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Chapter 12
Chapter 12 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ① Encounter

“The gate! Open the gate! Demons are invading from the Demon Continent! Prepare for the battle!”

The situation inside the fortress quickly turned into a chaos after the elves announcement.

While the messenger ran, the gate was opened slowly.

*Kang**Kang**Kang*. A bell ringing sound can be heard for three times. Ringing a bell three times consecutively indicate an emergency.

“What if the Elf Country falls?”

Ellie uttered while looking at the elves who are waiting for the gate to open.

“Obviously next they will target this fort. And here it’s likely to fall as well.”

The Elf is a tribe specialize in magic. All elves are highly skilled in magic, and their reserve of magic power is several times higher compared to a man. Their country itself can be considered as a stronghold.

When they are done with that, I’m sure they will target this fortress next.

“Since the monsters are attacking, we need to be in high alert. Though, there is no way the elves are going to lose.”

I don’t know the exact population inside the Elf’s Country, but it’s considerably a powerful country given that there is a thousand of mages inside. That is at least tenfold of fighting forces compared to our time at Gorbas Fortress. It is confirmed by Ellie.

But isn’t it a little bad now?

The quest clearly said about it impending collapse……

There is no point looking at the elves forever. I turned to everyone to tell them about the new quest, when Sati leaked a small “ah.”.

An elf was descending atop the wall in front of me. I’m surprised at her sudden appearance and unable to react. She Fly?

She looks like the same age like Ellie. Attached on her head is a beautiful blonde twin tails. Her skin is as white as porcelain. Long ears. She is wearing a coat which is wrapped over her clothes. They are adorned with ornaments, which makes them looks like something from high grades. Next is a wing. Not a real one. They were magically produced.

While I was staring at her, the wing instantly disappeared.

“Onushi……identify yourself!”

Was I exposed!? Though, after thinking for a moment, there is no way she will ask this question if she has suspicion.

If that is the case, why did this miss elf appeared in front me, and throw me that kind of question?

Huge amount of magic power is gathered around this miss elf. At first, I thought the magic power came from the whole elf group, yet truth is this is hers one alone.

Furthermore, I’ve never seen anyone wearing magic power around their body before.

Magic power are usually emitted when we are chanting magic internally. Is this a special characteirstic of an elf? Or is it because I’ve raised my magic sense so I’m able to see it more clearly?

“I’m just your everyday adventurer……hey, how is the Elf’s Country status right now?”

The elf in front of me is strangely suspicious, but first of all I need to check the Elf’s Country condition first.

“The Elf’s Country is falling. I’m sorry, but we need to stop the Demons here.”

This is hopeless.

In the end, my vacation is ruined for sure. No, maybe if I repel their invasion now swiftly……

“No way, fall down!? How can the elves lose…”?

Ellie let out her voice, surprised.

“That is what I thought initially. Right now, it’s only a matter of time.”

“What exactly did happen?”

Ann asked calmly.

“Do you know about the anti-ma

gic metal?”

“The Efilt Bart ore. Last time I heard, it was not usable……”

Seems like Ellie knows about it. I can slightly guess what it was about due to its anti-magi name.

“People of our nation recognize the metal.”

Miss elf continues explaining it in details. When it came to a matter of this world I’m pretty much useless, so the one responsible is Ellie.

Anti-Magic Metal.

Just like the name, it’s a metal which impedes magic. Few hundred years ago, when it was first discovered, they caused a revolutionary method against magic, but in the end, it turns to be unusable.

First of all, it is soft for a metal standard. They can’t be used to make a sword, shield or armour.

Even if you make an armour with a considerable strong anti-magic metal, it is still not enough to halve the effect of the elementary class magic since it is not enough. It’s not possible for armour as well a shield. In addition, the mined amount is so small, they are hardly available.

Currently, they are made as decoration since they are easy to process and colourful.

“Those guys, they attached the anti-magic armour to cover the whole body of King of Earth Turtle which has about 100 meters length.”

It’s unsure whether because of the large amass of anti-magic material, or because of some special magic processing. All attack that came from the elves were scattered around the anti-magic material coated on the Earth Turtle.

