I, Who had Arrived in Another World, Will Live As I Like With My Hypnosis Ability (The Girls who will become Lewd Female Toilets) Chapter 26

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Episode 26: The Corroded Class 1

Author Note:
This is from Angelica-san’s perspective.
There is depiction of futanari (hermaphrodite).

I am called Angelica.
This time, I will show you my tedious, ordinary daily life.
I am in Class 1A of Royal St. Lionel Academy.
In any case, I was thinking that I’d like to talk about my day from morning until night time.
Because I slept late last night, I woke up in the morning 2 hours before the time school starts. This is bad.

“If I don’t do it quickly, I’m gonna be late.
Get up, Sex Sleeve.”

This is my Sex Sleeve. All of the futanari members of the class were given one.
Although the drawback of this sex sleeve is that it doesn’t spurt out enough semen, it feels good so I use it.
I’m pretty sure the name of this sex sleeve was Shin or something, but right now, they’re my sex sleeve.
Because I can’t go to school without using this and letting a load out every day, I have to properly take the time to wake up early. However, I was so engrossed in masturbating yesterday that I forgot the time and ended up going to bed late.
For the time being, since this sex sleeve didn’t wake up, I placed my female-cock inside of my anal sex sleeve.
My anal sex sleeve greedily devoured my female-cock.
Suddenly, semen came out of a dick several times smaller than my female-cock, dirtying the floor.

“This premature ejaculator! Why are you soiling the floor! Come on! Make your dick bigger like Kou-kun!”

“Ah♡ It’s no good♡ Please don’t stab my ass-pussy, Angelica-sama♡”

“Why are you enjoying yourself? Even though you’re my sex sleeve!”

“I’m soooorryyyy♡ I’m sorry that my short dick ejaculates prematurelyyyyy♡”

Geez, such a complete masochist has become my sex sleeve.
To think that this guy with a short dick used to be my boyfriend is laughable.
Huh? Boyfriend? Even though I’ve never had one?
Geez, even though the only good thing about this sex sleeve is his ass-pussy, he’s probably always been a sex sleeve.

“Hah~ Meiru-chan and Rio-chan have it so niice.
It seems that Kou-kun pierces them a lot.”

Really, there’s nothing good here, huh.

“Huh!? Oh no, there’s only an hour left. Since it’s come to this, then I guess I’ll have to go without breakfast. Hey, tighten up your ass-pussy! If I don’t put one out soon, I’ll be late!”

Beating my sex sleeve’s ass with all my strength, he tightened up.

“Hihn♡ I’m sorryy♡ I’ll close it up~♡”

“Yes! It’s coming out! Ugh, I’m cumming!”

*spurt* *spurt* *spuurt*
Female-fluids came out of my female-dick. With this, I can go to school.
Come on, we’re going. Placing the lead on my sex sleeve’s collar, I exited the dorm.
Because the sex sleeve was basically only allowed to walk on four legs, it took a considerable amount of time.

“Too slow! I’m leaving you behind.”

While bow-legged and spewing out the semen with a *spurt*, the sex sleeve came to me on 4 legs. However, because he was too slow, I left him behind.
Somehow, I managed to arrive just in time.
Even though the walk from the dorm should take less than 10 minutes, I always just barely make it in time.
I opened the door of Class 1A.

“Ah! Angelica-san left her sex sleeve behind. The penalty for this is to perform a hip-shaking dance.”

Ah, that’s right. There’s a hip-shaking dance penalty for leaving behind one’s sex sleeve.
I stood up in front of everyone in the class, removing my panties and rubbing my female-dick whilst performing the hip-shaking dance.

“Ah♡ I’m being watched♡ Everyone’s seeing my female-dick getting bigger! I need to hurry up and cum♡ Ah♡ My female-dick is cumming♡ I’m cuummiiiing♡”

*spurt* *spurt*

Lots of female juices came out of my female-dick.
Because the teacher came, the morning meeting started.

“Now then, I’ll be taking attendance.”

The teacher spoke several names. In response, all of us answered with the number of times we masturbated yesterday.


“Yes, using my sex sleeve, I did it 12 times at night and once this morning for a total of 13 times.”

“Next is Rio-san.”

“Yes. I did not masturbate and was messily fucked by Kou-kun. I came over 20 times♡”

“Uwaahh! Amazing! Sooo lucky! I have to get a boyfriend with a big cock and have him do it with me!”

