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I had come to the village where the tribes that were persecuted by the current demon king have gathered. It's to leave the survivors of the kokuyoku tribe with them.

When we arrived at the village, we were surprisingly welcomed and invited to the residence where the star rabbit village's chief is.

The star rabbit tribe's chief is sitting down on a sofa.

He's wearing a monocle, and his white, beautiful rabbit ears are his characteristic.

"Dear visitor, I have been waiting for you. Please take a seat."

Taking his offer, I sit down on the sofa.

Although the kokuyoku village had been troubled from just their daily meals, it seems this place has quite a lot of room.

Hiding my alertness, I stick a mask of a smiling face onto myself and open my mouth.

"First, my thanks. Thank you very much for taking in the kokuyoku tribe. I am Kearuga. As you can see, I am a human." (Kearuga)

"It has been a while. Let me say my thanks as well, thank you." (Eve)

I see, this man called Carol and Eve are acquaintances.
As far as I can see from Eve's response, it seems that Eve at least thinks this guy's a good person.

"No no, since the star rabbit and kokuyoku have formed an alliance, I have only done what is a matter of course. We have also received considerable presents from Kearuga-sama as well… and I also heard from my subordinate. Apparently you annihilated that demon king army's elites. How did you annihilate them? It may become a clue to break through our predicament. Could you please teach me?" (Carol)

Carol leans his body forward.

That being said, from this way of speaking, I interpreted it as him knowing that the demon king army's elites were dispatched, and that he even knows their scope.

I wonder if they sent a scout.
However, even if they had sent a scout, they didn't know we had repelled the demon king army before coming here. This is full of uncomfortable feelings.

However, it would be unnatural to not tell the whole story of repelling the demon king army, and it's not like there are any demerits to not say it. I'll honestly tell him about it.

"Carol-sama, do you know of the god bird Caladrius?" (Kearuga)

"The story will be quick if you know that. Eve overcame the god bird's trial. And then, with the god bird's power, we annihilated the troops of the demon king army who attacked the kokuyoku tribe." (Kearuga)

Carol swallows his breath. His pupil behind the monocle shines.

"Hou, so it had the exact some power as the legends huh. To think it would bury the demon king army's elites by itself." (Carol)

The questions have increased here. Carol isn't pleased.

Normally, he should have been pleased that an ally has obtained power to oppose the demon king army. Despite that, 'instead, my questions have increased' is what he's thinking.

"Yes, I was also surprised at the god bird's power, and at Eve who handled the god bird." (Kearuga)

Eve is feeling embarrassed.

I want her to choose the information she should say, and to not expose any information about us.

"Kearuga-sama, you would be invincible if you have the power to easily win against the demon king. I don't think you can use that much power without any compensation. Are there any conditions or compensations for activating it?" (Carol)

… Conditions and compensation huh. He's getting to the point and asking me that. It's as if he's assuming that Eve will fight them.

Fundamentally, I don't trust a single person. … The only exceptions would be Setsuna and Eve.

Based on that, this guy is suspicious.

I tell her to stay silent with my eyes, and open my mouth.

"There are several conditions that are necessary for using the god bird's ability." (Kearuga)
"As expected, it was like that. Those conditions are?" (Carol)

He's taken the bait.

"Before that, please tell me why you want to know them." (Kearuga)
"Is it not natural I would want to know them? With Eve-sama and the god bird's power, we can go on the offensive. It's a chance to rebel against the demon king. Of course, I do not plan to make only Eve-sama fight. To cooperate as well, I want to know about Eve-sama's power." (Carol)

It more or less makes sense.


"The god bird obtains power from the moon and stars. Unless there is a crescent moon like yesterday without any clouds, we can't use its power." (Kearuga)

I told a more or less believable lie.
He must know that the god bird's trial can only be taken during a period of time when the arrangement of the stars are at a certain position.

