I, Who had Arrived in Another World, Will Live As I Like With My Hypnosis Ability (The Girls who will become Lewd Female Toilets) Chapter 25

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Episode 25: Straight-Laced Glasses-Girl Class President

Hello. Having performed quite the blunder last time, this is Hashima Kouji AKA Kou-chan.
After that, I thanked Sphia for taking care of the henchmen before taking a look at the devastation that I had left behind.
The academy’s walls were destroyed, and the barrier raised over the training field was destroyed, causing the water to spill over.
As expected, it seems as though I overdid it. A knight squadron came and began an investigation, but because there wasn’t anyone else but those guys in the SS class that could do such a thing, the missing Fin was suspected and seems to have been placed on the wanted list.
Although it would seem as though Fin’s father would annul this with his financial power, it appears that he, instead, actually made the request for Fin’s investigation.
Well, since I don’t have any intention of returning her, I stopped caring.
Now then, because the Student Council’s members had mysteriously disappeared, the academy was at a loss and was almost going to close temporarily, but the guardians and parents seem to have stopped this so I’m making my way to school as usual.
Naturally, since this is me we are talking about, I was unrestrainedly continuing my search for more prey.
The one who caught my eye at that time was the president of my class that was referred to as a fortress, a girl called Mia. With a set of glasses, her red hair styled in a french braid, and her perfectly organised attire, she was a girl screamed with the atmosphere of *The Class President*.
Although it was well-hidden and wrapped with a cotton sarashi, one could tell that her breasts were extremely gigantic.

It was the always indecent class president that Meiru and Rio often spoke of.
This was a conversation we had whilst I was acting as Meiru’s partner.

“Darling, are you gonna target Mia?”

“Hm? That’s the plan, but?”

“That girl’s a pervert, so I think it’d be pretty easy?”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. Sometimes I see her masturbating on darling’s desk.”

“!!? That’s surprising. To think that such a thing was done to my desk-”

“Huuuuuuh? Darling, didn’t you notice? Darling’s desk is one of the top-class masturbation spots amongst the girls, you know?”

“Don’t tell me, even Meiru?”


“Geez, you’ve turned into such an erotic girl.”

“Eeeh? But Ran-chan, Sphia, Aina, and even Celica do it too! There’s also times when Rio and I use it together! Besides, the one who made me like this was darling, right?”

Ah, it’s here, it’s here. With a series of shocking remarks, I found out that the majority of my class uses my desk to masturbate.
Could it be that I’m actually popular?

“Since darling is cool, gentle, good at studies, and also not a noble, everyone’s aiming for you.
Even if you do things normally, you should be able to conquer everyone.”

Meiru glued herself to me, who had been dumbfounded due to the unbelievable remarks.
Her rabbit ears were moving very quickly.

“So you can also make that kind of facing, darling♡ Darling, I can’t bear it anymore♡ Can I lick darling’s penis?”

“Yeah, sure. Lick it for me.”

“Ahn♡ Darling, amazing♡ It’s immediately gotten hard♡ A lot of your held back juices are coming out♡ Darling’s so pervy♡”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t be aroused after being sought out by my cute meat toilet.”

“Darling♡ It’s so big and stiff! Your held back juices are really tasty, you know~♡ If my pussy is pierced by this big penis, it’s only natural that I’d faint every time.
But it’s also a shame that I can’t satisfy darling all by myself~”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m just glad simply from cute meat toilets like you wanting me.”

“As I thought, Darling is really kind♡ I love, love, love, love, looooove you♡ Aaah♡ Lots and lots are coming out! I’ll suck it, okay♡”

Whilst lovingly looking at the overflowing, held back juices, Meiru used her small face and tongue to slurp, lick, and suck it up.

“Darling♡ Does it feel good? This time, I’ll put it in my mouth, okay♡”

“Yeah, it feels good. My son is being licked with your cute face, and you’re precisely licking the places that feel good.”

“Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Nngh, bah! I practiced with everyone, you know! Since I want to please darling, all I’ve been doing is studying pervy things♡”

“Your ears, *twitching* as they move, are really cute~~”

I began to pet Meiru’s fluffy ears.

“Aahn♡ Darling, my ears are weak, so pet them gently, okay♡”

“Then, fuuuuuuuhh, what if I blow on your ears?”

“Yahn♡ Geez, even though I already said that they’re weak~♡
If you do that, then even I–ahm♡”

“Uwoh!! Uugh, that feels good!”

“Nngh, nggh, nngh, nngh♡ *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*——–”

To think that she’d go so far as to give me a vacuum blowjob. Her Hyottoko Face is cute~.

“Ugh, I’m cumming. I’m gonna release a huge load inside your mouth.”