“I envy you♡ Even though I only came 10 times! Even though Kou-kun said he was busy and wouldn’t do me!
Kou-kun, please make me cum lots later, ok♡”

Both the teacher and Rio-chan are Kou-kun’s meat-toilets.
Right now, Kou-kun was having sex with Meiru-chan so I’m quite jealous of her.
With the attendance done, it was decided that the first period would be physical education.
We changed into our gym uniform. The uniform featured a T-shirt♡ with the chest area empty and a set of bloomers.
First was the breast development exercise.
Using the sex sleeve, we would see how many times we could make the sex sleeve’s small dicks cum with our breasts.
As expected, Kou-kun and the meat-toilet group are at the top.
The amount of Kou-kun’s ejaculation was staggering, so we were defeated.
Rio-chan, Sphia-chan, Class President Mia, Ran-chan, Aina-chan, Teacher Lucia, and Meiru-chan had all collapsed.
It seemed that there was so much that everyone grew exhausted due to the heat.
Having also reached my limit, I poured out a lot into my sex sleeve, Shin’s ass who was late and had finally arrived.
*spuuurt* *spurt* *spurt* *spuuuurt*
I let out a lot more than usual.
Currently, Shin’s penis was tied up as a punishment for being late. In a state where he couldn’t unleash his sperm, two rotor-san’s were attached to him. Both of them on the weak setting so that he couldn’t cum.
Because of my female-dick’s ejaculation, the sex sleeve Shin’s short cock twitched and moved as though it had came. He desperately shook his hips, but because his cock was tied up, he couldn’t cum and so his dick just shook around.

“The meat-toilet group are at the top again.”

“It’s too envious, isn’t it~♡”

“Come on, sex sleeve. Do your best~”

A lot of heckling flew around during the lesson.
The second period was national language.
In national language class, we would increase the ways in which we could satisfy the boys and futanaris, and properly put into actual practice what we learned in the text book about the jargon and behaviour that would make boys cum.

“Ok. Textbook page 56. Keita looked at me with longing.”

“At this time, what would you do?”


“Ok, Angelica-san.”

“I would show my breasts and let him suck it.”

“Hmm, too bad, but that’s not right.”


“Yes, Aina-san.”

“First, I would call out to him, skillfully inviting him with words and bring him into a room before taking out my breasts and seducing him.”

“That’s correct.”

“Since we must make Keita-kun feel as good as possible, it is important to properly secure the location.
If someone is having sex, then you need to follow up properly and allow them to use you as well.”

“As expected of Aina-san~”

“Yup. She’s really different from us virgins~”


“What is it? Angelica-san?”

“Since I’ve gotten erect, I’d like to use a virgin, but-?”

“Understood. Hmm, Renko-chan was a virgin, right?
Let’s have you treat Angelica-san’s sexual desire.”


“Now, everyone. Let’s follow up on Renko-chan and Angelica-san’s sex, ok.”

I’m pretty sure Renko-chan had plump, big breasts, right?
I’m starting to get aroused.

“Please take care of me, Angelica-san♡”

“Ok. Please make me feel as good as possible.”

“Then first I’ll start with a blowjob♡”

*slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *lick* *lick*

“It’s a big female-dick♡ Angelica-san♡ Angelica-san’s female-dick is filling up my mouth♡”

While filling her cheeks and chewing on my female-dick with her meaty lips, she spoke, trying to arouse me.
Her blow job was sticky and felt quite good so I soon came.
*spluck* *spurt* *spurt*

“Ahn♡ A lot’s coming out♡ Angelica-san♡”

“Yup, I came a lot. Next, I’ll use those sloppy breasts.”

“Got it~♡”

“Ahn♡ Everyone, please help out! I’m gonna tease these sloppy boobs.”

Renko-chan sandwiched my female-dick and gave me a boob job.
Renko-chan’s boobs are quite big so my female-dick entered it completely.

“Ok, everyone. Make sure that, when giving a boob job, we properly look at our partner’s eyes as though we were begging them whilst firmly sandwiching their member.”

The teacher inserted commentary and emphasised her point as she watched us have sex.

“Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Renko-chan, I’m cumming! Ah! Cumming!!”

*spurt* *spurt* *spurt*
Once again, it came out of my female-dick.

“Then I’ll touch it, ok.”

After cumming, in order to loosen up her virgin pussy, I stimulated both her clitoris and the inner walls of her vagina, little by little so that her hymen wouldn’t tear.

“Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ It feels goood♡ Lick it! Please lick it~♡”

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *kiss* *smack* *smack* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*
Because Renko-chan’s pussy and my female-dick were completely soaked, everything had become completely prepared.

“Then I’ll put it in, ok. Nngh♡”

Whilst making a *slosh* *squelch* *snap* sound, blood from her defloration flowed out of Renko-chan’s pussy.

“It hurts! It really hurts~
Ah! No~ It hurts!”

“Since I believe that everyone will also feel pain at the start so lets enter inside of them after properly loosening them up.”


“Nngh♡ It’s kinda feeling better.”

“Then I’m going to move, ok?”

“Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Nngh♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Ahn♡ Something’s coming♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Aaaaaaaaaaahhh♡”

“Ugh♡ It’s tightening♡ Aaaahh♡”

*spurt* *spurt* *spurt* *spurt*
*Ding* *dong* *ding* *dong*

“Ok, second period if over. Next we have arithmetic, so please make the necessary preparations.”

My tedious everyday life isn’t over.

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