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For the record, I'll be using interchangeably the words "fairy" or "water fairy" and "Lambanang-tubig'. Actually, I wanna use the shorter one. Um, should I? Lazy me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Chapter 10.1: Mirror, Mirror (1)

Roselda’s bed was cluttered with various items; the unfolded book of Shells & Crafts, a glue, water colors, colorful yarns, scissors and so on. On a small bilao1 laid the shells and conches that she collected up last time, already all cleaned up.

The girl woke up early. She cooked breakfast for her parents, which surprised the two elders. She also fed the backyard chickens, swept the dried leaves by the yard and watered the few plants of her Mamang. She also wrapped his Papang his lunch before he went out to continue mending his net. Her unusual diligence today was really puzzling.

When she returned to her room, the smile on her lips was so noticeable. She enthusiastically started making her decorations using the shells and conches she collected. She kept on glancing at the pages of the book. She wanted to make sure that she's sticking the pieces to their right places.

She soon stopped and examined her work. Not bad. Earlier, it was just an ordinary bottle, but now it has become an exquisite vase covered with layers of shells.

“What do you think, Sadi?” The girl peeked at the fairy on its berth.

The lambanang-tubig was lying on its belly, looking bored. It lifted its head and opened one of its eyes and then mildly murmured a chirp. It then closed its eyes and once again lowered its head.

“Did you not like my work?” The girl walked to the fairy and stroked it.

It opened its wings and flew towards Roselda’s shoulders. It tried to tickle her neck.

She took the fairy from her shoulder while laughing. “So you want to play again? You do see that I’m doing something, right?”

It gave her a resentful purr and flew to her head. There it stayed and curled itself.

Roselda laughed again.

Suddenly, she heard three successive car honks from outside their house. As he approached and looked out by the window, she saw a white van. It has already parked in their yard.

Maybe they are lost, Roselda thought.

She considered going out to know who's the owner of the vehicle that's suddenly parked in front of their house.

She has yet to step out to their yard when she saw the front window of that expensive car slowly rolling down. From there, Marissa’s head popped out.

“Negra2!” Marissa loudly shrieked. Her voice was clearly heard by the neighborhood. She quickly pushed open the door, ran through the yard's entrance and gave Roselda a bear hug.

“What bad air brought you here?” The girl can't help smilingly respond.

“Well, well! It's the 'air of beauty' that brought me here! You witch!” she peered to her friend as she answered.

(TN: 'bad air' is the literal translation which figuratively implies 'something' made someone do, while 'witch', also a direct translation, can be used to comically describe a woman with a disarranged appearance or just an affectionate name to female friends)


Roselda laughed. “What are you doing here?”

“It's 'us',” said the voice behind Marissa.

A woman was standing outside the open door of the van. She's wearing a tight-fitting white sleeveless-shirt that displayed her beautiful body shape and a pair of very short shorts which totally displayed her white and smooth legs. Her shoulder-length hair was tied up into a bun and a white sunglass was resting on her head. Her right wrist was wearing a bracelet made from colorful beads. She looked like some foreigner on her outfit.

“Erika!” Roselda exclaimed.

“I'm sulking!” another voice said.

Once again, from inside the van, the heads of Kara, Japeth, Mirasol, and Mike peeked out. They're her classmates and also friends.

“Come on, what are you all doing here?”

“Duh? Isn't it obvious from Erika’s get-up?” Mirasol replied. That's Eda's nerdy but also mischievous classmate.

Roselda looked back at Erika, still confused.

“Geez, Eda,” Kara cut in as she walked down from the van and standing next to Erika. She's wearing a yellow sleeveless-shirt and just like her friend, white shorts that's too short. “We're planning to go to an outing. We miss having you.”

“That’s right,” Japeth shrilly added; their gay friend. “So get a change of outfit already. Let's not waste this beautiful sunshine.”

“Eda,” They all heard a call from a woman. “What's happening? You seem to have visitors?” From the back of the house Lisa came towards them.

“Mang, these are my classmates.” Roselda mentioned.

One by one, these youngsters walked towards her and made a mano3.

“Mamang!” Marissa coyly approached the old woman. “We actually wanted to borrow your little girl.”

“Where are you going?” the old woman asked.

“We’ll take Eda along in the outing,” Erika replied. “Please?”

“Is that right?” the old woman quickly decided. “Sure. Of course.”

“For real, Mang?” Roselda exclaimed. She felt both surprised tinged with longing and happiness.

“Just be back early, okay?”

Roselda embraced her Mamang. “Thank you.”

“So, what else are we waiting for? Not Christmas, right?” Marissa joked.

Everyone roared in laughter.


1Bilao - a winnowing basket, usually shallow and circular in shape.

2Negra - black woman; a Spanish term which is the opposite of Negro (black man). They are typically used to describe someone with dark skin. They can also be used as some kind of endearment or a passing joke between friends and peers but can also be used as derogatory name-calling.

3Mano - from Spanish term 'mano' (hand); a traditional gesture of respect to the elders in Filipino culture. The young'uns take the offered right hand of the elder then presses it to their forehead and say "Mano po".

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