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Chapter 3.1
Volume 1

Chapter 3 Coltea First Half
What’s called the 「Blue Knights Order」 is simply just another one of the regular knight orders of the Fantasma Kingdom. The White Knights Order are the King’s Royal Guards and at his direct command. Beyond that, there are also the Blue Knights Order, the Black Knight Order, and the Red Knight Order. The Blue Knights were mostly people who had pledged their swords to His Highness Leon. When His Highness Leon came to Coltea three years ago, these knights followed him. That’s why they are not part of the Coltean Castle’s knights order, but the Royal Capital’s knights order. Of course, Coltea has a local demesne ruler, Lord Coltea, who governs it. The real knights order under the Lord is called the Coltean Knights. Since Coltea was located near the border, they were unsure whether or not strength of the local soldiers was enough in case Güselbahn came invading. Because of this, three years ago it was decided that His Highness Leon and the Blue Knight Order were to be stationed in Coltea. Since he married the King’s imouto[1], Lord Coltea could be considered as His Highness Leon’s uncle. Hence, there weren’t any problems that arose from the situation of the royal family’s soldiers being stationed in the demesne. Legally speaking, it was rather out of the ordinary for the royal family’s knights to be stationed at a lord’s demesne whose autonomy was recognized. However, the current situation was a state of emergency. It seems that the Coltean side strongly pushed for this arrangement. It’s not like the Coltean Knights are weak. But the Blue Knights under His Highness Leon’s command was famously strong. Since His Highness Leon’s title, the 『golden War God』, was renowned throughout the countries of Gaia, by showing that the “『golden War God』 and Blue Knights can came out anytime, ye know!”, this display could thoroughly intimidate the others. Thanks to this, there were no large-scale invasions, and the ongoing conflicts were mostly limited to skirmishes or intrigue plots like assassination and spying.[2] Un. Somehow, I had came to a place that smell like gunpowder kegs, since it could become quite dangerous. Let’s say, 「There is something I want to check in the Capital’s library」 and escape from this place.   ✧✦✧✦   On the evening of the fourth day since we had departed from Camiazure, I noticed that the sounds of the carriage had become different. I peeked out from underneath the carriage canopy and saw that the dirt road that we had traveled on up until now had transitioned into a paved one. As expected, the roads near the city would be paved. Which meant that we would be arriving at Coltea soon. The first town. It’s the big city.[3] The inn where I will be staying at in Coltea had also been decided upon. There was a hotel where the people related to the Knights typically stayed in in Coltea, so they also recommended me to stay there. Van-san and the other Knights resided in the castle’s lodgings, but the families who came to see them because of their long term post, the merchan

ts that had business with the Knights, or the guests that came from the Capital, would all stay at that inn. Gangr-san from Azure Foresy also stayed there when he delivered the goods to Coltea. Since the Blue Knight Order’s might was of great renown even in Coltea and since many of the guests at the inn were relatives of the Knights, most dangerous people wouldn’t dare to approach. Un, a place to rest safely is a must. If it’s that place, then there shouldn’t be any risk of being assaulted by a thief while I sleep. Of course, since self-defense is also a must, I will still continue to put up a barrier when sleeping at night. Since it was an inn, of course, I needed to pay the fee. But it was much better than staying at the castle without paying any money. As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. “We are nearing the city”, a Knight called out, so I quickly peeked outside. I could see a group of big buildings surrounded by tall walls. The so-called city was mostly something like this, a city that is surrounded by tall walls, with a castle and a residential area in the center. At the highest point of the city, I could see the castle. A castle, indeed! A typical medieval European-looking one. It looks like an old German castle. The castle was all the way on the top, at the place with the highest elevation, and surrounding it was the Upper District where the high ranked nobles resided. And surrounding that was the Middle District area where the low ranked nobles and the merchants resided. Lastly, the Lower District (a.k.a. slums) surrounded all of that. “The low districts ain’t got a good public order so don’t loiter around it too much”, was what Van had warned me of.   ✧✦✧✦   We smoothly passed through the city gate. Outside the gate, there were queues of the people who wanted to enter the city, but for the Blue Knight Order’s return, there were another official from the queue which handled the entry procedure. They were taking turns putting a card against a softball-sized crystal ball. Perhaps that was the identification card? Since I didn’t have anything as proof of my status, I held my hand over the crystal ball and received an entry permit. “For those without an identification card, this permit is needed when exiting the city, so don’t lose it”, they said. Just like when one entered the city, even when exiting the city there was a check too. It seems that if there is no proof of you ever entering the city, then you can’t get out. Written on the entry permit were characters that I had never seen before. The letters were wormlike calligraphy, but somehow I can read it. The meaning of the words just came into my head. Thank goodness, I can also read the letters. With this, I can read the books. Since everyone was heading to the castles after entering the city, they are going to drop me first. Thereafter, Van-san will take me to the inn. Tomorrow, I will need to go to the castle to meet His Highness Leon and then receive my identity card and the letter of introduction that is needed for browsing the library. Cyan-san will be the one who will come to pick me at the inn. Van-san and I parted with the others on the main street and walked steadily while pulling the horse. After he finished guiding me to the inn, he quickly mounted the horse and chased after his companions. There were many brick buildings inside the city. The light brown mud walls and the dark brown brick produced a good atmosphere. Because of the darkish iron or copper-like fences and things like pipes, the entire town had this sepia tinge on it. Most of the people walking on the streets wore warm colored clothes too. The people in this place were tall. Van-san and other Knights were close to 190 cm tall. I thought that it was because they were professional soldiers, but the normal people that I saw here were also tall. The women seem to have an average height of 170 cm, so the me who just a bit above 160 cm looks rather small in comparison.[4] The inn where I will be staying was the 「Red High Boot Inn」 in the east of the Middle District. The inn was bigger than what I had thought. The stables were also big and it had enough space for several carriages too. It might be considered as a fairly large inn in this city. There was a big signboard near the door. A bed and a large red high boot were drawn on it.   「Welcome back, Van! I’m glad you returned safely.」   As soon as we entered the inn, a cheerful voice greeted us. It was a exquisitely beautiful lady. A dynamite body with bomber breasts! Whoaa, she was so tall! She might even be 175 cm! She had tufty and loosely-waved shoulder length brown hair, distinctive sharp eyebrows and large blue eyes. Perhaps she was about 40 years old? She looked youthful, but I could feel the weight of the years from her. She wore a long skirt with apron. Perhaps she was the waiter of this inn?   ——————————————————————————————————— — Agnes Callim[5] — HP                              :342/342 MP                              :53/71 Race                           :Human Age                             :37 Job                              :Red High Boot Inn’s Waiter Attribute                     :【Fire】 Skill                            :□□□ Title                             :□□□ Current Status          :□□□ ———————————————————————————————————   Her looks matched her age. Since her MP was only two digits she was a person of second rank.   「Yup! Just came back now. As if a monster could kill me.」(Van)   When Van-san replied so, he kissed the exquisitely beautiful lady’s hair. This person might be his lover. Compared to Van-san, he looked younger than her, but since she was such a beautiful lady, it was a perfect match, so they made a splendid couple. While I was thinking about this, the exquisitely beautiful lady looked straight at me.   「Van! You came back taking this cute girl along? Finally, even Van has had his springtime too!」(Agnes) 「Eh? That’s wrong, completely wrong. Van-san is only introducing me to this inn.」(Reene) 「Yeah, this girl is Reene. She is a healer who we had become indebted to in the subjugation. She is a benefactor who had saved the lives of Hugh and others.」(Van) 「So it is like that. And I thought that Van had finally found a lover. So you are Reene-chan, right? Nice to meet you. I am Agnes. Thank you for saving everyone on the Knights.」(Agnes) 「Nice to meet you, I am Reene.」(Reene) 「Reene , this is Agnes. Currently she is helping on the inn. She’s my daughter.」(Van) 「Eh? Daughter?」(Reene)   I was so surprised! Well, since he had already passed 80 years old, it was natural that he had already married. However, even though Van-san looked so young, his daughter Agnes was aging normally like this, so of course I was surprised. To all appearances, they only looked like a youthful mother and her son. But their actual relationship was the complete opposite of their outer appearances.   「Ah, His Highness had taught you about this before, right? This is because someone with a lot of mana has a longer lifespan. Agnes doesn’t really have lot of mana, so her appearance is a bit older than me, but she is genuinely, my daughter.」(Van)   Whoa, I see. Since the growth will be different depending on the mana, even a child could grow older than the parent first, right? Whoa, a parent-child reversal.   「What is this? Does it means that Reene-chan never see a person with low mana?」(Agnes) 「Reene has some special circumstances…… Agnes, can I bother you a bit?」(Van) 「Sure. Welcome to 『Red High Boot Inn』. The benefactor of the Knights is my benefactor too.」(Agnes)   So Agnes-san was the daughter? Ah, then his wife might be staying at this place, too.   「Van-san, does your wife also stay at this inn too?」(Reene) 「No, Julia[6] was-, my wife passed away 20 years ago. I am currently just a single widower.」(Van) 「I am very sorry, I had asked a weird question.」(Reene) 「Don’t mind it. Well then, I will return to the castle…… I am indebted for the Camiazure. Thanks.」(Van)   Van-san patted my head roughly and then he said 「I’ll come again」 to Agnes before leaving the inn. This feels bad. I asked something that I shouldn’t have. Van-san had lost his wife. It would be better if I hadn’t asked about this. While I was a bit embarrassed thinking about these matters, Agnes patted my back as if she was saying not to mind it too much.   「Reene-chan, how many days will you plan to stay?」(Agnes) 「How much in a night?」(Reene) 「If it’s one night, then 35 copper coins. Meals are not covered. With meals included, it’s 45 coppers. If you pay for one month in advance, then with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will be 12 silver, but since Reene-chan was introduced by the Blue Knights, then it will be just 10 silver. What will it be?」(Agnes)   A night without meals is 35 coppers. It will be about 3500 yen. It feels cheap, but is it? Currently I only have 1 pieceling coin, so I can’t spend it extravagantly. Hmm, but rather than going to an unknown place, this place is safer. 45 coppers x 30 days is 1,350 coppers. So it will be 13 silver and 50 coppers, although I got a friendly price of 10 silver. Whoaa, as expected, it’s expensive. 10 silver is the same as 100,000 yen. One month rent is 100,000 yen. Hmm, it’s the same price as an apartment in Tokyo. Although, since 1 pieceling is 25 silver, it’s a price that I can afford. Perhaps it will be better if I rented a room somewhere else for 2 or 3 days. But, I didn’t intend to stay here for that long in the first place. Then, it’s better to stay at the inn, since it’s much easier than constantly renting a room. I also don’t know the prices at the other inns. Fine. I need to earn a proper income as an adventurer and healer. Agnes-san is beautiful. I am weak against adult woman. Alright. Let’s stay here for one month.[7]   「Then, I will have one month’s stay with meals, please.」(Reene)   I put my hand inside the pocked and then took out a pieceling from my Item Box.   「One pieceling, right? Alright, this is your change. Then you will be staying here for 30 nights, starting from tonight. Your room is the furthest room on the second floor. I will pass to you the key. Don’t be late to the meals in the dining room on the first floor. Have you eaten yet?」(Agnes) 「No. If you please.」(Reene)   Then, while we were going to the dining room, Agnes explained many things like where the toilet is located here, that if I wanted to wash my body, the bathing place is beside the well, that water could also come out from the magic tool so I could carry it to the washbasin in my room, and that if I missed the meal, there wouldn’t be any refunds, so I need to eat it properly. Sadly, there were no bathtubs or bathrooms. The castle or the nobles’ inn in the Upper District had them, but it seems that it was normal for a commoner to wash themselves using water collected in a washbasin. I could always use『Cleaning・Drying』[8], but I also wished to soak in a bathtub. I then chatted again with Agnes who came with the meal. Agnes-san, had been living in Coltea since long time ago after marrying. Then, two years ago, her husband, a Coltean Knight, had passed away, and ever since then she was a widow. Then, she heard that this inn needed extra workers, so she came to help.   「Then, do you feel lonely, being single?」(Reene) 「Well, yeah. But I’m glad that Van came to this city at the right time. Being alone might end up dangerous. At that time, the children also died, you see.」(Agnes) 「Really?」(Reene) 「Yes, they were attacked when they were going out from the city. By the time that they were brought back into the city, both of them had already stopped breathing. I was completely heartbroken. If father didn’t come back to Coltea back then, I might have been dead as well.」(Agnes)   「It’s a common story you can find anywhere」, Agnes-san said this with a sad smile. A world with monsters is really a cruel place. Then we talked about many things. The first time I met Van-san and Cyan-san in Azure Forest, the battle with the pseudo-stegosaurus, how scary the perfect harmony of His Higness Leon’s sparkliness was, or how Van-san looked like the onii-chan while Cyan-san was the okaa-sanMother. During our conversation, we could open our hearts out to each other. I also felt that having a conversation with this exquisitely beautiful lady was fun. This was the first time that I had laughed this hard ever since coming to this place.   「Hey Reene. Can we be friends? Stop talking so formally. You don’t need to put “–san” on my name. Van’s friend is my friend, too you know.」(Agnes)   Whoaa, what to do? I was extremely happy. It’s really amazing to have an older cool lady as my friend. I had been longing for a friendship with an adult lady. I had made my first female friend since coming to this 『Gaia’s Garden』. I was so happy that I slammed the table as I stood up.   「Okay, fine. Agnes. Let us be a pair of 15-years age separated best friends from now on!」(Reene)   Agnes also stood up happily and shook my hand strongly.   「Yes, Reene. Let’s get along together hereafter!」(Agnes)   That day, I earned a best friend in this world.
