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Chapter 11
Chapter 11 ~ Outbreak of War

After finishing the rooftop (temporary) for the castle, I get down and check the building construction. 

The completed architecture is completely different from what originally planned. It’s not something which I can proudly show off to the other.

Japanese Castle were those type of building which was awarded as one of World Heritage Site. It’s not something that can be built on the spot with an ambiguous idea as a guide.

I secretly seal the idea of building it deep in my hearts, and one day, I’ll finish constructing it. I will never give up!

“This is not bad. The view from the top was also nice.”

“Where is the entrance, Masaru sama?”

“The rooftop.”

I’m the one who built this building from scratches, yet I intentionally didn’t create any entrance at the bottom. I’m afraid of the risk to get invaded if I don’t put the walls to surround us. There is still no door leading to inside. Creating a proper door is more time consuming than creating bunches of walls.

By making the entrance at the rooftop, the chance of invasion is low, unless if the invaders could fly through the sky.

But, what about Sati? The height if this tower is about 10 meters. She is capable of using Levitation, but I wonder if the height is too much?

“Sati, can you try climbing up to the rooftop?”


When she tried, as expected, it was impossible to go up with a single jump. But, by continuously supporting herself on the slight crease of the building, just like that she climbed to the top.

It thought she is going to have some difficulty, yet Sati masterfully shown her jumping prowess in front of me.

“That’s amazing, Sati!”

I shouted to Sati who is already at the rooftop from below.

“This time, I’m going to get down!”

“No, no, please wait!”

After a while, she begins preparing to jump. Afraid, I hurriedly stopped her in her tracks. I think she can do well, but honestly, I’m just scared.


I go up to the roof with Levitation and catch up with Sati.

“I think there is no problem for me to descend from here, maybe?”

Even the person herself said so.

“Here, when you get off, why don’t you try holding on me?”

Like that, Sati promised us not to jump down.

Let’s make a proper entrance tomorrow.



For the time being, I finished up the interior part for bedroom and bathroom. We included bedding as one of the equipment for travelling so there is no problem sleeping for today.

My plan is to use it during this winter sojourn and afterwards, I don’t exactly have any plan for it. In the end, I decided that this place should have a minimum of basic furniture and cooking utensil at the very least.

The fortress is full of traders. There is various type of shop there and I decided to give a tour tomorrow.

“Eh? You already built your own house? So, you are going to stay over there from now on?”

We went back to report it to Olba san.

“That’s right. Masaru built something awesome!”

Ellie proudly told Nania san of my feat creating the castle tower.

“Don’t you have any problem with your magic power?”

“Let’s see……I think there is no problem if I always take breaks in between.”

The building was big enough that my magic power is diminishing. However, there is still plenty of room to spare, plus, if I don’t have enough, I can always ask Ann to replenish mine.

The deforest-station was procee

ding smoothly while I was out building the house. The villagers were just preparing for lunch during another break.

In the meantime, I offered the Orc meats which I have stored inside my Item Box.

Truth is, I’m not joining the work for this evening. They are cutting down the trees and making them as firewood. Since we have relieved them of the hassle of moving the logs, there is no extra burden on them. But since they are providing us with food for lunch, it’s better for me to show my gratitude since they certainly has helped me settle in. Besides, although I don’t know for how long, I’ve built a house in the neighbourhood, so it’s natural to keep a friendly relation with them.

“My hometown is not actually a poor village, just that this year harvest is not that great.”

The rain shortage is a serious issues here as well. However, the river near here is abundant in the amount of water so it is said that there is no harm such as bad crop even in drought.

The work resume after lunch.

I want to contribute cutting off the trees too, but Olba san said that I should take a rest.

I’ve heard a lot that the recovery of magic power takes short time, but I wonder how is it in real time situation.

“What about that?”

“I think it’s better for you to recover while you still have time.”

When I asked Ellie, she mentioned that in the state of relaxation, the recovery rate for magic power is increased. A theory like that existed. But it’s just a theory at best. There are nothing to back it up yet.

Normal person are unable to quantify their magic power. The only way they can confirm it is by experience.

Well, since I’m not well-versed in this subject myself, I think it’s the best for me not to pursue it that much.

“There is still time.”


Tilika nodded in agreement.

Sati is together with Ann while Ellie is helping out with the de-forestation. Only Sati is left alone with me.

In truth, Tilika is not actually that busy. We’re both working together.

Right now, Hawk is flying around doing reconnaissance work. Once a demon is detected, they are to be exterminated in an instance.

Alone, I tried to think about making a well, thought I don’t have much idea about it.

If I don’t build one as soon after I dig out water, the water will be unusable since it will becomes muddy real fast.

Maybe I should make a building for it too. It’s fun to have meal outdoor, but currently we are in midwinter. Too cold.

A decent kitchen and dining room are good enough. There is no need for overcomplicated structure. I’d like it to be a big one so that it can accommodate more people.

