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I am called Pinky, a little mermaid.

I was the cowardly mermaid who would just ask doll-sama to help save our country but can't call on him due to unknown reasons. (TN: By this time, I pitied her)

However, the distance between doll-sama and I is gradually narrowing. The kind doll-sama will never see me as a burden. Even if I get too close with doll-sama, I will never let my hand touch him!

So I went into his front and swam in circles around him. I like it, just swimming around him.

Let's try calling him out. Well, it's impossible after all.


Let's try calling him out. Well, it really is impossible.

Let's try calling him out. No, I got nervous.

Let's try calling him out. Dokidoki1.

And so, I went back and forth.

Everytime I did it, doll-sama made a big arc just to avoid me and continued walking on.

Wahh! Why can't I take that single step? Everyone back at the country is still in trouble. Why? My sorrowful tears slowly leaked out. Helpless, I sank down to the ocean floor.

3 days later.

I feel like I can do it today!

I swam around doll-sama and circled, inspiring myself.

Doll-sama stopped walking. This is an opportunity!

Now then, release the courage within and let's call him!

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Kawaranu Mono <Kirameki no Gōremu> Chapter 4 summary

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