    *Rung*Rung* In the morning, I jolted myself up at the sound of bells tolling. From what Agnes said, in the city, there were three times a day when the bell is rung. The first is the 「Morning Bell」 at three stound in the morning, the second is the 「Noon Bell」 at six stound in the noon, and the last is the 「Evening Bell」, at nine stound in the evening. So it’s six in the morning, mid-day and six in the afternoon, right? I didn’t notice yesterday’s evening bell, though. So, basically the working hour starts on the morning bell, the lunch break is at the noon bell, and when the evening bell is rung, the city’s gates will be closed. It will be not be opened until the next day’s morning bell, so one couldn’t enter or exit the city until then. That’s why the bells are an important signal. Agnes scolded me,   「It couldn’t be helped since you were probably still tired today, but you better wake up before the morning bell rings tomorrow to go to work.」(Agnes)   Eh? Working at six in the morning? or so I had thought, but this might be natural in a world where light is a precious thing. The morning bell and the evening bell are based on the time of the sunrise and the sunset. When it gets dark, then people who couldn’t use Light magic will use magic tools as a lamp. If the mana from the mana stone furnished in a magic tool is depleted, then the tool couldn’t be used and the stones themselves are quite expensive. Since at 4:30, the outside sky gradually became bright, everyone will wake up and eat their breakfast at around that time, and then go to their workplaces. Then, when the morning bell rings, they will start working until the evening bell, when they will stop to return to their own homes. People in the middle of journeys will also wake early – sleep early at the extreme. But this is considered normal for this world. After I slowly ate my breakfast, I returned to my room and was once again idling on the bed, when there was a knocking sound from the door as someone called me, 「Reene-san, there is someone waiting for you.」  When I went downstairs, I found Cyan-san and Agnes-san chatting together. Ah, I see. Since she is Van’s daughter, she is also close with Cyan-san. Cyan-san rarely smiled. Not only was it normal for his handsome face to rarely show any expression, he was always speaking politely and formally. With these facts, I could understand why he was called the 『Icy Prince』[9]. But perhaps it was because I had become a bit familiar with him, I could tell that he was more relaxed even though he was still poker-faced while chatting with Agnes. Certainly, it was because that he seldom smiled that his smile had such impressiveness. A smile from the 『Icy Prince』 was a rare-grade treasure, that, without any doubt, would cause any female to go “Waaaa” and “Kyaaa”. Perhaps there are even groupies following him. For me too, Cyan-san’s smile will pierce through my soul, so this kind of girl talk is welcome!   「Good morning, Cyan-san. Thank you very much for coming to get me.」(Reene) 「Good morning, Reene. I see that you are well today.」(Cyan)   After exchanging greetings with Cyan-san and waving farewell to Agnes, we went outside. I thought that we were going to walk, but Cyan-san had brought a horse with him.   「It will take about half a stound to walk to the castle, so come.」(Cyan)   He presented his hand to me. Ah, so that’s it. Since my feet couldn’t reach the stirrups, hence his offer. Since I was always inside the carriage from the village to Coltea, I had forgotten about this. I tried to calm myself, since having my feet carried up by his hand like this is embarrassing. This is like being waited on by a Knight. Eh, but he is actually a real Knight. Isn’t saying something like「I will become your Knight」, a really romantic situation? This was really embarrassing. While I was worrying about what I should do, Cyan-san looked at me with his usual ice-like eyes, 「Should I carry you up?」, he said as he was about to put his hand on my back to carry me up, so I hurriedly moved my back away.   「I’m fine, no need for this. Please do it like the usual.」(Reene)   Rather than being carried up to the horse, I preferred for him to use his hand as a foothold and to me up. When demounting the horse, I will ask him to carry me, though.   「During our trip to Camiazure, since it could be dangerous, I had asked for you to ride astride. But, riding in that position must be hard in your attire.[10] So you may sit side saddle.」(Cyan)   I see. Since we wouldn’t be sprinting like at that time, it’s fine for me to sit side saddle. Following his words, I turned and sat sidesaddle, and then Cyan-san mounted the horse. Close! Too close! Isn’t sitting like this as if I am completely in the middle of Cyan-san’s arms? On the previous trip, I was clinging to the horse’s mane so I wouldn’t be hindering Cyan from using his sword, and since the circumstances demanded it, I didn’t think much about it. But now that there’s nothing serious happening right now, I noticed, for the first time, that the distance between two people riding the same horse was be really short and intimate.   「Perhaps, I have to learn how to ride a horse.」(Reene) 「That’s true. If you at least learn how to not fall from the horse, then we can go with two horses.」(Cyan)   Seeing that I will need to live in this world for the time being, it might be important for me to learn how to ride a horse. Since I also want to register as an adventurer, riding a horse is a must, right? But I don’t know whether or not someone with poor reflexes like me be able to do it. Since the Clinic was also located close to the castle, commuting to the clinic from the inn will be hard, so there will be a Knight who will shuttle me around. A VIP treatment.   We traveled through the city while I received Cyan-san’s lessond about Coltea City like 「That bakery is popular for being delicious」 or 「That alley there is dangerous, so don’t go there.」 Finally, a wall that was so huge that I had to look up to see all of it , entered my sight. We didn’t go through the huge main gate of the castle, but we travelled alongside the wall until we encountered another gate. This gate was also big, but it didn’t have any gaudy decorations like the main gate. It seems that the merchants, the people working in the castle and the Knights entered through this gate. I entered the castle after showing the entry permit that I received when I first entered Coltea’s gate. The castle interior had surprisingly high ceiling. I was guided by Cyan-san through this maze-like castle. Midway, there were several times when I felt that the place had something similar to an air curtain. When I asked about this to Cyan-san, he said that there were several barriers placed inside the castle. The entire City of Coltea was also covered by barriers to obstruct any monsters, bandits or invaders. Not only was the entire castle covered with more barriers, each building inside of it had barriers, too. Then, there were even more barriers around important places. Finally, we arrived in front of a door that made me think about how tall the people that used it were. It opened when Cyan-san poured mana on the door. I entered the room. The inside was a remarkably splendorous room and had a door where two Blue Knights were standing guard. This place was His Highness Leon’s office. His Highness Leon wasn’t wearing the simple clothes that he wore yesterday, but instead an outfit that was suitable for nobility. A tunic with delicate embroidery of gold and silver threads. His soft beautiful blond hair was tied with a ribbon at his nape, leaving some of the hair at the side free. Kyaaa, it’s the Prince. Prince-sama is here……! Ah, I forget, he is a real Prince, right?   