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I am called Pinky, a little mermaid.

I was the cowardly mermaid who ran away after our country was attacked by the fishmen. After my escape, I was full of anxiety and my hopes broken but not anymore. Because my hope is in front of me now!

That person is a dazzling metal doll-sama. He is about twice my size but could not be said to be very big. However, doll-sama's overflowing dignity and compa.s.sion makes his aura appear bigger many times over.


After seeing doll-sama for the first time, I decided to secretly follow him. I help the faint hope in my chest that this person might probably help us.

Many times, doll-sama was attacked by sea serpents but each time, he only counterattacked with a single punch and the sea serpents were easily driven away.

He easily swept the sea serpents that could not cause even a little damage to him with those hard scales and drove them away! I could not suppress the violent throbbing of my chest.

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Kawaranu Mono <Kirameki no Gōremu> Chapter 3 summary

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