In that case, even if I say that the power is influenced by the waxing and waning of the moon, it shouldn't sound strange. Therefore, I told the lie that it can only be used when there's a crescent moon like yesterday.

"I see, so you can only use it on days when there is a crescent moon without any clouds. It is a power that is harder than I thought it would be to use." (Carol)

"Hou, apples you say. Legends say it is the fruit of life. For that reason, even against the god bird's poison… we absolutely cannot let the demon king army know of this. They will easily make a counter-plan." (Carol)

*We smile wryly. And then, I taste the black tea.
In addition to ordering Eve not to tell him the information, I also told her to not taste the drinks or tea cakes. (TL Note: ‘We’ meaning Kearuga’s party if you were confused.)

… I was correct, poison has not been mixed into this black tea, but a truth serum is inside it.

No matter what happens, it's not something you would use against your allies.
I wouldn't have realised it unless I set my class as an 【Alchemist】.

"Kearuga-sama, Eve-sama. It is already late today. Please stay at our village. We have made our preparations to welcome you. You guys are the heroes that sent an arrow back to the the detestable demon king after all. We will do our best to entertain you." (Carol)

Carol brightly smiles.
I return his smile, and firmly shake hands with him.

Everyone has gathered in the room we were given.

Therefore, we safely passed time at the welcome party.
… I once again thought this after participating in the welcome party. This place is too wealthy.

"Kearuga-sama, more tense than usual. What happened?" (Setsuna)

Setsuna asks me, but I press my index finger against her lips and tell her to be silent.
Next, I bring my mouth close to Freya's ear and speak in a low voice.

"Freya, can you make sure no sound leaks from the room with wind magic?" (Kearuga)
"It is possible. I will try it…【Wind Cradle】. It is okay now. They cannot eavesdrop on our conversation from outside the room." (Freya)

As expected of Freya.

Fire that excels at offensive power, water that is useful on a journey. Apart from that, there is also the support orientated wind. Earth that demonstrates its power by installing traps. No matter what situation she is in, Freya can show her power.

"Everyone, don't be surprised. The star rabbit tribe is probably under the control of the demon king. They are traitors." (Kearuga)

Setsuna indifferently accepts it, Freya opens her eyes widely in surprise, Eve almost raises a loud voice saying that it's a lie, and Ellen closes her mouth.
Far from being surprised, Ellen made a reaction as if she had already assumed they betrayed. As expected of the strategy genius, princess Norn.

"The moment we arrived at the village, I thought it was weird. A village where the tribes that were persecuted by the current demon king gather. Furthermore, they have military power and population to some extent, and it's a village where their communication is lively. If I was the demon king, I would not allow the existence of villages like this. After all, it's the optimum location for the persecuted tribes to band together and work as one to revolt." (Kearuga)

Through this village, the persecuted tribes have gathered, and I'm certain their steps are matched.

Even if there are a few sacrifices, it's normal practice of war to destroy it from the beginning.

"Kearuga, it's not nice to doubt them just because of that. They actually said they were attacked a few times as well." (Eve)

Eve says that as if sticking up for the star rabbit tribe.
Towards that sort of Eve, *Ellen opens her mouth. (TL Note: Author wrote Norn, but it was probably a typo.)

"I also thought they were suspicious. Therefore, I asked the frequency and scale of the demon king army's attacks to the person that guided us. … It is strange. I didn't feel any intention of trying to destroy this village. They repeatedly appointed small amounts of fighting power. Useless attacks like this are impossible. If it did happen, it would be some kind of camouflage. It felt like they were appealing that they are opposing each other." (Ellen)

Ellen matter-of-factly informs her that. Unlike her normal facial expression that always behaves like a spoiled child to her onii-sama, she has the face of a cool-headed strategist.

"I'm of the same opinion as well. I can understand it if they underestimated them and experienced one or two defeats. However, if they lost, anyone with a normal mind would put in more fighting power to win next time." (Kearuga)

It's impossible for someone to fight for the sake of losing.

