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Volume 1 Chapter 1 To Another World Part 1 It was dark. The scent of a forest. The damp smell of fresh grass. I was soon aware that this was deep inside a forest. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see my surroundings, but surely there were trees this densely overgrown not that far from my place. Maybe this was a feeling that this was an open space in the middle of a forest. However, in front of me, I could see one humongous tree. The trunk that extended straight to the sky was amazingly imposing. Its form was tinted by faint lights, expressing an atmosphere of solemness that didn’t look real. But then, where am I? Why am I standing at this place?
「Who are thee?」(Mysterious Guy)   That surprised me. When I thought that I was just alone here, when I looked at my side, there stood an unknown man. He was so tall that the 160 cm me had to look up and strain my neck to see his face. He had long black hair…… Purple irises? I had never seen such charming eyes before. His excessively well-featured face was lacking any expression like a doll’s. He completely resembled a delicate bisque doll.[1] He was such a transcendental and handsome person, however, I didn’t feel anything. And then, those cold eyes were looking down at me, and suddenly his expression brightened.   「I see. So thee is……」(Mysterious Guy)   He extended his hand and touched my cheek. At that moment, my field of vision was once again enclosed by darkness.   ✦✧✦✧   When I recovered my consciousness, I was in an open field. I was sitting on the ground, grasping my own knees. My head was still hazy. It was like when you were just forcefully awakened after sleeping deeply. I felt that I had dreamed something, but I couldn’t remember what it was. It was bright and hot. There was a highway near me. In the front was a gently sloped hill ridge, while in the back, I could see a forest. The road that cut across in the middle of the open grassland was an unpaved dirt road. However, since I saw wheel tracks, there might be cars here. The wheel tracks were thin. I couldn’t see tire marks so perhaps it was a horse carriage. As far as my eyes could see, the scenery of Mother Nature extended infinitely. There were no signs of civilization like multi-floored buildings or electric cables. The sky was clear and vast. How many years has it been since the last time I saw the sight of a sky without being interrupted by buildings? Of course, there were also no jet contrails. Ah. No good. My head was still feeling numb. While still like being inside a dream and not reality, I slowly surveyed my surrounding. I was sitting on a grassland near a highway. The area surrounding me was covered by short grass that looked like clover. A tall grass with morning glory-like leaves was growing beside the highway. While I stared at it blankly and was thinking that a morning glory should be smaller, words appeared inside my mind. The words floated on a screen in front of me like a game window.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Agamena Herb[2] ― Haemostatic・Wound Medicine Drinking it as a decoction could restore small amount of HP 『Compounding』Potion Creation To create it, 『Compound』 Moses Herb[3] and Blue Dewherb[4] together with Ether ――――――――――――――――   Eh? What is this? Unconsciously I tried to touch it, however, my hand didn’t feel anything. It seemed that the words were floating in the empty air. What? What is happening? Potion, is that the magic medicine? Ether is that MP recovery thingy? Have I accidentally wandered into a game world? Or rather, was I transported to another world? Nononono, no way. I am a college student and have otaku traits. My workplace has been decided and my graduation day is near. That is me, Kanzaki神崎 Misuzu美鈴. I like novels regardless of genre, I also really like games. Since I am useless in shooting type games, I mostly played RPGs. Recently, novels about transported into another world are my favorite, so I read them a lot. But even so, I couldn’t easily believe my current situation, right? Wh-wh-wh-what should I do? Ummm, just now I could see the status of that Agamena Herb, then that means I could see other things’ statuses right? Like me for example. Umm. I wonder if it is possible. Menu? Status?   ―――――――――――――――― ― Kanzaki Misuzu ― HP                              :586/586 MP                              :728/728 Race                           :Human[5] Age                             :22 Job                              :⃞⃞⃞ Attribute                     :⃞⃞⃞ Skill                            :⃞⃞⃞ Title                             : 『Another World Traveler』[6] Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ――――――――――――――――   Yes, it was there. 『Another World Traveler』. It appeared.   So does this mean that the Final Answer is: I was transported into another world? Eh… But that….   「This is, why~!!」(Misuzu)   My scream echoed in the grassland.   ✦✧✦✧   After being dumbfounded for several minutes; I began to accept my current conditions. After all, I couldn’t keep denying reality and sit in this place forever. For now, let’s reexamine my own status. HP is life force? And MP is magic power? 「Current Status」column is maybe something that will be written with 「Poison」 if I get poisoned. Also, 「Job」, 「Attribute」, and 「Skill」 columns were still empty right now. Since I have MP, then I might be able to use magic. Yes, it’s another world! Moreover because my MP was higher than HP, then doesn’t that mean that my magic power was high, right? If it’s about magic, leave it to me. Don’t underestimate a gamer. After all, I pride myself in remembering spells. Yes. I might be able to use magic. Thinking about this made my feeling become a little bit better. Since, you know. The life of an extremely normal female college student in Japan didn’t need a survival ability. Not counting the squabbles when I was still small, after becoming an adult I lived a life where violence was something unrelated to me. At most, it was only verbal disputes with family or friends. In the first place, I had no physical ability. Although it was saddening for me to say, none means none. In Physical Education, I always need to supplement the practical skill exam with the paper test in tears. I believe that perhaps if I was attacked by even a stray dog, I could die. And since it was another world, then there might be monsters. But, it’s that. If I had magic, then my survival rate would rise considerably. Or so I wanted to believe. I tried to listen carefully a bit. The sound of the wind. The shaking of the trees. The songs of the birds. Since there were no obstructions, I could see around myself 360 degrees completely. If there was a monster, I would soon notice. Although it seemed that my surroundings