Physical damage doesn’t hurt the Earth Turtle that much. Worse, the elf suck on anything other than magic.

“It is bad enough that we are forced to repetitively attack just to stop it.” pg. 158

The problem lies on their magic power. Once their magic power rock bottomed, they required much longer time, longer than a man to recover it back.

“For now, we’re hoping to buy some times by creating a pitfall.”

Not only it is huge, there are troops made of thousand accompanying it as well. However, no matter how, the elf still sends a messenger to us. Our fortress will easily succumb without help from the elves.

For those elves that has depleted their magic power, don’t say Earth Turtle, they don’t even have measure to fight against the Orc.

Now that the elves have lost magic power, the Demon Army starts charging.

Once the demons have overturned the Elf’s Country, it only takes a day or two for them to reach this fortress.

There is still plenty of times before the Earth Turtle reach here. The pitfalls have bought us some times, so first I’ll drop by at the Elf’s Country. She is carrying unnecessary luggage with her too, that’s why her flying speed is a bit slow.

“There is a way to defeat the Earth Turtle King. We need to concentrate our magic at one point, and break through the anti-magic metal. Our previous attack should have leave some mark on it.”

However, the Earth Turtle King is originally a defensive creature. It has a shell which is resistive with magic in the first place.

This is a 100-meter Earth Turtle King we are talking about. Defeating the ordinary one is hard enough.

During this miss girl escape, the country was already surrounded by the demons. The country will most likely fall before the elves are fully recovered.

“At the very least, some people managed to escape.”

But the problem remains.

Why is this elf coming all over here to explain the details of this emergency situation to random adventurers like us?

Supposedly, Ellie is the one listening and answering everything, but from just now the elf has been staring hopefully at me.

I have no idea, but there is no doubt that this is my first time meeting this elf……


Two knights come running from the stair. Both of them are also an elf.

“Ah, Patos and Titus. How is the negotiation?”

“The Adventurer Guild will issue an urgent request. The army of this country will spread the news around and mobilize as much troops as they can.”

“We have secured inn for today.”

The heavily armed knights, Patos and Titus answered. Are they twins or sisters? They look way too similar.

“Good work. Did you request help for our country as well?”

“We were told that they would like to consolidate the defence in this fortress first.”

“By golly! What about our treaty!?”

“It is already late for the elves. Even if they gather troops to help, the damage will be expanded.”

The elf side are entitled to request for relief from the fortress according to their treaty. But this miss elf who was called as princess are not receiving the aid.

“Princess, what about the people here?”

One of the knight turns to face over here.

“They are adventurers.”

“If you are an adventurer, it will do you best to go to the guild now. They will issue an emergency quest shortly.”

“I’m going to hire them as my own personal guards. I explained the situation to them for that reason.”

You still have much explanation to give……

“You are going to hire these adventurers as your escorts?”

“Time to return back.”

Just like that, she ushered everyone to return to the battlefield at her country. Rather, the time I received the quest is quite convenient, maybe I’ll check it first myself. Pg. 163


“There is no problem with going back. But now the situation has turned grave, so you should make your escape soon.”

“Our magic power is already depleted, right? Besides, this is too dangerous, Princess.”

I agree that this is dangerous too. But now that this has become a quest, I wonder if it’s okay to escape.

At the moment like this I would like to think that I’ve never seen the quest. But if this get exposed, I will get killed. Mainly by Ann.

Besides, it feels off to left the elves to their despair.

As for my wives who were uninformed about the quest, they all seems in lost on what to do. They can only witness the discussion between the princess and her knights.

“At this rate……at this rate all I can is to watch the country fall! My father, my mother, my brothers, they are all still fighting!”

“Well said! We will help you!”

Ellie is taking advantage on the atmosphere.

“Ooh, let’s do it!”

Ah, geez. Please don’t decide it by yourself……

I can understand Ellie’s feeling given how her father was slaughtered during a monster raid. They might get in the way so I don’t exactly have any problem with fighting them……

However, she doesn’t receive any objection from other member. I wonder if this is because everyone understands. Based on the story alone, the situation might be worse compared to the Gorbas Fortress.

“But why are you bringing back some of these adventurers along……”

“Can’t you fell it Titus, the amount of magic power this guy had.”