「Did thou have a good long sleep last night?」(Leon) 「Yes, I slept like a log.」(Reene) 「It will be fine if it’s that inn. However, this place is different from the safety of thine village. Please always put the lock on when thou close the door. While it might be hot, don’t leave the window open when thou go to sleep.」(Leon) 「I will be careful.」(Reene)   Van-san and Cyan-san had also done the same, but I think that His Highness Leon treating me like a child is a bit too much. Even on the way to the Castle, Cyan-san also warned me, 「There are bad people in this place, so don’t follow strangers, alright?」[11]   「Then. Forgive me, but I do not have much time.」(Leon)   His Highness rung a bell that was placed atop the table and then a clerk-like person entered from the side door. His hand was carrying a box-like thing. Inside the box was something like a small multicolored crystal. The clerk said,「Please give me your entry permit」, so I handed it over to him and then he put it atop the box.   「We will be making your identity document. Please hold your hand over the box and pour a small amount of mana. ……Yes like that, please hold it for a while. Please state your name, race, age and occupation. Please say Healer for the occupation.」(Clerk) 「Reene Kanzack, Human, 22 years old, Healer.」(Reene)   Then, the crystal inside the box suddenly glowed and when it was gone, there was a business-card sized slim metal plate.   「What is this crystal?」(Reene) 「A magic tool to print a card to register the statement that Kanzack-sama just made. It’s called Gaia’s Note. With this magic tool, we have registered Kanzack-sama’s personal information. Every person has a different mana quality, so we have registered Kanzack-sama’s personal mana information. In case the identification card is lost, if you go to a place that has this magic tool, then we can reissue it. Here it is, this is Kanzack-sama’s identity card.」(Clerk)   ——————————————————————————————————— 《Identification Document》 Name                         :Reene Kanzack Race                           :Human Age                             :22 Job                              :Healer Affiliation                   :Fantasma Kingdom ———————————————————————————————————   「With this, Kanzack-sama’s Entry Permit is revoked. Since the information of Kanzack-sama’s entry to Coltea is already registered in this information card, please present this card when exiting Coltea.」(Clerk)   I got an identity card. With this, I can also go to other cities and visit the library too. Then, His Highness handed me his introduction letter.   「With this, thou can read the restricted magic books. It will be great if there is a clue for thine village. However, please note that thou can’t read prohibited magic books with this letter of introduction.」(Leon)   Prohibited? Is it something like black magic? Like demon summoning or a curse spell? Ah, isn’t there is a possibility that another world summoning would also be considered as prohibited magic? Then that means that I can’t read it. What should I do?   「If after reading every book, that there are no clues that I could find, it would be nice if I can search for them in the prohibited books, too……」(Reene) 「There is another letter of introduction for the prohibited books. Also, thou needs to be accompanied by a Court Magician when reading the prohibited books. Try to search in the books that can be read with that introduction letter first. If thou still couldn’t find any clues, then I will be consider it.」(Leon) 「I understand. Thank you very much.」(Reene)   I want to see the prohibited books, but I can’t ask too much right? I must keep the balance of power to the status quo. If something happens, then I would be forced to accepting anything that they ask of me. So for now, I will leave the scale tipping over to His Highness Leon’s side, since I haven’t done anything yet, you see. Let’s ask again after I gather a bit more merit as a two days per week Healer and monster subjugation participant. I received the introduction letter and after saying my thanks once again, I left the room. When we returned outside, we didn’t go to the road where we came from before, but turned to the side instead. There, I could see a building that lacked any decorations unlike the castle. It was the office building that the Knights used, inside it, there was a training ground. Perhaps, because of how close it was to the stables, I could hear the whines of the horses.   「This is where we are usually stationed. If Reene wants to learn how to ride a horse, the off-duty Blue Knight at this place can teach you.」(Cyan) 「Can I really do that?」(Reene) 「It won’t be a problem. If you can ride a horse, then it will be convenient one way or another. Since Reene’s identity has been guaranteed by His Highness Leon, in Coltea you are recognized as someone related to the Blue Knights. If you present your identity card to the Castle’s Gate, then you can come to this office without any problems. If you ask for it, then a Knight could take you here after your Healer work is over.」(Cyan)   Since some of the patients at the Clinic are nobles, they wouldn’t let in someone without a clear background identity, even if he/she is a Healer, hence why His Highness Leon became the guarantor of my identity. This was as far as we went before we turned back, but while riding the horse slowly as we left the castle, I asked Cyan-san to inform me about the Healer duties that I will have next week.   「You will work for two days on Darkday and Fireday, from the morning bell until the noon bell. Since the Darkday will be your first day at work, the two Healers at the Clinic and Jin will also be present. Please listen to the details of the work from the Clinic’s Healer.」(Cyan)   Umm, I still couldn’t remember the name of the days of the week. For now, let’s ask how many days Darkday will be from today. Today is Spaceday, tomorrow is Lightday, the day after tomorrow is Darkday and Fireday is after that. It seems Lightday is a rest day for most of the government workers. So perhaps it’s the same as Sunday. Then, Darkday is Monday. Hmm, somehow the word Darkday itself has a similar feel to Monday, so it’s easy to remember. Sunday is Light and Monday is Dark, it’s too fitting.[12] Then Fireday is Tuesday, since it’s fire, so it’s easy to remember.[13] This means I will be working as a Healer on two consecutive days, Monday and Tuesday. I then asked Cyan-san to teach me the name of the days of the week once again. Lightday, Darkday, Fireday, Waterday, Earthday, Windday, and Spaceday. Since Lightday is Sunday, Darkday = Monday, Fireday = Tuesday, Waterday = Wednesday, Earthday = Thursday, Windday = Friday, Spaceday = Saturday. Since the normal names of the days have the same fire and water characters, I already remembered up to the sun-moon-fire-water.[14]   「So, the names of the days are similar to the magic attributes?」(rRe) 「Yes, they are. They are the Spirits that constitute Gaia. Magic spells are prayers for the attributes’ spirits to do something.」