were currently safe, since I could be attacked at any time, I couldn’t let my caution slack. I wanted to think about many things, but for now, let’s think what I can do right now. Alright, Yes! Fight me! Do your best, me! Umm. Let see. Here is what I know right now: It seemed I have been transported to another world; I could see my own status; I could see the name or effect for useable things like the Agamena Herb; I have magic power; Like this? First, let’s try many clichéd standards of RPG and another world novels. I wished it for it to appear. With a prayer-like feeling, I tried to shout, 「Item Box」. Then, I could see an empty space in front of me. (Eh? If it was empty, then why I could see it? Yeah, I know. Although I can’t see it but I can sense「Something」. It’s just my gut feeling). Alright! I could use Item Box! When I was pulled into this world, I didn’t bring anything in my hand. I tried searching my coat pocket and took out my smartphone and portable music player[7]. The smartphone was showing that I was in an out of service area. From my last memory of the time and date in Japan, about thirty minutes had passed.[8] I was sure that inside the Item Box, time would not progress and nothing will deteriorate inside. Inside the portable music player, I had put many of my favorite songs from anime songs to classical music. In the future, if I ever really felt troubled or depressed, I would surely want to hear them badly. Inside the smartphone were pictures that were taken using its camera function. Like pictures of my family and of my friends. Both of them were precious things to me. I gently stored them in the Item Box. I cheered myself up despite feeling down earlier after thinking about my family, and began to think of what I should do with my clothes. Since February was the start of the cold season in Japan, my clothing was entirely winter apparel. For the time being, this world is hot. From what I sensed, the temperature was about 25 degrees. I took off my sweater, scarf, and tights. The hood attached to my long coat with down feather lining was detachable, so I took it off. I was wearing a long sleeved T-shirt, long skirt, and boots with a long coat on top of them and covered my head with the hood so it was quite hot. However, it is dangerous to expose my face or my hair. Since it was a standard thing in another world stories that I read where 『A Dark Eyes and Dark Haired Person was evading the persecution if they were discovered.』 Before I closed the item box, I picked 10 Agamena Herbs near my feet and stored them into the item box. Alright, my luggage became light with this.[9] Next is magic. Magic. Unless I could use magic, I would be useless beyond this point. After confirming the safety of my surroundings once again, I held my right hand aloft and shouted the basic magic from various games.   『Fireball』[10]   ……..*wind sounds in the background*   Ugh. This is embarrassing. A woman shouted 『Fireball』 alone even when she is 22 years old. There was no change in the status. The 『Fireball』 just now didn’t register as magic. Was it that I couldn’t use magic, or was the spell 『Fireball』 no good? This was just a conjecture, but maybe my shouting was insufficient. After all, to be frank, this is embarrassing. I didn’t think to say it in a whisper. Maybe it was not enough only to call the name of the spell. *inhale* exhale* I took a deep breath and calmed down my heart a bit. First, imagine taking out magic power. Maybe it is important to have a firm image in mind. Then, maybe it was the same thing like the Yoga breathing technique that I learned in gym? With the “Ki” circulating in the body as the basis, I imagined the magic power flowing like it. The warmness in the body was gathered in the palm, and then I released it to the outside. Then, that magic power was shaped to my intention. Fire. Inside my head, I recalled the image of 『Fireball』. The image of a flame. A fire that blazes up. Without letting the image of a flame inside my head disappears, I once again held my hand aloft, and yelled:   『Fireball』   The warm waves circulating inside my body was gathered in my right hand, and it was released all at once.   *Sounds of Explosion*   A surprisingly big fire appeared like the blaze emitting outward. Just like that, the grass was burned. I overdid it! I didn’t know about the adjustment and was just desperately releasing magic power. Near my foot was a scorch mark with elliptical shape about the size of a 6 Jou[11] room. Waaa, I’m sorry. I had pointlessly burned it. Fortunately, the fire disappeared without spreading any further. The scent of the green covered plains mixed with smoldering odor. ―――――――――――――――― ― Kanzaki Misuzu ― HP                              :586/586 MP                             :708/728 Race                           :Human Age                             :22 Job                              :Magician Attribute                     :【Fire】 Skill                            :⃞⃞⃞ Title                             : 『Another World Traveler』 Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ―――――――――――――――― There were many changes. First, MP. That Blaze Emission seemed to consume 20 MP. And then, my job had become Magician. Maybe because I could use magic? My attribute was 【Fire】. Maybe it displayed the attribute of spells that I could use. Yes. With this, I confirmed that I was able to use magic. That flame back there is 20, right? If the fire size was smaller, then the cost would also decrease. If there was still 708 MP remaining, it wouldn’t be immediately exhausted, or so what I wanted to believe. I wanted to reach the nearest city one way or another. Until I could obtain a safe place, how long would it take, I wonder? Without my MP, I only had paper armor. I need to preserve it as much as possible and use it effectively. I looked up and saw that the sun was right over my head. I couldn’t keep sitting in this place, right? Before it turns to night, I need to move to a safe place. While being vigilant in case an enemy appears, I was thinking about where I should go. There were three options. Follow the highway to the right. Follow the highway to the left. Go inside the forest. Of course, I was thinking that following the highway to either direction was the best choice. However, the place where I am right now was a little bit higher, so the road gently descended on both sides. In other words, I could see both ends of the highway. So, even with my 1.5 eyesight, I couldn’t see a city on each end. Even if there were cities it would be located far away. It would take hours, or if I’m unlucky, days to walk there. Then, there was a road that continued to the forest from the highway. This road too had been passed by carriages, since I could see faint wheel marks. In other words, there are people living inside the forest. Maybe there is even a village. If there was indeed a village inside the forest, then its distance from the highway would be small. Because I am lost as lost can be, I decided to walk towards the forest. So I won’t need to pointlessly use my magic, I picked up a small wooden branch as a weapon, and began walking on the road towards the forest. Since my MP is a limited resource, that’s why, if it’s possible then, if an enemy appeared, I could swing the branch and drive it away.   ✦✧✦✧   After I entered the forest, the first enemy that I encountered was a small creature like a tree stump with arms and legs. Ummm, maybe these creatures could be called 『Monsters』? Thankfully, I could see the enemy’s status clearly. Its HP isn’t that high. Its movement speed is also not that fast and its appearance isn’t really that frightening, so I could calmly chant 『Fireball』―this time, I made sure to only produce a small fire ball ― and defeated it. If it’s like this, then maybe I could make it through, I thought, since it went well. It was so amazing, that I couldn’t comprehend it myself. Although, it was really terrible. Well, why don’t you just hear it: I am currently 22 years old, furthermore I spent my life in a large city in a peaceful and civilized era. A frail city girl like me won’t survive in the wild. The only animal that I had enough self-confidence to kill it were only mosquitoes. If a GCockroach[12] came out in the middle of the night, I would wake up my father or oniichan to exterminate it. Banzai City Life! A hygienic air conditioned room, Come On, Come On! In other words, what I wanted to say, is… First, I couldn’t make a direct attack as my ethical viewpoint prevented me from doing so. The monsters that appeared in this forest were all weak, and the ones that attacked me all had the size of small animals. Furthermore, they didn’t look frightening. Horned rabbits or mountain-cat like monsters were the main types of monsters. Hey darling, can you hit a cat or rabbit? There is no normal girl who will hit a cat, right?[13] It would also be no good if an insect type monster appeared. I had an extreme psychological repulsion to this that made it impossible for me to do a direct attack. After all, something like an unknown liquid came out from them, you know. There was this pseudo-grasshopper jumping at me and to ward it off, I immediately swung my weapon, the wood branch. Unexpectedly, I hit it. Then the moment it crushed, I directly felt it in my hand and, gy&%$#+*!!!!! After the attack, I threw away that weapon (name: Wood Branch). It means that I am left with just my magic, to bring down the kill with fire and ice. 『Fireball』 The small monsters easily got burned up, yes, I don’t want to see their corpses thank you very much! In case of ice, it was 『Ice Crash』 , that is 『Freeze and Pulverize』. I imagine it as frozen instantly and then shattering into a million pieces. Since I also didn’t want to see the corpse from this. Get away. I didn’t pursue anything that I saw was running away. There were wild animals that looked like rabbits and foxes in the forest, and when they noticed me, they immediately ran away. However, monsters, no matter how weak they were, when they noticed me, they immediately came to attack. Even if it’s true that my opponents are monsters, I don’t want to kill them. However, if they come to attack me, then I have no choice but to fight. After all, I am slow-footed so I can’t run away. If I don’t want to die, then I must kill. And because I don’t want to see the results of my killing, I burn the corpse and leave no remains. So please understand. This is only because I can’t run away. I, Kanzaki Misuzu, who has a mentality like that of tofu, experienced robbing a creature of their life for the first time in my life, and my mental HP had already reached zero.   ✦✧✦✧   I continued walking the carriage road without getting lost. If a monster came out then I will fight it. After fighting for several times, there were several thingsthat I noticed. First, depending on the image, even the same spell will have different effect and MP consumption. For example, 『Fireball』. I imagined a ball of fire when I recited this spell, but if I clearly imagined the size and the number of the fireball that I will shoot, then the power and the MP consumption will be changed. For example 「Three golf ball-sized.」 What I mean was that if I had imagined 「This kind of attack magic」, then I can say anything for the spell name to function as the trigger to invoke this magic, maybe just like this. So magic isn’t based on the spell, but based on the imagination. Even if the spell and the imagination don’t match, it wouldn’t matter in the end. It seems that for magic, the one with heavier subjective impression would win. So I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart for the otaku lifestyle that I had until now and my chuuni disposition. Thanks to RPGs and animes, I know many kinds of spells, so thank goodness. Also, maybe this also thanks to the game, even if I shoot intense fire, the surrounding trees didn’t get burned. After all in the games, no matter how intense the magic that you use, after the battle finished the buildings and things in that place didn’t receive any damage, right? The only time the surroundings get burned from my magic was when I first using the fire magic. But I think that this was caused because that magic didn’t have any target so it ended up burned the surroundings. How expedient[14]. But because I have such heavy subjective impression that that’s how magic works, my imagination caused such kind of magic. No matter what happens, the one with heavier subjective impression would win. Magic is fuzzy[15], after all. Viva, my otaku heart. And then, I noticed another thing. If I had a clear and firm imagination then the spell would be likely to be cast, but if I couldn’t have a proper imagination then the magic would fail to materialized. There were many cases where I couldn’t make a proper image in a hurry to launch a second attack as I was deathly afraid of the monster’s counterattack. Although I know clearly from the status that the monster have lesser HP than me, but I really afraid when they bare their fang and came to me to aim for my life. That’s why as much as possible I imagined a magic with an effect that could kill in one hit. Preemptive Strike, One-Hit Kill.