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Early the next morning, the sun shines on the bed as scheduled, and that woke me up. My head is buried in the blanket and I can still feel the weakness in my body from yesterday. It seems to be addictive.

My face glows red in shame as I think about it.

Remember, yesterday I was teased by Hua Yi and she lit my body on fire with her touch. I couldn’t sleep because of that and I was unable to vent my feeling of anger. So, I ended up touching myself to feel better and ended up playing too much.

I bury my burning face in a pillow and lay still.

Honestly, since I was transformed, I no longer count myself as human. I don’t eat or sleep, and I’m self-cleaning. Do you know anyone that can do this? Although, I still have kept the habit of sleeping; I skipped eating last night, so I could lay here until I’m old. All because one thing made me upset.

Mobile phone message... The motivation for human progress is really a mobile phone!!

What a nuisance, who disturbed my dream?!

I roll over in bed and pick up my phone from beside the bed.

It’s a QQ message with a bunch of English letters I don’t understand, but it starts with an ‘F’.

Really, English is so annoying.

I click send.

"Hey, my cute Hitomi is finally awake?" (QQ User)

I replied to their message and they messaged back immediately. They seem to know me.

"Who are you? What do you want? It’s OK to delete it." (Hitomi)

"Wait a minute! It’s Hua Yi! Did you not see my nickname has flower in it?" (Hua Yi)                                                                          (TN: 花 means flower in Chinese, it’s also her last name, hence the nickname.)

A word came to mind. Making me do something so shameful disturbed me, so I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t looking for trouble, but it felt unexpectedly good. Should I even bother to clean up?!

"No, I can't read the bird. By the way, I'm hungry. I would like beef noodles, so please bring them to me.” (Hitomi)

I thought of teasing her a bit and ended up stunned.

Hua Yi really did bring beef noodles. She brought them over to me and sat down in an empty spot.

How do I look? I have a pillow against my chest with both legs clamped around it and both hands holding the phone. My long, silvery-white hair is spread everywhere, with the quilt slipped down to my waist, revealing more than half of my body.

"You.... you really came?" I said with a frown. I narrow my eyes, staring at her and holding the pillow tightly.

She didn’t say anything, but she leaned over and touched my head, set down a bowl of hot beef noodles and left.

I don’t know how to feel about it, but I got another message on QQ.

"Hitomi, yesterday I talked to An Yi . He told me how difficult it’s been for you. I know if I tried to talk to you directly, you would probably be scared and keep your guard up. So, in order to protect you, I decided to use this way to allow you to slowly accept my ヾ? ≧?≦) o" (Hua Yi)                                                                                                                                               (TN: I have no idea whatヾ? ≧?≦) o  means, so if you know please let me know.)

Uh, I think she is misunderstanding something. Anyway, it’s no problem for me, so just let it go. First I need to deal with this bowl of delicious beef noodles. (? ∩ω∩ ')                                                                                                                                               (TN: Same here, but my editor thinks (? ∩ω∩ ') means sweating smile? I’m clueless here, so please enlighten me. )

While Hitomi is eating the noodles, Hua Yi is in the other room thinking about something.

Really, she did so many dirty things to me when she attacked me yesterday, but when she held me against her breasts, my small body was trembling. I only pretend to be a strong guy, but in the end I was helpless. I’m clearly a little girl, why am I clinging to being a boy so desperately? When I met her the first time, it was ridiculous to see her kneeling to pick up the 5 yuan coins. I’m so frustrated. She even said she wanted to protect me.

Lying in bed and eating a large bowl of noodles, Hitomi looks very happy, closing her eyes and rubbing her belly.

Although I don't really feel hunger, the feeling of being sated makes people feel happy.

I wipe my mouth and even though I’m not wearing any clothes; I leap down from the bed. You want to know why I’m so excited? Of course it's the new laptop in the right-hand drawer of my desk!!

When I got my laptop, my eyes lit up. This can’t possibly be the legendary high-end gaming notebook?! You’re asking how I knew? Can't you read the information booklet?

I unpack the laptop and boot it up. The next thing to do is to play a game! But I suddenly feel that playing games is too boring.

I thought about it and when I was a boy, I had nothing of my own. Playing games and YY became my everything. From a spiritual point of view, the huge wound in my heart has been gently soothed and is no longer bleeding. From a material point of view, my vector operation ability has determined that my life will never be ordinary.

So I really need to do something meaningful.

‘System, if I remember correctly, I still have five attribute points, right? Add them all to intellect!’

System… Master, I am adding points to the most appropriate attributes.

  Name: Hitomi

  Age: 13 (17) years old

  Sex: Female

  State: Bored

  Strength: 1

  Intelligence: 20

  Agility: 5

  Constitution: 5

  Ability: Vector operation - Current conversion ratio 60% (Upgradeable)

‘You… Why didn't you add my points where I wanted? Aren't you my system? Why would you disobey me?’

Right now, I’m surprised. After all, this is just too illogical.

System… Master should increase their agility. After all the other direction defined by master is not offensive, but a physical law path. In order to be able to fight and survive, master must have enough agility.

‘Well, you do have a point, but why do I have to fight.’

System… Based on a one-way message from the Lord of Light, in the next few years, the earth may change dramatically and God is looking for a superior pet for you. So please prepare for it in advance.

‘Well, I don’t care! There’s the lottery! I’m waiting for the consecutive draws. I’ve always heard that the prizes are better for consecutive draws.’

Hey... How much spare time do I have now? I can't go to school, can I?

System… Master, may I make a suggestion?

 ‘Oh, what is the suggestion?’

When I heard that I became interested. After all, I’m very bored now.

System… Master can be an internet host!

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