(Cyan)   The attributes that I had in my status are 【Light】, 【Fire】, 【Water】,【Earth】, 【Wind】, and 【Null】. The order is almost exactly the same as the order of the days of the week. I still haven’t used any magic with Dark or Space attributes. Since up until now, the attribute increased automatically when I used the corresonding magic, surely if I used a magic with a Dark or Space attribute, then it will be listed in my status. Let’s try to test this later. Cyan-san took me to the Middle District and we dismounted from the horse before we arrived at the inn. I want to eat lunch, so let’s do some town exploring. Also, perhaps some shopping too. That’s why this was an early farewell.   「Then, good luck for your job next week. About half a stound before the morning bell, someone from the Blue Knights will be picking you up. It will be a Blue Knight, don’t follow an unidentified stranger. If I can go, then I will be the one who will pick you up.」(Cyan)   While saying these words, Cyan-san gently brushed my hair and smiled. Then he mounted the horse and left. As I saw his back moving away, I flinched in agony. What-what was that just now. It’s the first time Cyan-san has patted me. Van-san did pat me before, but since Cyan-san is a beautiful person, his smile had a staggering impact. Whoa, I had seen something great. Today is my lucky day. Now then, let’s start exploring the town. First is lunch! I went to a plaza so wide that a carriage could turn around in it, where a lot of food stalls were lined up. I took a peek around and every stall had a nice inviting smell that tempted me. I will eat a lot! …… Eh. Wait-wait-wait. Calm down Reene. The money that I have right now is only 15 silver. I still haven’t hear anything about how much my salary as a healer will be. Will the money last until the end of the month? How much money will I receive as an adventurer? For now, let’s make this money last until the end of the month. Even though I still could eat a meal at the 「Red High Boot Inn」 so I could escape from the worst fate of dying from hunger, I still need to refrain from using money as much as I can. I also need to pay the 10 silver to stay for the next month. What are the indispensable goods for right now? The first thing is absolutely, clothing. I want to store everything that I wore from Japan as long as possible. These are the mementos that connected me to Japan. Also, they are a bit different from the clothing of this world. I don’t want to stand out. I also want underwear, towels and a bag. Then, what are the important goods for an adventurer? Weapons, armors and outdoor sundries, right? There is no problem for weapons since I can use magic, but I need a knife to cut things, right? In addition, I need camping supplies and rope, or something like convenient magic tools. Also, things necessary for daily life like pajamas, a comb, or a mirror. The money won’t be enough. Absolutely won’t be enough. I don’t know the price in this place, but it absolutely won’t be enough. What to do? Let’s postpone the goods that can be postponed.  First, let’s peek at the store and confirm the price. For the time being, I tried to walk around the premises. Midway I couldn’t endure and ended up buying a hotdog-like food. It’s called Kukru[15], a bread that is cut and filled with Gora meat and vegetables. The strong taste of the meat, the crispiness of the vegetables and the hard bread are deliciously complementing each other. It was two copper. Also, I found the Kecha drink that His Highness had mentioned before. The fruits were simmered and then squeezed, seasoned and cooled. The taste was like a mixed juice. This might become my new habit. The price of 1 copper was also a steal. I can buy this every day. With this, I had used 3 copper. The remaining money is 14 silver and 97 copper. Ah, I also need to buy a pouch to use as a purse. I could always put them in m Item Box, but as expected, it’s better to have some in my purse. Ah, how blissful it is this time. I can eat delicious food and I have nothing to do for the whole day. Ever since I came to 『Gaia’s Garden』, I had never had a restful day like this. It finally came. My slow life in another world. Well, there are still various unanswered questions, but while I’m at it, I might as well have some fun.   ✧✦✧✦   Well, I had predicted that this would happen. The things that I should buy first are the goods that are needed for an adventurer. Yup. I know this really well. But you know, the only clothes I have are what I am wearing on my body. Even though they won’t get dirty with magic, I have always worn the same clothes. Even at the night.  Even for the next day, and the next day after that. Unacceptable. As a college girl who is fashion-conscious, this is unacceptable…… I couldn’t postpone this anymore. Please don’t condemn me for this. Well, in other words, it’s that thing. You see, I bought clothes first. Then I bought some necessities like a bag and a knife, so all the money I had quickly decreased in front of my eyes. I had toured around many stores and as a result, the remaining money was 4 silver and 57 copper. This is everything that I have. Thank goodness that the cost for the one month room and board already had been paid for earlier. As long as I return to the inn, then I can still eat something. I must use the money on the important things…… But, I might have use a bit too much. My bad.   ✧✦✧✦   When I returned to the 「Red High Boots Inn」, bringing the goods that I had purchased with me, the sun had already begun to set. I placed the goods in my room and then went to eat the dinner. After borrowing a washbasin, I returned to my room. As always, I put 『Barrier』 inside the room. I could hear sounds from the outside, but the sights and sounds on the inside couldn’t be sensed from the outside. I have many things to test and to ponder after all. First, is a hot bath. Other people will bring hot water in a washbasin to their room, but I only borrowed the washbasin. Since I can use Fire and Water magic, then I don’t need to ask for hot water, after all. If I create a water and then warm it with fire, then it will be fine. While chanting 『Warm Water 40 Degrees[16]』 I put the hot water in the wash basin. After 10 days, I can finally enjoy a hot bath. It…… feels…… so gooooood.[17] Ah, Viva Bath. Viva Warm Water.[18] I wanted to soak up to my shoulder, but this wash basin was a bit too small. I decided that when I find a larger basin, I will buy it. After bath time  was over, I ventilated the hot water, as steam, out of the room with my magic and then went to return the basin. When I arrived back to my room, I put the Barrier back up once again. Now for the next task. First, I want to store the clothes that I had worn until now, since I want to keep the things I brought from Japan as long as possible. Since the dust was terrible when waiting in the queue for exiting the city, the coat still had its uses. Since my money was not enough, I couldn’t buy a mantle. Ah, let’s also put the coat’s hood on when I go to the Adventurer Guild. I don’t want my face to be seen too much after all…… Ah, that’s wrong. Hiding it will attract the attention of others. Is there any way to disguise myself without concealing myself? It might work if I had a wig. There was no one who pointed out my black eyes and black hair, but so far I hadn’t seen anyone with black hair. It was easy to recognize the 『Black Healer』 as someone with long straight black hair, so if I changed my black hair, then it would be difficult for people to recognize me. There is no need to inform unknown people that I am the 『Black Healer』. Let’s try changing my hair color using magic when I carry out my work as an adventurer. A reddish brown hair shouldn’t be that weird for my look. Alright! Let’s try it out.   