“*sluuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrppp* *sluuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrppp* nngh♡ Nnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhh♡”

“*splut* *spurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtleurtle*”

A large amount of sperm rampaged inside of Meiru’s mouth.
As I thought, it wouldn’t fit inside of her small mouth, and so ended up spilling from the edges of her lips.

“Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Aaaaaaaahhhn♡”

Showing me the semen inside her mouth, she drank it all up with a *gulp*.

“After drinking Darling’s semen, I’ve started to want it♡
Please put your penis inside of my lewd pussy, darling♡”

Meiru removed her skirt-like clothing and panties, spreading her pussy wide with both hands as she invited me.
Meiru’s white tail, shaking with a *flutter*, was quite cute.
I soon recovered, placing myself against Meiru’s erotic pussy before penetrating it with one stroke.

“Nngh♡ It feels good♡ Darling’s penis♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ It feels good♡ Thrust inside me more while making that *squelch* *squelch* sound! Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Oh no, it feels so good~♡ It’s so thick, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhnn♡ Kiss me, darling♡
Ahn♡ Hey, I told you not to touch my ears, ahn♡ No, I’m cumming—–♡”

“I’m cumming. I’m gonna pour lots inside of you, Meiru.”

The moment I smashed against the depths of her vagina with a *thud*, I spewed out my desires.

“Nngh, aaaaahhh♡ It’s heeeeerrreee♡ Spurtle spurtle, spurtle spurtle! Deep inside of me, lots–lots of it is coming~~~♡”

At that time, the chime suddenly rang. I hid myself upon seeing someone talking to Mieru. Watching from the shadows, I saw—-no way!!? Isn’t that the class president: Mia who we were talking about just earlier?
Thinking that this was a chance to get up to some mischief, I used my Transparency skill, touching Meiru’s butt as she was talking while thrusting my dick into her ass.
(Because we had done it up until just a while ago, Meiru’s clad in light clothing with only her shirt and panties.)

“Meiru-san, you forgot to submit your documents again. Please do it properly. Whether it’s Rio-san or yourself, how come you’ve become this negligent?”


“Are you listening to me, Meiru-san?”

“Yeeees♡ What is it♡”

“I’m telling you to pull yourself together.”

“Yeeeeesh♡ I-I under-stand♡”

“You, your face is red. Do you have a fever?”

“No♡ I-I’m fine♡”

“Is that so. I think you should lie down just in case, though.”

Saying this, Mia left.

“Darling♡ You’re terrible~♡ Even though I was talking to Mia, you suddenly put it inside me♡”

“After seeing your cute underwear, I just wanted to do it.”

“Geez, darling’s such a perv♡”

“Yeah, thanks. Thanks to you, I’ve decided how I’m gonna violate her.”

Mia Perspective

I am called Mia.
I like Kou-kun.
I first met Kou-kun during the academy’s entrance ceremony.
I was too agitated about whether or not I would do well at this academy, causing me to almost trip when he supported me from behind.
I gave him my thanks, but he-

“Are you injured? You seem kinda nervous. Since you’re one of the precious, beautiful woman here, I think everyone would find it easier to talk to you if you were more relaxed.”

With this, I began to take interest in his dazzling attitude.
Looking at him, I thought that it he was clearly hiding his true abilities. As for why he was hiding his ability, I believe that it is a part of his character.
I found that he was a person who found a lot of things quite troublesome.
However, on the other hand, I found that he was very kind.
This is a story about what happened one time after school. A teacher asked me to carry teaching materials for the class.
It wasn’t really that heavy, but he came and said that he would carry it before taking it off my hands.
After that, I became even more captivated by him.
I always put too much enthusiasm into things, resulting in not being able to make things work out well. He is able to do what I cannot. I believe that I want to be like him one day.
However, there is only one part about him that’s bad.
I noticed this when I was observing him.
He is an extreme pervert.
From memory, he was always looking at my chest. He also looked at many of the other girl’s chests, as well as trying to sneak a peek at their panties.
Because I don’t want him to be stolen from me, I always dress myself up.
I’m wary of Meiru-san and Rio-san.
He’ll probably lust over them after seeing that. Please don’t be tempted.
There was a time where I made a mistake. Upon trying to enter the classroom after school, I heard a perverted voice, causing me to instantly close the door, opening it slightly as I peeked inside.
There, the figure of a girl from our class could be seen, her body still stuck to his desk as she masturbated.
She seemed to have came countless times, as his desk was completely soaked.
After a while, she cleaned up after herself and left.
I couldn’t allow the scent of a girl other than myself to cling onto his desk.
Copying the girl before me, I began to masturbate.

