base was being exhausted, he would have to revert to his human form, and once he reverted, he would die.

Furthermore, the other party must have thought to get the fruit by following the vine, to extinguish him in order to avoid future danger.

Yun Yang thoughts churned madly, planning on how to face such a dangerous situation.

For now, he had become prey from being a predator. His situation was beyond dangerous, and he had to figure out a way to solve it.

The cultivation base of the saber hanging from the sky was undoubtedly and mysteriously profound. Most terrifyingly, Yun Yang did not know how high this person’s level was. Yun Yang was uncertain if even Supreme Lord Spring Frost who during his most glorified period, had possessed such a cultivation base!

Back then, He Hanqing only relied on only one strike to have Yun Yang who was manifested as a gust of wind seriously injured. However, the event that day was unexpected and due to the fact that Yun Yang just had a breakthrough, he had been mettlesome and careless. Most importantly, at the time, Yun Yang had just managed to break through fifth peak, and his cultivation base for other manifestation had merely reached the fourth tier at most. For now though, not only had his own cultivation base increased, his cultivation base for other powers had also improved tremendously. He was also attentive and wary at all times. With such a bearing, Yun Yang was confident that even if he stood against He Hanqing, it would definitely not be a problem to escape in one piece even if he was still unable to challenge him face to face.

However, the saber in the sky's unerring aim at Yun Yang was like bone-clinging maggots. It constantly kept him at arm’s length, neither too fast nor slow. And at this point, Yun Yang had been shocked and terrified by it!

Yun Yang even suspected that one must at least possess the level of Ling Xiaozui, Jun Moyan, and Dugu Chou, to be deemed capable enough to pull this off. Even though there might be a disparity, it would not be far.

Judging from his own cultivation base, whether he would be able to escape from the mortal chase of this saber in the sky, not only would Yun Yang himself perish, the whole Residence of Yun would all go up in flames once his identity was exposed. Yun Yang also believed that, even if he gathered all the combat power of the Residence of Yun, it would nevertheless, not be a competent rival of the other party’s saber.

This was the true strength of the Four Seasons Tower!

However, how would he be able to tackle this person?

In order for Yun Yang to purely escape was not difficult at all. He was not Supreme Wind who only possessed the power of wind manifestation after all. Considering that he had now occupied the advanced opportunity since he had discovered the other party, it was not a difficult task at all to escape from the other’s pursuit.

However, if he did that, it would definitely allow Yang Botao to escape from this danger as well!

And for that, Yun Yang was utterly unwilling to give up and be resigned to it.

The root cause of reappearing today as a member of the Nine Supremes was to take aim at Yang Botao. If he were to let him escape, not only would it spoil the ship for a ha’penny worth of tar, it would be a great defeat and loss; how would one still have the prestige to meet the masses of the souls of his brothers?

Yun Yang was determined that he would not let himself see Yang Botao be rescued regardless!

This contemptible one must die!

The enemy who killed his own brothers had already been discovered, and for that, he must die!

If he were to allow the tiger back to its hill, then the next time that he would be able to see him again would be unknown.

Yun Yang meticulously drew out some of his attention to continually controlled the whistling of the gale. Although his body had been following the white cotton clouds, he deliberately yet secretly collected the clouds and mist around him to slowly gather them and turn the sky sullen gradually.

It seemed like it was going to rain.

Lightning started to flicker gradually among the clouds...

Yun Yang had directed his mind to several causes, utilizing all sorts of techniques and stitching an elegantly devious plot.

However, the trail of the gale had never seemed to weaken nor slowed down at all, still unceasingly chasing the black shadow in front of it, until it whizzed through the mountains to the other side.

Until the gale had reached into the mountains, a mysterious dazzling saber light was seemingly displayed across the vast sky. However, the light of the saber only flashed by, as if it had not been present at all.

It seemed like it had returned to waiting.

His duty had been half- accomplished. He only had to wait quietly for the results.

Supreme Wind had entered the forest chasing the person, thus the rest would be a matter of the other side.

Even if the large scaled scheme there could not get Supreme Wind murdered, Supreme Wind would still transform into wind to escape ultimately. As long as Supreme Wind did so and he had already locked on his senses of a trace, immediately he would be able to chase the person, hounding him until he reached his base or until the moment where his prey's mystical Qi ceased. Regardless of whether it was to wipe any associates out or to kill Supreme Wind alone, Supreme Wind would die anyway!