『Dyeing – Reddish Brown – Loose Wavy Finish』[19]   I turned my hair color to reddish brown and put a light wave to it. How’s that? From what I could see, the hair do look like reddish brown and loosely wavy . Aww, how I wish for a mirror…… Ah, that’s right!   『Ice Mirror』[20]   I created some ice with a reflective surface like a mirror. I saw my reflection in the mirror. Yup, I looked natural. Furthermore, the impression I gave off was really different from a straight black haired hair girl. Yup, looks nice. From now on, let’s go with this appearance as Reene the adventurer. In addition, I don’t need the coat until I leave the town. I took out all the items inside my Item Box. While we’re at it, let me do some explanation. Item Box didn’t mean that I only had one box, it’s more like many lockers. Each thing was put in a different place. For example, (although I absolutely won’t do this) even if I stored a blood dripping corpse of monster inside, it won’t stain the clothes already stored inside. Since it stopped the passage of time, the Agamena Herbs that I picked before were still fresh, and the apple look-a-like fruits were still delicious. If I store my lunch inside it, then it might be still be puffing hot and edible. Now then, the contents of my Item Box was only this much. Smartphone, portable music player, 10 Agamena Herbs, 3 Apple look-a-like fruits I picked from Azure Forest, and money: 4 silver and 57 copper. The coat’s feather, scarf, sweater, and tights. Which reminds me, I had stored these clothes without washing them. It’s a good thing that time didn’t pass inside the item box. While I still remember it, let’s also wash the clothes that I had purchased. After all, it was simply lined up inside the store, so it was dirty from dust and finger marks. I took a look at the clothes that I had bought today. Yup. If I had to say, I had bought a lot. Even so, it wasn’t like I had bought so many pieces. First, the underwear.  There weren’t any small types like what I wore in Japan, only long pumpkin pants, the one called drawers.[21] For the top, there wasn’t any similar to a bra, only camisoles. Then, several outer clothes. It seems that for this world, the fashion doesn’t expose too much skin, and even in the summer, everyone wore long sleeved clothes. There weren’t any shirts with open neckline and the skirt’s hem was also long. I was glad that it was winter in Japan. If I came to this world in the summer while wearing a cami, miniskirt and mules then I might be preposterously standing out. When I asked for a recommendation for long clothing that wouldn’t hinder movement, they showed me long cullote skirt. If I wore this, then it would be easier for me to ride a horse. Then, a matching open collar shirt. Furthermore, a one piece dress and a long T-shirt looking cloth as a substitute for pajamas. Then short boots, a knife, a bag, a comb and a pouch that I will use as my purse. The clothes that I bought today and the ones that I put into Item Box were cleaned with 『Cleaning』, 『Drying』, and then were enchanted with『Condition Stasis』 , 『Antimicrobial Deodorization and Dirt Removal』 and『Physical Defense and Magic Defense UP』. I changed into the camisole and drawers and then put on the T-shirt pajamas before storing the rest of the clothes into Item Box. I also put 『Condition Stasis』 and 『Improve Offense』on the Knife before it went into the Item Box. Yup, with this, everything has been put into order. Let’s move to the next agenda. The next thing that I will do is this. Let’s try it a bit. I took out only one Agamena Herb. In the carriage I had heard about what they called as an apothecary, it seems that they are people who use a skill to make medicine. I looked at the Agamena Herb’s status once more.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Agamena Herb  ― Haemostatic・Wound Medicine Drinking it as a decoction could restore a small amount of HP 『Compounding』will create Potion 『Compounding』 with Moses Herb  and Blue Dewherb  will create Ether ――――――――――――――――   What is this 『Compounding』 skill? If I use this skill, then I can create potion In what way should I try this? Since it was written that 「Drinking it as a decoction」 then ordinary people usually boiled it, while apothecaries used their skill, right? If I boiled this normally, then I might obtain the skill. After all, this skill is really convenient. For now, let’s get some water.   『Water Ball』   A ball of water was formed in the air before me. Let’s boil it.   『Heating』   The ball of water began to bubble as it was boiled. Then I put the Agamena herb into it. The color began to slowly change.   『Compounding』   Since there was nothing to lose, I chanted the skill name. I imagined the potion inside a game. A glass bottle with red liquid. Then, just like my imagination, a glass bottle with a liquid inside it appeared.   ―――――――――――――――― ― Potion ― Medium HP Recovery Drinking it will recover 350 HP. Applying it to a wound will cause small recovery. ――――――――――――――――   It finished! Was this glass bottle created from magic? If the inside are consumed, then will it disappear? My, how eco-friendly. And then, there was a ping sound ringing inside my head. Alright. It’s here. Skill get!   ― Skill 『Compounding』 has been acquired ―   I opened the status and in the Skill column there was 『Compounding』written on it. Alright. I immediately took out one more Agamena Herb and tried using the 『Compounding』 skill. Without boiling any water like before, I created a Potion. It also had the same effect. It was surely identical with the previous Potion. I looked at my remaining MP and saw that it had decreased by 25 from the『Compounding』 just now. Well, since I had also created the bottle, then it might be using that much amount of MP. Then, wouldn’t the apothecary work be fairly difficult? Even creating 10 Potion will consume 250 MP. That’s remind me, Jin-san had said that the medicine produced by apothecaries had a high price. Since the number that can be produced in one day is small, the price of it will be expensive. I can understand this. Yup, with this I can use 『Compounding』. To have such a user-friendly skill is extremely fortunate. Then, the next one. Which is, testing Dark and Space magic. There were seven attributes, but with the addition of the Null attribute, it was actually eight attributes. The attributes that I didn’t have were Dark and Space. It didn’t really mean anything, but for a game maniac like me, not getting a ‘full completion’ left me with a bad taste. What kind of Dark Magic that I should use? Was it like a black magic or something? Dark, dark, dark…… Ah, then what about darkness?   『Darkness』   The room suddenly became pitch black. A true darkness without a single point of light.  I quickly recited 『Cancel』  and when the room became bright again, I was relieved. Yeah. Darkness is a bit frightening. I saw my status and 【Dark】 was added to the Attributes column. Alright! Dark Attribute get! The next one would be Space. Space is warping space or creating space, something like that? So that means, space-transfer magic. The whole room was covered with barrier that I put awhile ago. For the test, I stood at the edge of the barrier near the door, stared intently at the bed while imagining myself transported to it.   『Transfer』   ……Huh? I am not moving at all. 