[16] For a frail city girl like me, there is no other way to survive but this. For this reason, it wasn’t magic that was useful, but Skills. The Skill that I have learned is 『Search』[17] and 『Hide』. I acquired the 『Search』 Skill relatively early. When I was surprised by a rustling sound, I stopped and listen to my ears closely, when suddenly there a ping sound and:   ― Skill 『Search』 has been acquired ―   Those words appeared. When using 『Search』, a screen will appear in my mind. Then, it will sound an alarm if enemies appeared and a mark to represent the enemy come into sight on top of the screen. If I concentrate on that marker then I could see their status. If the enemy entered battle mode then the marker color will change from yellow to red. Yellow means unprepared enemy while red means hostile battle ready enemy. At first, its searching range was only about 1 meter around me, but, although I don’t know why, when using it the searching range increased little by little. Currently, the radius had leveled up to 10 meters. I also easily acquire 『Hide』. When I was taking a brief rest and took a seat on a large rock. A big snake slitheringly appeared from the other side. Whoaa gross, was what I  think while holding my breath and wait for it to pass. Then at that time suddenly I acquired 『Hide』.  When I using 『Hide』, not only my presence but my body temperature and smell would also be concealed. But as expected, it didn’t cover the sounds I make. By always using 『Search』 and 『Hide』, the enemy encounter frequency had remarkably decreased. If I can find them beforehand then I could evade them, and even if I get found out I could strike them before they attacked. Just like this, even if it continue to shave off my tofu like willpower little by little, I continue walking into the forest without falling into a life-threatening situation.   ✦✧✦✧   There were no branches from the meandering carriage road. Then, I arrived at a house located beside the road. There was one carriage underneath the carriage shed. There was a stable further inside, where I could hear a horse whine. There were no branches from the meandering carriage road. Finally, I arrived at a house located beside the road. There was a carriage underneath the carriage shed. There was also a stable further inside, from where I could hear a horse whine. The sun was already sinking and it had become dark, but there was no light coming from the house. When I tried to push the door, it wasn’t locked and the door slowly opened. Timidly, I took a peek at inside and saw a minimalist room, although it was neat and tidy. It resembled a room in a lodge. Maybe it was a rest facility for the people that walked in the forest.   「Sorry~. Pardon me for entering~」(Misuzu)   I knew from 『Search』 that there was no one inside, however, I still feel guilty entering another person’s house without permission, so I at least gave a greeting to the inside. Since I didn’t know where the switch for the light was, I used 『Illumination』 to produce a ball of light that floated to the low ceiling. The room I entered is the dining-plus-living room, with a kitchen located at the interior. Beyond it is a single door. There is also another door in the living room. I decided to check this door first. When I opened it, the door led to a bedroom. As the door gradually opened, I could see that there are four beds inside. When I saw the beds, I actually felt how tired I had been, and then I just fell down on one of the fluffy beds. It was a bed that had one side facing the wall. Doesn’t this make your heart feel safer? It was a crude bed that couldn’t be said as soft by any standards; however, the sheets were clean and dry. It seemed that I had reached a safe place before night had fallen. It was regrettable that since this place isn’t a village, but since there is a horse, then that means there are people taking care of it. There was no one here right now, but I am sure that tomorrow, they must be coming back to feed the horse. Although I had entered without permission, and I am also staying for free since I don’t carry any money, I think that if I apologize and explain my situation, it will all work out somehow. Since the forest has monsters, it is impossible to sleep outside.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Kanzaki Misuzu ― HP                              :432/586 MP                             :251/728 Race                           :Human Age                             :22 Job                              :Magician Attribute                     :【Light】【Fire】【Water】【Earth】【Wind】【Void】 Skill                            : Search・Hide Title                             : 『Another World Traveler』 Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ――――――――――――――――   My MP had decreased considerably. However, it wasn’t only because I used it in combat. As soon as I entered the forest, I was worried that if I walked the road just like this, then my clothes and my boots would become worn out. So, to my clothes and boots I gave them 『Condition Stasis』 , 『Antimicrobial Deodorization and Dirt Removal』 and 『Physical Defense and Magic Defense UP』 (Although it might be too excessive for the situation, please pardon me for it, since I already did it. Magic is fuzzy after all). Furthermore, to prepare for an attack, I also put a 『Protection Membrane』. Since all support type magic like 『Protection Membrane』 lost its effectiveness over time, I needed to recast it from time to time. I also frequently used 『Heal』to recover my HP. The skills 『Search』 and 『Hide』 also consumed MP, and if I thought about it, I also uselessly fired attack magic numerous times. Oh well, at least I still have MP left, right? I couldn't see the level information in the status, but from the accumulated experience, I think I had leveled up. Each of the magic’s raw power gradually became stronger and the support magic’s effect and duration also increased.   「I’m hungry~……」(Misuzu)   There was a stove in the kitchen. But I don’t know how to use it. I could use fire magic as the substitute but what about the ingredients? Catching a bird or rabbit from the forest and kill them? Me? Nope, nope, impossible, not a chance, out of question, not happening! Certainly at my life until now, I had greedily eaten meats and fish. I adequately understand that to obtain that dish, someone must have killed and processed them however, if someone is asked if they can do it, then the usual answer is “no, I can’t”. I am a person who really likes to eat karaage[18], however if I was ordered to pluck feathers from a captured chicken, so it can be cooked, then I am sorry, I believe it will be impossible for me. …… Maybe, if I passed my days without eating anything like this, then I think I could kill some when the hunger becomes unbearable. However, it is impossible for me right now. I could be called as a hypocrite and ridiculed as naïve, but impossible things are just impossible. Luckily, in the middle of the forest, I found edible fruits, and then packed several of them into my item box, so I could eat them later. The apple-look-a-like is very juicy, so it’s delicious. I have a very large desire to sleep right now, but I better review my current condition once again. I was caught by numerous 『Arms』 that came up from a black fog. They must be the main cause of why I had been transported to another world, and it looks like that I was summoned by someone to this world right? Even so, why was I sitting alone at that highway? First, I was deemed as useless, or possibly that they got the wrong person completely, and so, I was thrown away. Second, some incident happened at the summoning, so I ended up there by mistake. If I have been thrown away, then it is Moumantai.