"I can understand that it's strange. However, it's too pushy to suspect the star rabbit tribe just because of that." (Eve)

"That's because they sent out scouts." (Eve)

"The star rabbit tribe find out at the last moment, and didn't have the time to tell the kokuyoku tribe, so the reason they didn't know the demon king army lost is because they returned before the battle started since it's dangerous." (Eve)

I can understand Eve's feelings of wanting to deny it, but that's definitely impossible.
Ellen opens her mouth as if taking over my words.

"’They made the scout return because it's dangerous’. That would be impossible. This village is a threat to the demon king army, and can be reached by walking one day from the kokuyoku village. If I was the top of the star rabbit tribe, I would predict that we would be aimed at next after the kokuyoku tribe, and make a counter-plan. I absolutely would not take my eyes off the demon king army. Despite that, the fact they made the scout return means they knew the demon king army wouldn't attack this village from the start." (Ellen)

Ellen informs her that with confidence.
There is a possibility that the star rabbit tribe is just stupid, but from looking at that chief, thoughts like that disappeared.

"That's a lie. If Ellen's words are true, this village is" (Eve)
"Connected to the demon king. That is almost certain. If so, everything would be consistent." (Ellen)

Eve loses her words.
She is smart. It looks like she properly understands everything I explained until now.

"By camouflaging their attacks merely for form's sake, they are overlooking this village, and the demon king army is gaining information from the various tribes that have gathered here via the star rabbit tribe. You should think that the star rabbit tribe is buying their safety by selling the other tribes that gathered here. As far as the demon king army is concerned, it is more convenient to have this place." (Ellen)
"I'm of the same opinion as Ellen. And, Eve. Try and remember our conversation with Carol from before. He persistently asked about the god bird's weakness right? That was him searching for weaknesses to kill you. Therefore, I lied to Carol. If they find out that it can only be used on days with a crescent moon and no clouds, the area of the demon king will be short of hands on nights apart from ones with a crescent moon, and they will be exhausted from being on a state of high alert on days with a crescent moon. The reason why I said apples is the specific medicine for it is to invite negligence." (Kearuga)

If what we talked about leaks, I'll scatter convenient lies.

It would be the best if they underestimate the god bird because they think they're fine as long as they have apples. (TL Note:話したことが漏れるなら、都合のいい嘘をばらまく。Anyone have any other suggestions for the first line?)

"Fortunately, they are under the impression that they deceived us. Together with Ellen, I'll think of a plan to make the best use of this situation." (Kearuga)

Eve clenches her fist tightly.

Her mind is hurting from the star rabbit tribe's betrayal. She can't understand why they would sell their comrades who are in the same circumstances to gain their own safety.

"… Hey, Kearuga. What are the girls going to do? If the star rabbit tribe has betrayed, we can't let leave them here. " (Eve)

"But…" (Eve)
"If you want to save those girls, throw away your sentimental argument. Think about whether your feelings or those girls' lives are more important." (Kearuga)

Eve stops clenching her fist and looks up at the sky.
And then, she looks straight at my eyes.

"I got it. Kearuga. I properly understand. I won't do anything stupid." (Eve)

"I understand! Since I cannot be of use in battle, things like this is my speciality." (Ellen)

That's reassuring.
I'll borrow princess Norn's wisdom.

"Freya, it's okay to stop the wind magic now. Everyone, from now on, you're banned from having any conversations or behaving in a way that shows you have realized you're being deceived. Ellen and I will communicate in writing." (Kearuga)
"Since it's a magic that uses my nerves, I had just been thinking that any more than this would be hard. I'm saved." (Freya)

Towards the demon king, I spread the lie that the god bird can only be used on nights with a crescent moon to make him be cautious of the wrong timing, and the lie that they would be fine as long as they have apples.

I'll scatter plenty of poison tomorrow.
Together with Ellen, I started thinking about a strategy that would make the maximum use of this situation.

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