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As far as the eye could see were grassy plains and one road that continued on and on. They didn’t know how long the road went. But, Riku and Mickey walked it. The two of them were clad in black robes. It was the same clothing as worn by those in the ‘Organisation’.

Far ahead, they could see that the road split into a crossroads. Standing in the middle of it waited a man—DiZ.

“What are you going to make me choose this time?” Riku asked.

“The road to light—or the road to darkness?” said DiZ, looking at the road that spread to the left, and the road that spread to the right.

“Neither. I choose between light and dark,” said Riku, and he walked past DiZ, down the road that lay between the road to light and the road to darkness.

“The road of twilight leading to moonless night…?” said DiZ.

Riku turned. “No,” he said, and then he smiled a little. “…The road to dawn.”

He started walking again, and Mickey ran after him.

Ahead of the two of them lay—the road of daybreak, the road of dawn.

And, a new journey began.


Walking a road without you

To re-make a forgotten promise once again

To meet you where you wait ahead


A boy watched the sun sink. He always watched from the clock tower right above the train station, but something seemed different about this one. It’s almost like something is about to change, the boy thought, vaguely.

“Roxas…!” he heard Pence call from underneath the clock tower.

“I’m coming!” Roxas answered, turning his back on the sunset, and dashing down the clock tower.

The setting sun—shone on Roxas’ back.

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