『Teleport』『Space Transfer』『Teleportation』『Instant Movement』『I want to go to the bed』『From here, poof, to there』…… I had chanted as many as I could. But, it didn’t happen. Why? Until now, didn’t every spell that I had chanted always work? Aren’t I currently using my vehement imagination? So even with the 「Imagination Empress Misuzu」’s imagination, there are spells that I couldn’t cast…… The status didn’t have any changes at all. Let’s check this out at the library. There is a possibility that the magic referred to as Space Attribute Magic might be different from the transfer magic that I had thought of……By any chance, did this world not have transfer magic? Hmm, it’s strange that I can’t do transfer magic. After all, isn’t otherworld summoning is something that belongs to the transfer magic family?   ✧✦✧✦   When I woke up on the next morning, I thought about immediately going to the library to investigate the Space Attribute. But you see, today is Lightday so it seems to be a rest day for the library. I thought, shouldn’t they open, especially since it’s a rest day, but apparently this is how this world’s bureaucracy work. Books are precious. Hence, even to enter you must show your identity card, to read you need a letter of introduction, and to read prohibited books, you need a letter of introduction and must be accompanied by a Court Magician. The library is also guarded by numerous guards, and even when you leave it, there will be a strict check performed on you. It’s open from the morning bell until the evening bell. With this, I plan on going to the library tomorrow afternoon, since the Healer work is only in the morning. This means, my schedule today is fully open for the whole day. Then, should I visit the Adventurer Guild? I thought that the Adventurer Guild was also closed on Lightday, but when I asked Agnes, she said that it was open every day. I could only work as an adventurer when I don’t have my Healer work, so it will be from Waterday (Wednesday). However, it’s better to receive a job early, so I can leave the city first thing in the morning. Isn’t this efficient? Yup. Let’s do this. I dyed my hair with 『Dyeing – Reddish Brown – Loose Wavy Finish』. I didn’t want to be seen when I left the inn, so I coiled the cloth, that I bought as a towel, around my head like a scarf. The outside of the city had dry ground so the cloud of dust was thick, but the city was paved so it was easy to walk and the road was cleaner. The buildings constructed out of mud walls and bricks were really different from Japan. It’s as if I was travelling in an old German town, walking leisurely like this was really fun. I believed that this girl, who wore the clothing of this world with this world’s scarf atope her reddish brown hair, was blending relatively well with the city.   ✧✦✧✦   The Adventurer Guild had the appearance of a village administration office. There were several tables at the Counter Area, where the Guild’s staff was working. There were counters for each task where the responsible staff members sat behind the table facing the counter. Since I could see stairs and doors behind the counter, there might be more offices further inside. Opposite from the counter was the space for the adventurers where a wall was covered with many papers. Everyone was looking at that wall, so I am sure that those were the quest papers. There were several tables for the quest application counter located further inside, and behind that counter I could see a kitchen. So it seems that the adventurers could have a light meal while meeting with fellow adventurers. Yup, it really was like a government office. Although, compared to a village administration office, the people inside the building felt more grim. There were many people with scary looks, perhaps because the adventurer job is a dangerous occupation. Some of the adventurers, who noticed me looking around while standing still, were throwing probing gazes at me. It’s scary, so please stop looking. Since there was no people who deliberately approached me, I moved to the reception counter while putting on an undisturbed face, although my heart was thumping hard.   「I want to register as an adventurer.」(Reene) 「Do you have an identity card?」(Receptionist) 「Yes, here it is.」(Reene) 「Thank you, I will be taking this…… So, Kanzack-sama, do you want to register as a Healer?」(Receptionist) 「No. A Magician.」 (Reene)   Registration as a Healer would make it easier for me to be found out, so I can’t use it. That’s why I used Magician.   「Magician?」(Receptionist) 「Fire and Water.」(Reene)   Yes, I asserted. After all, most Humans only have one or two attributes. The only Human that had three attributes in his status was Jin-san. Well, since the occupation in the information card is Healer, then it will easy to see that I can use either Light, Water and Earth magic, though. Practically, Fire and Water magic are convenient for attacking and also camping. It would trouble me if I couldn’t use 『Fireball』 or 『Freeze』  in front of others. So it would be impossible for me to refrain from using Fire in public. The same case with Water. The receptionist onee-san seemed to want to say something, but she continued with the application without saying anything. Across the counter, there was a box with numerous small crystal balls. It’s the same magic tool that was used by the clerk at His Highness Leon’s office. 「Gaia’s Note」, if I’m not wrong. Then, the onee-san placed my identity card atop of it.   「Please place your hand over it and pour a little mana on it.」(Receptionist)   Just like what she said, I placed my hand and poured out a little mana.   「Please state your name, race, age, and occupation.」(Receptionist) 「Reene Kanzack, Human, 22, Magician.」(Reene)   I answered with a break in between replies and then the crystal began to shine.   「Yes, this is enough…… This is Kanzack-sama’s Guild Card.」(Receptionist)   It was a slim metal card the size of a name card, just like my identity card.   ——————————————————————————————————— 《Adventurer Card》 Name                         :Reene Kanzack Race                           :Human Age                             :22 Job                              :Magician Attributes                   :Fire, Magic Registration Area     :Fantasma Kingdom, Coltea Guild Rank                :F ———————————————————————————————————   「Since this is Kanzack-sama’s first registration, you must begin from the lowest guild rank, F. By receiving quests and accumulating accomplishments, the rank will increase. This guild card can also be used as an identity document, so you can use either this card or the identity card when needed.」   So you mean I could use the different identity documents? At times, I am a Healer, at other times, an Adventurer? I had said that I was a Magician when registering, but it seems that this onee-san was a quite plucky woman.   「Won’t it be a problem to have several identity documents?」(Reene) 「No, it won’t. Since the owner of these two cards is registered on the Gaia’s Note, using either of them won’t pose any official problems.」(Receptionist)   The people who had access to Gaia’s Note would know my activity as a Healer when confirming my identity documents, but normal people could be said to have no means of knowing about it.   「However, the magic tools used for checking identity documents at a city entrance doesn’t possess such detailed feature. So when entering and exiting the city, you must use the same card.」(Receptionist)   I see, if I use my identity card to enter the city and then use my adventurer card when exiting the city there will be an error.   