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“Hua Yi Yin? Are you talking about that r.e.t.a.r.ded flower who is currently in the military area? If it was that kid's little pet, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. That guy is so short tempered, if he knew that I took his pet, he would come after me with a reinforced battalion. Thanks brother!” (Zheng Yu)

     (TN: Remember Hua means flower in English.)

As he said that, he raised his hand.

“Uh, you’ve misunderstood. I'm talking about his sister Wei.” (Yi)

Right now, An Yi, is more than a little helpless. I knew that he (Zheng Yu) was a Lolicon and was out of line, but he was someone who is also talented! Although, he did not want to see her (Hitomi) tempted by such a pervert, but Yi also didn’t want to destroy their friendship.

“Huh? Is that his sister? Then I won’t take away the love of people. Dude, since you have nothing to do with her, I'm going to take off, bye.” (Zheng Yu)

Finished, Zheng Yu waited for Yi to speak then turned to go. While Yi was confused with the decision concerning Hitomi, he heard a faint voice from the direction Zheng Yu walked.

“Bring my DSLR to the elevator. No time? Don’t throw it all away. What for? Too see the lilies!” (Zheng Yu)

     (TN: Lily or Lilies also means Yuri i.e. Girl Love.)

Yi shook his head helplessly after hearing that.

     ===== Is. .h.i.tomi asleep? ======


“Hitomi, are you asleep?” (Wei)

The door was gently pushed open with a loud squeak. There was no trace of the girl she was looking for within sight. Perhaps she knew something, so she walked straight to the bed and removed the quilt.

She saw the small face of Hiromi.  She’s laying her face on a pillow, but her face didn’t show a happy expression. On the contrary, it showed sadness and a trace of uneasiness.

With the quilt gone, the perfect curves, which should’ve been completely revealed, were not seen. Only showing a pillow squeezed gently into the small garden of her chest and the slender legs that wrapped around it.

Hitomi seems to feel a hint of coolness. She holds the pillow a bit tighter and buries her face deeper into the pillow.

Wei, after seeing this, maybe on a whim or maybe even intentionally; took off her panties beside the bed and removed the extra pillows, intending to hold Hitomi.

But to her astonishment, the pillow, which she had thought could easily be pulled away from Hitomi, couldn’t be taken from her arms and was instead held more and more tightly.

Forget it, it's not going to work, is it?

She thought about it, then got under the quilt with Hitomi. They are in the strange position of her holding Hitomi and the pillow.

This way, under the blanket, she surrounded Hitomi. It wasn’t long before Hitomi, like a kitten to milk, released the pillow and curled up into the b.r.e.a.s.t.s of Wei. Her face drilling between them, until she found a comfortable position.

She truly feels the softness and weakness of Hitomi’s body. The feeling of the girl in her arms is really like holding a cat, which had been wandering for a long time. Fragile. She reached out to touch Hitomi’s head, but her silky hair doesn’t bring the usual comfort.

“Hey.” (Wei)

The girl in her arms slowly opened her eyes and looked confused. This combination made her even more sweet and charming.

“Uh, I'm sorry to disturb you, you just rest.” (Wei)

That being said, she is holding Hitomi tightly, afraid to miss this time not knowing when a chance to be so close will come again.

“Well, this, what the h.e.l.l is this?” (Hitomi)

Hitomi dazedly reached for the soft things in front of her.

So soft, warm, and resilient.

This was. .h.i.tomi’s mind at the moment, but next is sobering.

“You, you shameless woman, get out of here!” (Hitomi)

Hitomi completely understood her current situation. Hitomi’s hands were tangled up within her arms and upper body was tightly snuggled to her chest. The soft touch on her body couldn’t help but stimulate her own blood; Wei had one leg caught with hers and the other leg was pressed against her sensitive place, so she couldn’t act rashly.

I, I'm a man! Why would…

Hitomi’s breath is blocked by the proud twin peaks. Her face flushed and finding it hard to breathe. Although, there are other reasons for being flushed.

“Quickly. Let go of me. Well.” (Hitomi)

“No, it isn’t very easy to find a chance to be together. How can I let this opportunity go?” (Wei)

Wei smiled. She also felt Hitomi struggle powerlessly, but the struggle is giving rise to the impulse to slightly bully her.

“Not unless you beg me.” (Wei)

As she spoke, she took her hand from Hitomi’s back and gently rubbed between her legs.

“I'm not begging! You let me go!” (Hitomi)

She can feel the little cat struggling harder, but all her efforts have no result.

“Then you're ready to take the punishment?” (Wei)

While talking, she continued to play with Hitomi’s sensitive body, but this time she went even further.

“I, I, Ah. Please let me go.” (Hitomi)

Her voice held a trace of whimper, as if she would cry soon.

In fact, she’s already crying. It isn’t that she’s not strong enough, but she found herself incapable of even guarding her own small dream of an ability to protect herself. She is just sad, after all, when people are depressed, it’s very easy to become fragile.

System… Unable to use vector operation. Your mind is in too much disarray. If you do, you'll hurt her with your power.

The moment Wei heard Hitomi begin sobbing and stop resisting, she stopped restraining her. However, even without restraint she had no will to resist.

“You, are you okay?” (Wei)

Wei asked tentatively, she seems to have noticed the seriousness of the matter (in fact, not serious). Even a strong child, a child who has to face death, can see just how serious the problem is. This is not a pretense, but acceptance of their fate. It's not the way it works out, but it is life. By now, she didn’t believe it was nothing.

Originally, I wanted to be a warm guardian to this child. I didn't expect it to be counterproductive.

It's not my fault! The reason is because Hitomi is so cute!

     (AN: Huh?)

She immediately dismissed the idea, sat up, and picked up Hitomi. Hitomi sat silently in her arms.

She was afraid to see Hitomi’s eyes. Hitomi’s eyes always have a trace of sadness in them. Now she’s afraid to see that heartbreaking look not knowing why.

How can this be?

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