[19] I was grateful I wasn’t killed before being dumped out. Since I will try to live my life by myself, please just completely forget about me. The problem was if there was an incident or a mistake. In fantasy novels, the usual reasons for summoning are 『Become a Hero to defeat the Demon Lord』, 『Become the King’s Bride』, 『Sacrifice』, 『Miko[20]』, etc. Well, there are a lot. Whatever the reason was for my summoning, the summoner must be searching for me right now, however, I have zero intention to approach them. After all, I am just a commoner that doesn’t have any combat power at all. So, the Hero-motive should be low. Kanzaki Misuzu, 22 Years old. Although this is embarrassing, actually I still don’t have any experience with a man. I had several boyfriends, but somehow even a kiss caused me to feel weird and made me fade out. That’s why I am still a virgin, so I had a strong feeling that I am a prime candidate if they were searching for a 『Miko』 or 『Sacrifice』. If it was a 『Miko』 , then I would be imprisoned inside a temple, and praying for a god that I don’t believe in, and if it was a 『Sacrifice』 , then I will be immediately killed. 『Sacrifice』 is scary. Burning to death in a place deemed a holy land or being eaten by a dragon or beast like Yamatanoorochi.[21] There is also the 『King’s Bride』 motive, however, no matter how ikemen or influential the King is, since he is a guy that I hardly know, then no thank you. Furthermore, it would surely end up with me being cooped up inside the castle and turned into a baby producing machine. Waaa, not good! Not good! All options are Nai Wa~.[22] Whatever their objective is, a person who summoned a person from another world without permission is a bad man. I don’t want to even get a bit closer to such a person. Anyway, I need to not be found out as a summoned person, so I need to be inconspicuous. Since there was no bed cover, I covered myself with my coat, and then slowly spread myself on the bed. Ah, by the way, the toilet is a detached outdoor building. Also, there was no water flusher. I never found this kind of toilet except for the time when I went mountain trekking. At any rate, today I had moved my body a lot. How many years has it been since the last time I walked like this? I committed an act of violence and killed a living creature, too; this is staggeringly frightening. I couldn’t see it but as a strange dream. Before sleeping, I activated『Search』. Today I had used 『Search』 for the whole day so it had leveled up, and now I would immediately know if a creature appeared and approached this building. Furthermore, if the resident of this house came back, then I will know it, too. Since I am staying without permission even when I don’t have any money, then I need to at least be awake when the resident comes back. Since I had thought about 「Dark Eyes and Dark Hair are a target of persecution」, then I need to wear my hood, right? I once again used 『Search』 to check the surroundings, after that I fallen asleep. Yes, I immediately fell asleep. ------ it was a sleep that I didn’t even wake up from when the alarm that『Search』 uses to detect enemies began to ring.
  Volume 1 Chapter 1 To Another World Part 2   Somehow, I can hear a distant ringing sound. Beep beep beep beep beep. What is this sound anyway? I have a hunch that I should wake up after hearing this sound, though. So gently, my consciousness resurfaced. Just then, a screen popped out inside my mind. It was an alarm warning that 『Search』 had detected the presence of enemies. There are two yellow markers. One is in the kitchen, and another one is right beside me. I opened my eyes in surprise and then found a large shadow looking at me.   「Hyaaaaaaaa!」(Misuzu)   I jumped back. When I bent my body back, my head hit the wall and made a loud sound.   「You had slept like a log just now, but it seems that you have a pretty lively way of waking up.」(Bear)   I am frozen while clinging to the wall. It’s a bear, there is a bear here. He is so tall that I need to look up to him, has tough broad shoulders, and his arms are bulging with muscles. He has red shoulder length hair and blue eyes. His facial featuresare deeply sculpted; and, he has a split chin, too. Split chin![1] White armor, huge body, he was really give off an impression of a mighty Knight. His face seems to be radiating the message: “I am helluva strong, baby.” The person from another world that I met is a Wild-Type Ikemen-san.[2] Fortunately, it looks like I can understand Red Hair’s words. My ears hear a completely different and unknown language, but I can fully comprehend it. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart to be able to understand the language. I had been given a translation function. Thank goodness.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Valerian Forrest[3] ―  HP                              :836/836 MP                              :326/326 Race                           :Human Age                             :86 Job                              :Phantesma Kingdom[4] | Blue Knight Order Second Division | Commander Attribute                     :【Fire】 【Wind】 Skill                            :Iai Slash[5]・Two Steps Thrust[6] Title                             : 『Red Lion』 Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ――――――――――――――――   Yeah. There are many things I want to tsukkomi at. What do you mean by 86 years old? No matter how I see him, he only looks like someone in their late twenties. Then, what’s with the title 『Red Lion』? Too over the top. It is even too chuuni to be a net nickname. Also, what do you mean by a lion? He’s a bear, you know? Bear!   「Van. Please don’t do anything that scares her.」(Blue Hair)   Perhaps because he heard my scream, the other person entered the room. He has light blue hair and deep blue eyes. The light blue hair is silky smooth and beautiful. The hair cuticles are glossy. He wears armor similar to Red Hair’s. He also has a tall stature, a slender, but well proportioned firm body, so he seems strong, too. If Red Hair is a “Wild Ikemen” type, then he is a “Cool Beauty” type.    ―――――――――――――――― ― Alcyan Micah[7] ―  HP                              :797/797 MP                              :360/360 Race                           :Human Age                             :82 Job                              :Phantesma Kingdom | Blue Knight Order Second Division | Vice Commander Attribute                     :【Water】 【Wind】 Skill                            :Dance of Ice Flowers[8] Title                             : 『Icy Young Noble』 Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ――――――――――――――――   This person also has a chuuni title! Furthermore, he is such a handsome person, you know? If he is 80, then what kind of healthy lifestyle did he have to be this youthful?   「I see that you have awoken. I am sorry if my companion scared you. If you like, do you want to join us for breakfast?」(Blue Hair)   Breakfast! It’s a breakfast, Madam! I am wholeheartedly alright with it! I want to join the meal!   「Hey, are you alright? Are you still half-asleep?」(Red Hair)   Since I was still clinging to the wall and not moving a bit from it, Red Hair reached out his hand and rubbed my head. Stop, it’ll be torn! My head will be torn off!   「It’s fine, I’m already wake up.」(Misuzu)   I smoothly spoke the words, as if there is an instantaneous interpreter in my head. It is strange how my mouth can speak out words I never knew before.   「I see. Then, please this way.」(Blue Hair)   When I followed the Light Blue Haired Handsome-san out of the room, I looked at my surroundings. Just one bed away from the bed where I had been sleeping were two beds with luggage placed on them. Whoaa, then last night, I slept in the same room with these two? Just how hard did I crash? Normally, I would have woken up. Please do your job,『Search』! No, that’s wrong. 『Search』 was already working properly. Then, please do your job my crisis management ability! Because I felt so embarrassed, I told them that I wanted to borrow the toilet and then headed out. Not only they enter under the same roof, but even the same room, the me who slept without waking up is stupid, stupid. Unbelievable. How unbelievable can you be, Kanzaki Misuzu? Even if you were exhausted by the consecutive unthinkable events, this is an unbelievable mistake. If they are bad guys, then I might already be dead by now. Haa… Like this, I held a one person evaluation meeting for my big mistake. It was fortunate and relieving that my first meeting with people from this world was on a friendly terms. We can communicate with each other and they also didn’t show any reaction to my black hair and black eyes, so my worries for this point have been cleared. Also, the matter about their statuses. It seems that both of them are Knights from the Phantesma Kingdom. So perhaps this place is the Phantesma Kingdom? Since they are wearing complete sets of armor, maybe they are on duty. Then, how far should I explain the situation? The other party is made up of Knights. A poorly devised lie wouldn’t be of any use to them. If I make up some half-baked cover up story, then they would think that I am a suspicious person and then I would be arrested and thrown into jail. For now, while hiding the fact that I am a person from another world, I will tell them about what happened to me as truthfully as possible. If it is possible, I want them to accompany me to the nearest town. I also want them to teach me about this world. The next course of action has been decided. But, the first thing, of course, is breakfast.   ✦✧✦✧   I had slept in the same room with an unknown man without realizing it. Without any mental preparation, I had inadvertently met with the people of this world. I had received so many shocking events that finally woke me up completely, and then after finishing my one person evaluation meeting, I reentered the house. The breakfast that the handsome-san prepared was hard bread and stew. Uuu. At last, I could get a proper meal. Cooked food is the best.   「Then, why did Reene came to this forest? Did you also want to harvest the blue dewherb?」(Cyan)   The handsome-san, Cyan, asked me. Blue dewherb? Umm, what’s that? I have a feeling I have seen it somewhere… Ah, Reene is my alias. Since there is a staple “another world story genre” trope that says 「If your real name, in other words, yot true name, was found out by others, there is a risk that it might be used in a magic to control you」[9], so just in case, I didn’t tell them my real name. The Suzu (鈴)[10] in Misuzu (美鈴) can be read as 「Rin」 so I used it as my alias. But they lengthened the vocal part and pronounced it as Riin. In the end, I decided it as 「Reene」[11]. Leaving that aside, I need to answer Cyan-san’s question, right? By the way, they also didn’t introduce themselves using their real names and only informed me that they are the Knights Van and Cyan.   「I don’t know what you mean by blue dewherb. Actually, I was here before I realized it. When I regained my consciousness, I was sitting alone on the highway next to the forest.」(Reene) 「……What do you mean by regained your consciousness?」(Cyan) 「I really mean it. When I was walking near my home, my surroundings suddenly became dark. Then suddenly, there were arms that seized me and pulled me. I only remembered up until this part. Then, when I regained consciousness, I was already sitting on the highway.」(Reene)   I didn’t tell any lie. I just said it in a misleading way, but the contents are the truth without any embellishments.   「I didn’t bring any money or things and I didn’t know where this place was at all. Since I didn’t know which way I should take, I followed the carriage road and entered the forest. Then, I arrived at this house. Since there is no one who answered when I called, I entered without permission.」(Reene)   Cyan-san and Van-san threw many questions at me to get finer details, but I answered every question that I could answer while obscuring anything related to Japan. However, I hesitated for a moment about whether or not I should answer that I have one when asked about my family name. When they mentioned it, and since I do have one, so I needed to answer honestly. By twisting my surname Kanzaki, I replied that my family name is Kanzack. When they asked where my house was located, I answered「a small village in the countryside」 in an evasive way. In the end, their interpretation of my conditions was that, 「Although the social position is not revealed in detail, perhaps she is a daughter of a quite well known noble house. She had been abducted for some reason and brought here while unconscious, but for some reason, she escaped」. This is very convenient for me, though. When I stopped telling them my story, Van-san then asked me.   「Hey, Reene, after you entered the forest, did you meet with anyone until you reach this house?」(Van) 「I didn’t meet with anyone. Since I also thought to quickly call out if I met with someone, I always keep my eyes on my surroundings, but there was no signs of any people.」