Although he had promised Ice to bring Yang Botao back alive, Yang Botao's fate was the only thing to be blamed if he were to die before he could strike. For this mission, killing one of the Nine Supremes was of utmost priority.

In the mountains, the grasses and woods vegetated wildly, the degree of visibility was worse than the level ground. Furthermore, grey clouds enveloped the atmosphere at this moment. The surroundings was so dark that one could not even see his own five fingers when he held out his hand.

Even in such an atmosphere where one could hardly see, the black silhouette had still retained its rapid forward-motion carrying Yang Botao; there was no delay in his movement, his familiarity of the landscape of this forest was apparent.

All of the sudden, the sound of the whistling wind increased tremendously.

Yang Botao who was collapsed on the back of the black shadow still remained unconscious. There was a clear hole on this thigh, the result of being penetrated by an arrow released from a Deicide Bow. A big chunk of his bone had been shot away too. If there were no exceptional skill of skeletal rearrangement, Yang Botao would inevitably be a cripple for the rest of his life.

On his waist, there was another mystical steel arrow pierced through, only to expose half of its arrow shaft. Yang Botao wore a soft armor of some strange material; nevertheless, the mystical steel arrow that had been released by Tie Zheng with full strength had actually penetrated the soft armor and stabbed Yang Botao.

Judging from its depth, it must have gotten into his abdominal cavity.

The gale was cutting like a saber, making the forest echoed with ghastly sounds.

Countless tree branches were broken, beating on the black shadow and Yang Botao like a torrential storm.

Blades of wind materialized out of the blue, fluttering crisscrossed following the both of them and displaying its sharpness.

In complete darkness and amidst the chaos, the old shadow could not even avoid anything but to roar in madness, spitting a mouthful of blood and shining bright in green physically. The silhouette had used his refined mystical Qi cultivation base to envelope both of themselves in marching forward courageously.

However, it was imminent that their speed would slow down doing so.

The black shadow knew it in his heart that the finale of the planned trap was located at the top of the mountain. However considering his advancing speed and the fact that Supreme Wind was preying on him from the side and unceasingly attacking him, he would definitely be unable to persist to the top.

"Ol'fourth Qiao!"

The silhouette urged the flow of mystical Qi to maintain his current defense. While making his full effort to sprint to the top, he suddenly hollered with all his might, "Come down to cover for me!"

Someone answered from the top of the mountain before rapid whistling wind could be heard.

This change had been in the calculations of the black shadow. After Supreme Wind realized that the silhouette was calling for help, he pushed his wind manifested attack to the maximum, apparently wanting to kill him along with Yang Botao before his relief troop could come upon to help!

It seemed like Supreme Wind hated Yang Botao to his bones. He would not stop until he died....

Although understanding this point, the black shadow was powerless. If he were to be at his flourishing prime, he would be capable of contending against Supreme Wind’s siege of cutting wind. Even if he could not do so, to persist till the point of the arrival of his relief troop or to persevere until the summit would not be a problem at all.

Now though, he had been charging all the way from Tiantang City with the convenience of being at the outset tier too. He had bolted and darted all the way down and away from the city’s wall in addition to erupting his basic energy Qi twice. He was already at his end!

If he were not exhausted to his core, how could he have shouted for help?

His current state might not even support him to defend a fifth peak cultivator's forceful attacks.

The blades of wind swirled. Finally, they came to a thump...

The mystical Qi shield cracked while the expert blurted a mouthful of blood. He stumbled a bit, colliding with a big tree still carrying Yang Botao.

This mouthful of fresh blood was no longer the cost of forcefully erupting his mystique skill, he was really suffering from a serious injury. The expert had finally been entirely exhausted, no longer able to persist in this race.

However, the sound of the wind remained as plaintively sharp, its blades continually showering.

An icy light flashed before it gave way to the shine of blood.

The black silhouette of an expert who had been carrying Yang Botao on his back all the way had actually died before Yang Botao. With a loud cry, the expert's head and body were separated and off he went to the underworld!

Following his death, there was a stream of warmth that had flowed through Yun Yang.

It was the air of injustice.

Yun Yang scoffed before he changed his manifestation again.

Somewhere higher, another black silhouette came bolting like a sharp arrow.

"Supreme Wind! What a well-deserved reputation, take this strike of mine!"

A billow of sword air came shooting from the sky like a flying dragon!

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