The Elf Princess points at me.

I see, my magic power.  The truth is my magic power is much more than a normal person. Like this, the fact that I’m an apostle is not exposed yet.

“Certainly, this guy magic power is far greater than the other human beings.”

“My spirit is making noise in response to this man magic power. This is strange.”

The elf named Titus is scrutinizing at me.

“For the time being, why don’t we go to the guild first? Aren’t they going to issue the emergency quest soon?”

Ann give a calm judgement.

But that is not good. The Elf Country is going to fall, it’s already been clearly stated that in the quest.

If we are going to join the emergency request and save the country alongside other adventurers, God knows how long that will take.

“Everyone, please wait a moment. Ah, forgive me. I hope Princess can wait, because I have something I would like to discuss with others first.”


We went to a location deserted with people, and bring all of our faces close together.

“Just now, I got a quest to save the Elf Country.”

“What did you say!”

Ellie leaked out a surprise voice.

“Your voice is too loud. What’s written is——”


【Quest: Save the Elves!】


Due to the invasion of the Demons, the Elf Country is likely to fall.

Quickly go to the Elf Country and save them!

Reward: 10 skill points for the whole party


“What to do?”

“This is good. 10 points.”

Ellie is motivated since beginning.

I believe that she is going to join the battles anyways even without the quest notification.

“This is a quest which is issued by the God Himself you know.”

This quest directly came from God. There is no way Ann is going to refuse.

“Let’s help the Elf Princess!”

Tilika nodded repeatedly while hearing it. I wonder if Sati likes the Elf Princess. It’s rare to hear her gives her own opinion.

“In an event when we fail then we will use the Gate to escape. There is no need to push ourselves too hard……”

This is the anti-magic metal which the elves themselves can’t handle we’re talking about. While I think that this is not absolutely impossible, I am not sure whether I have any chance beating it or not either.  Pg. 166

Truth is, if the emergency quest is issued, I’ll be forced to go for the defensive battle anyways. If I follow the princess now, I don’t think there is much difference.

“I’m a bit afraid. But, I’ll do it. Let’s prepare the gate in the meantime.”

I opened the quest window again and select YES.

“I accepted the quest.”

Let’s prepare for the worst first. I will finish this quest as soon as possible, and enjoy my remaining vacation.

“Listen. Safety first, make sure that none of you are injured.”

“Of course. We will gallantly save the elf, and become a living legend!”

“No, there is no need to get that far.”

Please seriously stop from trying to become a legend. I want to keep it under the rug this time. There is no way I’m going to risk my identity as an apostle.

“I’ve decided to use this chance to get out from B rank for good.”

“It’s certain that you will rank up to A rank once we successfully finish this mission. No problem.”

“No, that’s true but……”

“In the end, isn’t it harder to remain conspicuous, while defeating the Earth Turtle King and save the elves?”


This directly pierces at my weak spot.

“Then, then, we need to make a grand entrance defeating it. Like that, our ascension to A rank is guaranteed!”

“No, we’re guaranteed to get it. Defeating a humongous creature which can’t be stopped by the elves themselves? This definitely qualify as a pass for a rank up. Plus, how are the rewards? I don’t feel like repeating the same thing during our time with the locust invasion.”

“Well, talking about rewards, isn’t the quest giving one……”

“That’s right, this is an errand from God. If you request additional rewards, then you are getting punished for sure.”

Ann comes into agreement.

“Yeah, the rewards are fine. Thanks to Masaru, we’re able to pay off the debts.”

I can understand Ellie’s desire to be a hero, but doing gaudy things like this is very troublesome, and I don’t want to reduce my winter breaks.

“But they are issuing the emergency request, soon right?”

“That’s what they said.”

“If we secretly went with this Princess and slain the turtle behind everyone back, won’t they ask where we were? Plus, ditching an emergency quest is a felony!”

Wrong, it’s not considered as felony. Most are just fine or exclusion……

“I will report properly to the guild. Let’s ask them nicely. Just like that time with the locusts.”

“Then let’s do this. Princess situation is not a light matter, and the rest we will see. If you stand out in the end there is no helping it.”