This place also have water well alongside dining room. I made it indoor while I was building wall earlier this morning. I made it on my own, I hope they won’t demolish it if it happens to get in the way.

My magic power continue to recovers naturally. In order to reduce the wastage in my usage, I’m making the wall thinner. If the amount of soil used is small, only small amount of magic power will be consumed. Since I’m going to live inside the tower that I built today, I made the wall thick to ensure it’s sturdiness.

“It’s still cold.”

Tilika murmured. I entered the dining hall which I have just built. The temperature is the same as outside.

“Okay, okay. Lets put up a fire.”

I made a hearth on the wall with Earth Magic. Should I build three?

I take out firewoods from my Item Box and light up the furnace. I boil up water and brew the Magi Tea. Time to warm up.

“How is the situation?”

“They are not very near.”

It’s hard for Hawk to discover enemies inside the forest since it is doing reconnaissance from the sky. But that is also a good news because there are at least no big flocks or gigantic enemy.

Cleaning the surrounding demons were done without a hassle. No, most of the works were done by Taiga alone……

Though, by letting Taiga did most of the work, the recovery of the prey is difficult, and we won’t receive any experience value.

While thinking about it and hugging Tilika in front of the fire, the door opened, and Olba san, Ann, Ellie and Sati come in.

“This, when did……”

Olba san was shocked. This is the first time Olba san witness a house built by me.

Aside from the furnace, there are also chair and desk, ready to be used. This set of furniture can be used by 40 people at once since I’m using the orphanage as reference.

“The weather is cold outside, so I tried making it as resting place as well.”

“It has a good atmosphere.”

Ellie is warming herself in front of the furnace.

“I want to request you to create farmland soon. Do you have enough magic power?”

“Yes. I’ve been resting, right now I have recovered.”

“Eh? Didn’t you just build all this just now?”

“Eh, yeah. This built doesn’t consume that much magic power though.”

“This is quite a grand building, so I thought that it requires lots of magic power.”

“I made the wall a little bit thinner to conserve magic power, it might not be much more durable than the desk.”

“Ah, is that so……”

The table is simply a rectangular shaped box, while the chair is a fixed long bench type. I just solidified the soil without strengthened it. This way, I’m capable of saving my magic power while cutting some time and labours.

“Then, let’s get going.”

“See you later. We’re going to take a break here.”

Ellie said without taking a look back.

Everyone gathered in front of the furnace and warmth themselves. None of them seems to have any slightest intention of coming together with me.

Yup. They have been working till just now. From just now, I’ve noticed while recovering my magic power. It is very cold outside.

“Got it. I’m going.”

Only Sati is following me. No matter what, she is always on my side……



Our works today are over, and finally we are going back to our house (tower).

With this, I finally grasp the extent of my ability, while the chief and Olba san both said that they will continue the development plan.

Somehow, my magic power is much more than he expected, so the chief is getting motivated.

As expected, Olba san is feeling bad for it, but Ellie assured him that everything is fine, and Ann supported her.

However, Olba san insisted that we’re only to help with the parts which he pointed only, and afterwards we are required to take a break. All the logging are to be done by his fellow villagers, the only part done by magic will be making of farmland, and building the walls since it is easier that way.

Well, it is more organised that way. There is a much more important facts though.

I’m on vacation, vacation!

This is the honeymoon which I’ve bern waiting for!

We are not going to be disturbed in this tower either.

Tomorrow, lets go to the fortress, and shop for some furnitures.

The interior decoration inside the tower is partly done, the walls and the basement too.

There are still many things need to be done, but everything can be finished by using magic. Hurrah, magic!

First of all, I’m going to build a bath. I made it twice the size of my rented house at Siory town. It can accommodate five people easily. Unfortunately, today I only get to enter with Tilika and Sati, but that is not too bad on it’s own way.

We almost never take a bath on our way here, so it’s been so long it feels like forever.

Wow, aren’t that fun!

Recently, I was a little overwhelmed. I was hunting all the way throughout our journey, and unleashing the Meteor.

Both Tilika and Sati are washing my body. in turn, I helped them washed theirs.

“The bath feels so nice!”

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

I hold Sati and slowly get into the bathtub. Sati is holding Tilika. It’s relaxing even though all three of us are stretching our legs out.

This is it, this. This is the thing that I wanted.

After taking our bath, we took our meals. Although the days aren’t night yet, I took both Sati and Tilika to the bedroom.

Today is Sati and Tilika days. This was decided by all four of them, but I don’t know much since for me I’m doing it continuously. Rather than a harem, it feels like I’m being shared by four people more. Though, I’m sure this is what a harem is.

After playing plenty of times with Tilika and Sati, when they are gone, visitors come. Although I said visitors, they are just Ellie and Ann. It’s quite rare for them to come visiting me this late at night.

“I wonder if this is a good time. That……I have something to talk with Masaru.”