「The first registration is free of charge. However, reissuing the card will cost one silver, so please keep this in mind.」(Receptionist)   I received the returned identity card and the guild card and put them inside my Item Box. The onee-san then began her explanation about adventurer activities. Well, it was the generally identical with the clichéd fantasy novels, webnovels and games. Start from rank F, receive points as the result of completing the quest, when the amount of points is enough, then the rank will be increased, F →  E →  D →  C →  B →  A →  S →  SS. Rank will decide the type of quest that can be received. The escort or transporting valuable items quest could only be received by people with experience and a rank above D. To do a quest, you need to take the quest card that you want to do from the quest board, and then inform the staff that you want to take the quest, who will give you the quest permit. How the quest could be completed differed depending on its contents. For a subjugation quest, you need to bring back severed parts as proof, for a bodyguard or transport quest, then you need to bring back the completion sign from the requester. After that, you will receive the quest rewards. Hmm, well, it wasn’t that I wanted to become an adventurer to earn a lot of money. I only need just enough money, so that I could travel to many places. Let’s do this steadily without rushing. But since I am also happy to earn money while travelling to another city, it might be already nice if I can take an escort quest for D Rank. Okay, let’s make this an objective for the current adventurer work: become a D Rank! I said my thanks to the onee-san, then headed towards the quest board. Since I had came to the Guild, at the very least I must go see what kind of quests are available. If there is anything good, let’s take it. I approached the quest board. The people who looked at the request board inside and the people in at the dining area was scrutinizing me. They must have thought me I was just a mere young girl. Whoaa, this looks bad. I timidly approached the F Rank Board and the onii-san there moved aside to open a space for me while giving me a broad grin. I lightly nodded at him and approached the board. Don’t be bothered by them, Reene. They are bugs, just bugs. While stealthily casting 『Search』 and『Protective Membrane』, I looked at the board. The work at the Adventurer Guild could be generally divided into Subjugation, Escort, Delivery, Monster Core/Material Collection, Herb Collection, and Inner City Commission. The Inner City Commission Quest was something like fixing roofs, painting fences, or buying groceries. The quests that an F Rank could take were not important ones. It was mostly Inner City Commission, Herb Collection and Low Rank Monster Core/Material Collection. So, now for the main point. I had experienced many things as a Healer, so I believed that my spirit had become relatively stronger. But, as expected, the things that I was hopeless at are still hopeless. What do I mean? It’s collecting monster’s parts. Yeah, I could kill a monster that was attacking me. I believe this was unavoidable. However, I couldn’t make myself deliberately kill them just to collect their materials. Of course, since the monster might attack people if we leave them be, killing them might be a good thing to do. But you know, just for illustrating my case, these were F Rank Quests:   ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Materials Collection Target                         :Killer Bee’s Stinger Zone                           :Coltea’s Surroundings Quantity                     :20 Time Limit                  :No Limit Reward                      :1 silver ——————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Materials Collection Target                         :Cockatrice’s Beak Zone                           :Coltea’s Surroundings Quantity                     :5 Time Limit                  :No Limit Reward                      :1 silver ———————————————————————————————————   I could make myself kill monsters. I did not enjoy it, but I had done it in the forests. I was reluctant to deliberately kill them not because they were attacking me, but I could do it one way or another. But you know, I must cut the corpses after I kill them. The Killer Bee is still a bee. A stinger won’t be just sticking just on the tips of their butts, it’s actually rooted further inside. In other words, I need to rip through the bee’s plump abdomen to get the stinger. No way, can’t do it! I can’t possibly do it! The Cockatrice is a large chicken like monster and if you get pecked by its beak, then you will turn to stone. Can I cut a chicken’s beak? Impossible. It will not going to happen. …… What should I do? There were no quests that I could take. There were no Subjugation Quest for F Rank, but Subjugation Quests are also impossible for me to do for the same reason. After all, you need to cut the monster’s parts as the proof. This is something that I can’t possibly do. What should I do? This is harder than the clichéd another world script that 「Adventurers can obtain a lot of money.」 Stop it, Reene! The money you have right now is just 4 silver. If you can’t work as an Adventurer, there won’t be enough money! While agonizing in front of the quest board, I forgot about the surrounding eyes,. I had thought about it a lot, but there was nothing left to do but Herbs Collection, Monster Core Collection, and helping inside the city quests. When doing Herb Collection quests, perhaps I would be attacked by monsters mid-quest. Even so, I could defeat them. Since it was F Rank and near Coltea, so not that many monsters will appear, I am sure that it will be fine. And like that, I took two quest cards.   ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Herb Collection Target                         :Macacari Leaves[22] Zone                           :No Restriction Quantity                     :5 Time Limit                  :No Limit Reward                      :1 silver ——————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Herb Collection Target                         :Cat’s Flower Stalk Grass[23] Zone                           :No Restriction Quantity                     :10 Time Limit                  :No Limit Reward                      :1 silver ———————————————————————————————————   Also, I will take the Monster’s Core Quest. I had defeated monsters in the forest, but since I didn’t look back at them, I didn’t notice the core’s presence at all. From what the Knights had said, even if you kill the monster with magic by burning them to cinders or freezing them to pieces, the core would still be left behind. However, you can’t collect a core from very weak monsters. Since the monster that needs to be defeated has a slightly higher rank, the price of the core was more expensive than Materials Collection. I took two Core Collections quests.   ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Core Collection Target                         :Wild Dog’s Core Zone                           :Coltea’s Surroundings Quantity                     :5 Time Limit                  :No Limit Reward                      :6 silver ——————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————— 《F Rank Quest》 Core Collection Target                         :Poison Cat ’s Core Zone                        

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