Ann insist that the quest must be completed at all cost, and the important thing is that the Elf Country is saved.

“If you insisted, then……”

Let’s get down as quickly as possible to avoid others gaze.

“I’m fine either way. But think, no matter what you did, won’t you be flashing yourself anyway?”

When we go to meet the princess, we found that they are quarrelling.

“You lot, please tell this Princess too. Even though we’ve undergone a lot just to escape…….”

“If you want a successor, then leave it to my little brother! Speaking about the royalty lines, my elder brother is more suited to escape more!”

“That can’t be helped. Princess escape is only possible by everyone effort puts together. Not to mention, aren’t your magic power depleted already by now? How do you planned to get back? By running? Princess, you are bad with physical exertion, right?”

“I will be able to recover after resting for half a day!”

“Even if you manage to return back, what can you possibly do!?”

“Do you want to use Magic Recovery potion?”

Ellie gives a suggestion to the princess. I always buy them in case of emergency, they are now piling up.

“I still have my own magic power left. Only my spirit has depleted their magic. The Magic Recovery potion won’t work on a spirit.”

There are magic power enveloping the princess. So, they are the spirits.

Fly magic is not suitable for a long trip. As the number of people increases, both overall speed and cruising speed are reduced. Even if a person initiate Fly alone, a headache might occur due to exhaustion of magic power midway, and it was said that being left alone in a forest without magic power is a suicide.

According to the Princess, the spirit magic doesn’t have any weak point. Since they themselves are magical creatures, the headache won’t occur even after using magic continuously. Their magic power is not comparable with human, and even if theirs are exhausted, the user magic will be preserved.  Pg. 169

Aren’t they convenient, this spirit magic. Like this, there are actually two systems for magic reserve.

“If you have attained the highest level of Recovery Magic, then it’s possible to recover the spirit magic power as well……is there any shrine here?”

The Elf Princess inquires Ann.

“I can use it. Let’s restore it.”

“Ooh! So you can do it, Priest dono!”

“Wha, please wait a moment! Princess, once you go back, what did you planned to do? Do you have anything specific in plan?”  pg. 170

“I believe that this guy will be able to do something……somehow, that’s what I thought.”

The knight, Titus demand a plan from her, and afterwards the princess becomes less confident.

“What somehow!? Of course he wouldn’t! Even if they are S class adventurer, chances are they might die given the situation out there!”

S rank?

Are they talking about us?

“Hey……we are actually B rank adventurers……”

Eh? Is that so?”

The princess is looking at us, appalled.

“What S rank! Please say the right thing!”

“I sensed a great amount of magic from that guy……plus the priest has a high-level magic too, so…”

Apparently, the princess assumed that I’m an S rank because of my magic power, and tell it to Titus.

“You guys too! You are just a B rank, and yet you want to save us? Please don’t say things that you can’t do!”

What she is trying to imply, an S rank party is just that strong. Sometimes, the S rank adventurers has power to overturn the battlefield.

But we’re just mere B rank. For an elf who is an accomplished mage, the rank might sound a little bit dull.

“There is no problem! We can do it!”

Ellie assured Titus.

“S-see. Even these guys are saying that.”

“Please, I beg you. I don’t want Princess to sacrifice herself. The King and the Queen are going to share their fate along with others at our country. If even the Princess is roped along, that…….”

“Everything will be fine. We will escape through the gate once things have gotten dangerous. That’s right, we should be able to help the Elf King that way too.”

“You can use Gate? Titus, did you hear that. This way, it’s possible to save both Father and Mother! I know my spirits eyes have not gone mad yet!”

Looks like she mistaken us for an S rank and started talking without any plan in mind. However, she is correct for choosing us. I wonder if she was guided here by Itogami. By the looks like it, her actions are clearly influenced by the spirits.

“I-is that the truth……?”


“I swear to the truth with my eye.”

Tilika removed her hoods and unusually said her vows.

“That, she is a Truth Official? Then this is the truth……”

“Just leave everything to us.”

Titus turned her face to Ellie.

“Can you, can you really save the King?”

“Not only that! We will save the whole Elf Country! Masaru will knock down that Earth Turtle King!”

So, it’s me!

No choice then, I’ll have to do it.

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