(Reene) 「I see. Then as expected, he is in the direction of the waterfall.」(Van) 「He left the horse behind, therefore it is unlikely that he went outside the forest.」(Cyan) 「Did something happen?」(Reene)   Cyan-san answered my question.   「This house was the residence of the forest guardian.」(Cyan) 「Guardian?」(Reene) 「Yes. This forest is called Azure Forest. Inside the forest, there is a place where blue dewherbs grow in large numbers. Blue dewherb is a herb used to restore energy and one of the components of Ether. Even by only drinking the water it’s boiled in, you can recover magic power. Although it’s used for many types of medicine, it’s hard to cultivate, so it can only be obtained from ones growing in the wild. This place has an environment that is favorable for blue dewherb’s propagation. It was originally a plant that only can be found in small numbers at a given place, so a place where it grows in large numbers like this is rare.」(Cyan)   Ah, I remember what a blue dewherb is. It’s the one written in the Agamena Herb status screen. Then, that can be mixed to make ether. Yes, I might also want some of these   「Blue dewherb is demanded everywhere, so its price was relatively expensive. Because of that, people who knew this fact would enter the forest to earn some extra money and quickly pick the wild dewherbs to exhaustion.」(Van) 「If we didn’t leave some of them behind to propagate, then the blue dewherb would soon go extinct. Since this area is located near the national border, a lot of skirmishes happens near here. It’s a situation where mana recovery is in high demand, so to ensure a stable supply of this, this forest is considered as an important place for our country. For this reason, this forest has a guardian who will restrict the amount that can be harvested.」(Cyan) 「This place is the guardian’s dwelling, but this is also the lodging place for the people who come here to pick up the herbs.」(Van) 「I see. So, is there any problem if the guardian isn’t here? Perhaps he went to pick the blue dewherb, right?」(Reene) 「The waterfall is about 2 hours from here. Usually, he will be back before the evening. To be honest, from the fact that the water in the stable’s bucket had went stale, the guardian has been gone from the house for at least two or three days.」(Cyan) 「Then, there might be something that happened to him. He might be hurt and unable to move.」(Reene) 「We’re going to go there and check. Can Reene wait here in this house?」(Cyan)   I finally understood the reason why both of them seemed so troubled. It seems that after this, they will go to check the conditions inside the forest. Since the way to waterfall couldn’t be passed by horse, both of them will walk there. If I tag along, then I will only drag them down. Even so, I said to them, 「I want to help, since if the Guardian-san is hurt, I could cast healing magic on him.」After hearing that, they were considerably surprised.   「So, Reene is a Healer?」(Van)   A Healer is a person who can use healing magic, right? Is this really something that surprising?   「Is a Healer unusual?」(Reene) 「Healing magic is a composite magic of Light, Water and Earth elements. A three elemental composite magic is considered to be an advanced magic art, so it’s difficult to learn it. Also, the number of people with the three elemental attributes at the same time is few to begin with.」(Cyan)   Even if it is considered difficult, I have been able to use healing magic since the very beginning. After all in games, 『Heal』 is one of the most basic of basic magic. This makes things complicated. Even though I don’t want to become conspicuous, maybe I shouldn’t say that I can use healing magic. Be that as it may, I have a debt to repay for the meal and lodging. Since I don’t carry any money, then I will use the healing fee as the lodging fee. Also, they are the first people from another world that I have met, so I will be happy if I could help them. All things said and done, I decided to go to the waterfall together with Van and Cyan.   ✦✧✦✧   It seems it will take two hours to get to the waterfall by foot. By the way, “two hours” was the translation of what my ears heard, but what they actually say was something similar to a stound[12]. Two hours is one stound. I really wanted to ask, how many hours are in a day? Is a stound the smallest unit of time? And many other questions, too, but since it would seem really suspicious, I didn’t ask them. Cyan-san had already prepared water and food, since the guardian-san might not have eaten anything. I also helped with this, but since I couldn’t use the hearth, I didn’t do anything big. Since mountain climbing might be very hot, and there is no danger if my black eyes and black hair are found out, I left my coat back at the lodge. Actually, I wanted to store it in the item box, but as expected, I couldn’t do this in front of them. Along with the fact that I am a person from another world, the fact that I could see other people’s statuses and use the item box are my top secrets. If this gets found out then it will surely be troublesome. After all, both secrets would be exploited for military-related tasks, right? Leaving that aside, the bumpy uneven road the waterfall was quite unforgiving. Van-san walked in the front to be on the lookout for any monsters, while I walked several steps behind him, and Cyan-san walked behind me diagonally. Naturally, the conversation along the way was mainly between me and Cyan-san, although sometimes Van-san joined in, too.   「If someone entered the forest and took the blue dewherb without permission, would they be arrested?」(Reene) 「If they didn’t take too much, then they wouldn’t receive any particular punishment. Small villages usually don’t have any healers, so they can only make do with medicinal plants. So for the villagers in this area, they can come here and take as much as necessary.」(Cyan) 「Then, Cyan-san and Van-san also came here to pick some blue dewherbs?」(Reene) 「That’s right. The castle received periodic shipments of the herb, but this time since we came near this area to perform a task and the number of the herbs in our possession had diminished, we decided to come here to ask for some from the guardian directly.」(Cyan)   Afterwards, I discussed with Cyan-san about what I will do from now on.   「There are several small villages in this area, however, everyone there is either a farmer, a hunter, or a woodcutter, so I believe that it would be difficult for a girl to live there alone.」