Opening the doors slightly ajar, Ellie said so while squirming.

Ah, I get it. Did you took a peek using your Space Magic? Wa it impossible to endure anymore?

“I’m taking a bath to wash out this sweat. Do you want to join?”

However, I need to maintain my gentleman manners.

After I get the consent from the satisfied Sati and Tilika, I head to the bath together with Ellie.

Second round, start! I still have plenty of stamina and time left!



After having breakfast, we went shopping at the fortress. Today’s cultivation should start around noon. It is more efficient to do it after all the trees were cut sown.

The fortress is in a flying distance from our place. We are not going to go there many times, so the idea of placing the gate point ran through our head.

We arrived at the fort, and there we shopped for furniture and food ingredients. The shop is quite good, they have plenty of item, and were quite cheap too.

This fortress, although it was named as one, it actually resembles a commercial city more.

Although this place is near to the Demon Realm, directly adjacent to this fortress is the Elves Forest. They have made a treaty where the elves will handle all the Demons. The coalition is mutual defence, but for now, the human side benefits unilaterally. It can’t be helped since the Elven Forest is directly connected to the Demon Continent as well.

Of course, the fact that the Elves are taking care of defence, doesn’t means that the human side should take it lightly either, since we are also neighbouring the Demon Continent.

But, more importantly is our trade with the Elves. The Elves make an extremely working well medicine, as well as various other popular products.

“Ladies, how is it? Everything is personally crafted by the Elves!”

There are ten or so accessories in a case which were shown by a clerk at a certain shop. Even the works by amateurs look beautiful.

The lifespan of an elf is several times of a human. For human, usually the craftsmen will be undergone years of training or studying. Even so, it’s hard to imagine a beautiful thing will ever be created by them.

Even so, the beauty comes with steep price. Everyone desire was on display, but it’s clearly out of everyone’s reach.

The Elves themselves were a tourism focus. Most of the elves from the Elven Forest rarely goes out. The only exception is this fortress. Once in a while, the elves will come shopping or having a meal.

I’m looking forward to see the elves at the fortress, I can stay for days.

However, it seems that the elves are not here today.

Sati want to go sightseeing the Elven Forest, so that’s the thing that I can do at least.

We went to the forest side of the Elven Forest, but the gate is closed for the general public because we are off limit. We were told that the gate will only be opened occasionally when the elves coming out or the goods merchants passing through.

I was disappointed when I got called up by the security guards at the gate. There are many others who wants to see the forest. Most of them usually climb through the gate to take a tour.

The guard told me many other things as well.

As a matter of fact, we are prohibited from talking with the elves given if they did come by. We are only allowed to take a look at the from faraway. No staring. Only a quick peek.

Both the male and the females has a remarkable beauty. They are the everlasting youth race. They become a target for a few small group who is going after the elves.

Most of the case end up the human getting beat up by the elves who naturally has higher fighting power as a mage, but sometimes it develops into battle between the powerful. That is one if the reason as why many adventurers were attracted to come see the Elven Forest like us.

If troubles brew out and in turns the elves don’t come to the fortress anymore, it would be a terrible loss for the elves lovers. That is why I was forcefully to abide the unwritten laws. Guard san, are you one of those ‘lovers’……

Besides, it seems that they have a certain complex about theirs breast, so if possible, a fully matured human girl are not allowed in. They are a good climber. There are rumours saying that the inside of those elves tastes very sweet, though it remains unconfirmed.

Sati is delighted to hear the stories about the elves.

I bet the guards have many times to kill. All the gates open rarely, plus there are no monsters. I guess handling tourists like us is well within their jobs descriptions.

After the guards let us go, we went up the fortress walls. Right now, there are only us on the top.

There are only forests. Although there are roads extending from the gate, there are only forests extending to the end.

The Elven village is still further away from here, though it’s not like the place is visible from over here.

I was the first one to notice.

My Magic Sense level 5 were catching some sort of reaction. An enormous magic reaction is coming towards here from the Elven Forest.

Then, Sati noticed. A group of people are flying towards here. There are lots of them.

They are the Elves. I’m sure they are coming here for entertainment. Very lucky.

Alright boys, my body is ready.

Soon, the elves arrive at the front gate. There are about 50 of them. As expected from the elves race, they are always in the groups, plus their Fly ability is quite remarkable.

In the sense of their level of magic power, you can feel that each elf is emanating lots of magic power. Just when I’m admiring the ever-powerful elves, their clear voice echoes.

“The gate! Open the gate! Demons are invading from the Demon Continent! Prepare for the battle!”

The menus open without permission.

The quest tab is blinking.


【Quest: save the Elves!】


Due to the invasion of the Demons, the Elven Country are likely to fall.

Quickly go to the Elven Country and save them!

Rewards: 10 skill points for the whole party

Do you accept the quest? YES/ NO


There goes my fun vacation……

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