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Waking up from a short sleep, I heard Joule’s, Allen’s, and Elena’s voices. And then at the same time, a terrible impact on my belly…… I’m choking.

「…… Joule」

Joule who turned into the small form was on my belly. The impact from a little while ago appears to be from Joule jumping on me.

This impact with no aggressiveness with a small form…… I see, it’s only given that the big Joule trampled the alligators to death~

《Au~…… I’m sorry》

Joule who noticed my fainting in agony after his jumping impact was visibly feeling down. His tail would usually flap all over the place, but it’s now hanging in despondent.

「No, yeah, I’m fine. Good morning, Joule. Well, I won’t tell you to stop jumping onto me, but please, I request you to do the landing carefully next time」
《Got it~》

When I pat Joule who was feeling despondent while rising up, I caution Joule to pay attention to the landing next time. I understand he didn’t have any ill intentions, but I would like to avoid that impact every time.

「Allen and Elena too, good morning」

「Good morning to you as well, Feat」

I finish greeting the other children and start preparing breakfast after putting in order my clothes.

「Now then, what shall we eat today~」

「N? You want to eat onigiri?」

《Me too~》

While thinking what freshly cooked dish to make, Allen and Elena made a request. It appears they want onigiri this morning. Joule and Feat are apparently okay with that as well.

「What would you like for the filling?」
「「Ntone~ fish~」」

Speaking of onigiri with fish filling that I made, it was salmon and tuna mayo. In addition, a miso soup with plenty of vegetables and tamagoyaki to go with that.

「「It’s delish~」」


We start capturing after eating the meal. Today is the twenty-fifth floor.


Just as we descended on the twenty-fifth floor, Army Crabs appeared. In a large quantity at that.



Because it was monsters not suitable for ingredients, the children were disappointed.

Huh…… Feat is nodding in agreement?

《Do you think Oniichan could make a tasty meal out of it?》


Everyone looks at me with expectations.
Cooking with Armi Crabs? Erm…… there are not many edible parts, but it’s not impossible. But…… they are not meant for eating……

「…… If it’s dashi…… I could do it?」

They are materials used for making armor, but a crab is a crab?


《Yay~ I want to drink a soup~ Then, I will do my best and defeat them, okay~》

「Elena too~」

It appears that it has been decided that I will make a soup from the Army Crabs.

Well, they have run off with such vigor to defeat the Army Crabs and they will surely obtain many materials, so there shouldn’t be a problem in trying to make dashi.




Feat who was in my hands wanted to participate as well, so when I released Feat from my hands, Feat started firing magic at the Army Crabs mid-air.
Because there are many Army Crabs, I should participate in attacking too. I would like to earn some experience even if little.

「《Water Needle》」


With all of us moving, the large crowd of Army Crabs got exterminated in a blink of an eye.


A large quantity of drop items are scattered all over the place.

Is that “it”? Was it stuck to the crab’s shell or something? I wonder if the dungeon is pushing me to make the soup……

《Oniichan, can you make the soup with this? There’s still lots~?》

《Un! Yay~ I’m looking forward to it~》


If I say something wrong, it would turn into the alligator hunting, so I have to be careful about my words.

「There, there, let’s get going~」


I would like to capture at least the twenty-sixth floor today after all. Let’s crisply progress! ――Is what I thought, but…… it didn’t go according to my plan.



A large crowd of Army Crabs appeared again.

「…… Let’s quickly defeat them~」


After I said such, the children really defeated the Army Crabs quickly.
Thus, we obtained many Army Crab drop items again.

《I’m looking forward the dinner, right~》


Un, soup making…… I will do my best……

After that, we smoothly advanced through the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh floors.

I smashed the hard shell so it would fit into the pot and I started extracting the essence accompanied by gentle clicking.

Un, it tastes unexpectedly good. Besides, these Army Crab eggs! Their popping texture matches the soup well!

「Allen too~」

《Not fair~ Me too~》

I was checking the taste of the soup, but the children found fault with it and quickly rushed towards me.
Since it couldn’t be helped, I retrieved a few pre-made dishes from the《Infinite Storage》and we had the dinner just like that.

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