(Cyan)   The nearest city near here is the city where Cyan-san and Van-san live. It’s called Coltea City and it takes about four days by carriage to get there. That city is the second largest city in this country after the capital city, so there are a lot of people and jobs, too, so there must be a job that I can do. As a Healer, I can also work in a clinic or the knight order. Since Cyan-san and Van-san are on duty right now, after they received the blue dewherbs, they would go back to their work destination. Since that place is a bit dangerous, they can’t take me along. Since the guardian-san periodically went to Coltea to deliver the blue dewherbs, I could go together with him. Until then, I would be looked after by the guardian-san for several days. This is what Cyan-san suggested to me.   「But I didn’t bring any money or anything.」(Reene) 「The gramps will be happy to have someone to speak to, right? Don’t worry about money, if you help him, then it will be alright, you know?」(Van)   Van-san also assured me. I am grateful for what they do, even though my identity is unverifiable and super suspicious. Van-san and Cyan-san are good people. Maybe this is what they called a chivalric heart. The guardian-san that Van-san and Cyan-san mentioned is surely a good person too. During my stay with the guardian-san, I will strive to be someone who is helpful. Then, in the meantime, I will ask him to teach me about many things about this world.   ✦✧✦✧   Although at the beginning I talked about many things with Cyan-san while walking, gradually the road became rugged and I quickly became exhausted. Since it was the place that was frequently used by the guardian-san and the people who picked the herbs, the path is a proper road. However, the waterfall seems t be located at the upper part of the mountain. Isn’t this like a scraggy obstacle course? If he really takes this road every day by foot, then the guardian-san is really a Grandpa of the Wild. We also encountered monsters several times, but every time they appeared, they were immediately defeated by either Cyan-san, Van-san or both of them together. My help was completely unneeded. It was the first time that I saw a blade used in a fight, but its speed and fierce slashes made me speechless. Even though Van-san has a huge and heavy physique, in battle, he immediately approached the enemy like an arrow. When I thought he had first drawn the blade, the monsters had already been defeated. When I first met with Van-san, I thought that he wasn’t a 『Red Lion』 but a bear. But after seeing his appearance in battle, I understood why he is called a lion. Cyan-san also attacked with speed, but with supple and unwasteful movements, he looked like he was doing a dance. So his Title of 『Young Nobleman』 was not just for show. So amazing. Who thought of the Title, I wondered. 「Wow! He is a 『Red Lion』!」 or 「Kyaa, how wonderful. It’s the 『Young Nobleman of Ice』-sama!」. Maybe it was when everyone first called them this? So either that Title was made when someone called them something or people called them that because of the Title they had. That reminds me, my Title is 『Another World Traveler』, but who decided this? Even though I didn’t know any other worlders at that time. I also never said, 「Hello! I am a 『Another World Traveler』.」 Maybe the Title was decided by an existence similar to a God in this world. If this true, then the God surely a chuuni. He might be saying, “This person is tera-cool[13], isn’t it?” or “Red Lion TUEEE[14]”. Absolutely like a God. …… While I am thinking about absurd things to escape reality and reprimanding my completely tired body, I continued to walk the road to the waterfall. Ah, but I got something out of this. I acquired a new skill. Since there are several road branches unlike the unforked road to the lodge, what would I do if I get lost? If I am separated from Cyan-san or Van-san. then I will surely be stranded. These were what I thought when I was frantically trying to remember the direction each time the road branched, and as a result, I acquired 『Mapping』. Inside my mind, the road that I had walked had been conveniently mapped. Furthermore, it’s a passive skill that is continuously activated and doesn’t consume MP. How convenient. I really wished that I had this function when I was still in Japan. I am the type of person that when someone says to me 「You will soon find it after heading east when leaving the station」 would reply with 「Can you specifically tell me where east is?」. Sayonara, the past me. With this, I would never have to worry about getting lost anymore.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Reene Kanzack ― HP                              :438/586 MP                             :728/728 Race                           :Human Age                             :22 Job                              :Magician Attribute                     :【Light】【Fire】【Water】【Earth】【Wind】【Void】 Skill                            : Search・Hide・Mapping Title                             : 『Another World Traveler』 Current Status          :⃞⃞⃞ ――――――――――――――――   When I opened my status to check on my skills, I noticed that my name in the name section had changed. It’s not Kanzaki Misuzu anymore, but Reene Kanzack. Thus, until the day I return to Japan, the name 『Kanzaki Misuzu』 is sealed.   ✦✧✦✧   We arrived at the location where we were going to search for the guardian-san. It was a place where huge building-sized rugged rocks were lined up. Among them were two large rocks that supported each other like the kanji 「人」, and formed a natural stone gate. After we passed under them, we reached a place enclosed by natural walls formed from huge rocks. The whole surface is covered by a flower field. Maybe this flower is the blue dewherb? I could hear the whooshing sounds of rushing waters coming from the waterfall at the far end of the flower field. The water poured into a lake basin that then flowed into a gap-like cave among the huge rocks. There is a crack on the hanging huge rocks that forms a wide gap where the sky can be seen, allowing the brilliant sunlight pouring down from it. The dancing falling droplets that glisten under the sunrays are dazzling. This fantasy-like scenery healed my exhaustion. All my efforts to reach this place felt worthy.   「Spirit essence is gathered at this place, so Monsters wouldn’t dare to enter it.」(Cyan)   Cyan-san informed me. Spirits? So Spirits exist here.   「I wonder where the guardian-san is.」(Reene) 「Don’t worry, he’s a gramps who won’t die even if he is killed.」(Van)   While Van-san was bad mouthing the guardian-san, 「Hey!」, we heard someone’s voice from the side of the waterfall.   「Hey! Over here, Forrest-danna[15], I’m over here!」(Voice)   We searched for the source of the energetic voice that couldn’t be thought of as coming from an injured person. Finally, we found an old man lying down near a rock beside the waterfall. Is he the guardian-san? Just as I thought, he is a wild looking grandpa. When we app

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