“Ahn♡ Kou-kun, I love you♡ You might hate a stubborn person like me, but-! Kou-kun’s perverted gaze♡ There’s so much about you that I’ve become interested in that I’m hopelessly in love with you♡ You might have a girlfriend already, but please do pervy things with me too♡
I can’t bear it anymore.
I want to do pervy things while being watched by your pervy gaze! Jealous—I might become jealous of others, but please make me your girlfriend♡
Ahn♡ This feels soo gooood♡ I’m gonna get addicted♡ I love you! Please do lots and lots of pervy things to me♡”

My fingers wouldn’t stop. My chest was also laid bare, and my panties were also removed.
As though I were craving for pleasure, my right finger steadily made obscene, *squelching* sounds. My left hand groped my bare chest.
I ended up becoming addicted to this. Just at the thought of him, I always come by to do this.
After a certain day, I felt the sensation of my butt constantly being touched, but there wasn’t anyone around.
Whether it be during class or while I’m in the toilet, mysterious hands with erotic movements would steadily continue to touch my chest and butt.
My body was steadily being developed. Having been made to be able to cum anywhere, I entrusted everything to these hands.
However, after a certain day, the mysterious hands stopped developing me.
Because I was no longer able to live without pleasure, I was in a state where I was no longer able to exercise patience.
For me, who was no longer able to endure, I called him out to an empty classroom.

“Did you need something? Class President?”

“Well you see, Kou-kun. I want you to hold me…”

Saying this, I took off all my clothes.

“I can’t bear it anymore! I’ll do whatever you want, and you can use me whenever you please! It’s fine to just hold me even if you already have a girlfriend so, please? Hold me♡”

“Are you sure, Class President?”

“Not Class President. Call me Mia♡”

“Are you sure it’s fine, Mia?”

“Ahn♡ It’s fine! I want to be held by you!”

“Got it. Come here.”

He granted my request.
I’m so happy. I’m already melting.
He rubbed my chest. These hand movements are-!!?

“It was you…the one who touched and developed me…tell me the truth.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It was me.”

“I see…I’m glad♡”

“Is that ok?”

“Yup♡ It just means that I’m already useless without you♡”

He’s melted me. I’m already his, after all.

“Ahn♡ It’s so big♡ You were also big when you were touching my chest and butt♡ I’m so glad♡ Can I touch it?”

“Sure thing. Touch it.”

Obtaining his approval, I grabbed the big penis.

“Mia, touch it a little more gently.”

“Ah! Sorry! Gently, gently.”

His member was really big, its size having to be contained with both of my hands.
As I gently touching it, his penis began to grow bigger.

“Uugh! I’m cumming! I’m gonna cover your glasses!”


With a *splash*, white liquid jumped out from his penis.
It covered my face.
The smell was like the scent of squid, and the taste was slightly bitter, yet made my chest hurt.
Understanding that this was semen, I became happy at the fact that I made him feel good and cum as my lower abdomen tightened up.

“Kou-kun, please touch my pussy♡”

“Then Mia will use your breasts to squeeze and lick my member.”

Just like he told me to, I sandwiched his penis before taking it into my mouth.


I was surprised. He stretched his tongue and licked my pussy.
I was drowning in indescribably pleasure.
Although I tried hard to sandwich and lick him, I ended up letting go due to the pleasure.

“Ahn♡ Oh no♡ I’m cumming♡ Kou-kun! It’s coming! It’s coming! Aaaaaaaahh♡”

As a *spit* *squirt* sound echoed, I collapsed.
My heart was filled upon being held by him.
And so, at long last, the time for my purity to disappear has come.
In front of him, I become honest. After all, there is no need to lie in front of him.

“Kou-kun, please put it in~♡ I can’t hold back anymore♡”

Kou-kun’s penis was hitting my pussy. Having waited for this forever, my pussy accepted Kou-kun’s penis.
Hearing a *snap* sound, I felt a lot of pain. However, rather than focus on such a thing, I was deeply moved by the fact that I accepted Kou-kun inside of me.

“Kou-kun, it hurts but it feels good. Am I strange?”

“You’re not strange at all. You’re cute, Mia.”

“Ahn♡ Please move~♡ I’m already fine, so♡ Please move~♡”

Every time his penis moved, something other than his member was pulled out from inside of me.
I can’t go back anymore.

“Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ It’s so rough~♡ I can’t get enough of this pleasure~♡
Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ Kou-kun♡ I’m cumming, okay♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡ Cumming~~♡”

“I’m also gonna cum. I’m gonna cream pie inside of the erotic class president!”

“Come~~ Cum inside this lewd class president~~♡”

*spurt* *spurtleurtleurtleurtle* *spuuuuurt* *spluuuurt* *spurtleurtleurtleurtle*


My insides turned pure white, my body losing strength as I grew absentminded.
After that, we ended up having sex until morning. Whilst rubbing my sleepy eyes, I put on the mask known as the strict class president in the classroom once again.
The next day, upon asking how many girlfriends he had, he spoke of a surprising number.
Understanding that I should have revealed my feelings to him earlier, I ended up becoming jealous.
However, it’s ok. Because I found a place where I belong, after all.

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