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Chapter 178.

178 Demon King vs Earth Dragon

「What are you planning? I think that it's an agreement violation that you interfere me」
『That is the agreement exchanged between our master and you. We follow it if it's the master's life. Unfortunately, we are not told to not oppose you』

Kieeeeeaaaaaaaa, it spokeeeeeeeee!!!

No no.
Is this guy serious?
It spoke.

The Demon King and the Earth Dragons that face each other.
The Earth Dragon that has the biggest physique and has the appearance of an old Dragon among them, made full use of the Telepathy and talked with the Demon King.
I mean, it looks like the Demon King knew that the Earth Dragon can speak because she was not perturbed when it spoke willingly.

「Sophism, huh? So? What's the reason for you to oppose me to the extent that you go against your master?」
『Don't you think that the old should be eliminated by now?』
「What do you mean?」

I guess I'm treated as an outsider.
No, well, that's obvious though.
Someone, please explain it to me.
What's the relationship between the Earth Dragon and the Demon King?
Guessing from the conversation, they don't seem close.
I mean, isn't it hostile relationship?

I don't know.
At such a time, I can only peep.

It's going to be a little rude.
I invade the Demon King's soul a little.
The soul and body trembles at the same time.
Ah, sorry.
Endure it a little.

I peep and see the Demon King's memory.
Although she attacked me to eliminate me somehow, I was able to draw out the aimed memory.
Because the erosion rate rose considerably, I came to be able to do things like this.

According to the drawn Demon King's memory, it seems that the Earth Dragons are Gyurigyuri's subordinates.
Now that it's said, I can agree.
When I thought why something like Dragon exist in this world, it was created as Gyurigyuri's subordinate.

Does the main body know this?
She seems to know it.
I only know about the outline of the "Taboo", so it's not strange even if there's a description about Gyurigyuri in that.
After all, Gyurigyuri is the Administrator of this world.
It's unthinkable that there's nothing about Gyurigyuri who's the Administrator of this world in the "Taboo" that's the matter related to the root of this world.

I feel that the feedback from the main body has decreased recently.
I also have the awareness that I'm changing a little, so isn't this possibly bad?

『The new wind is blowing. Oldest Divine Beast, isn't it the time for us old ones to leave the world?』
「What a joke. Then, do you intent to entrust everything to the new ones? The result to entrust everything is the present situation, isn't it? They must at least be an old existence like me who butts in」

The Demon King floats a callous smile.
Although I can't see the Demon King's expression because I can only see the Demon King's point of view, the Demon King at such a time is in a bad mood.
After I possess this person, I intend to understand the Demon King's personality, but mostly, she's always displeased.
Well, if a foreign substance like me clings to the soul, of course she will be displeased.
Even if that is left out, this person's bottom of the feeling is always boiled.

The world is hated, endless anger.

It's the anger that I can't help thinking that why she don't have the "Wrath" skill.
When I think that she kept this much anger in the bottom of her feelings since the old times, I admire the extraordinary patience.

But, finally, the patience was at the limit.
That's why, the Demon King bestirs herself.
I appeared there.

The Demon King have no choice but to move.
She thought that she would act to the extent to incite the Demons while seeing the state for a while, but the existence called me didn't allow it.
Even if she abandons everything, she must eliminate me.
And, at this place visited as a part of the action, she received the Earth Dragons' interference for some reason.

『Oldest Divine Beast, we don't understand why are you aiming at a person. We don't, but we can guess that you are cornered. Is that person cornering you? Or, is it just our wrong guess?』

The Demon King's displeasure increases.
Like venting her anger, I mean, I'm the person concerned, the attack becomes stronger.

『That person is a strong person who defeated our brethren. It is not an existence that you can harm easily now』
「That's why, the Dragon species is always like this」

The Demon King grumbled as she was disgusted.

『The strong person is a precious existence to that extent. That person especially, reached to the extent that it can defeat our brethren in a short time』


「Nai wa」
Nai wa

The Demon King and I who become speechless.
After a while, The Demon King scratched her head hard.

「So? After all, you don't have the intention to withdraw, right?」
『Of course. We are included in the old ones that should be perished. Stop the Oldest Divine Beast. There is no better stage than this』
「Just be carried away as you please. I will only bite and tear everything」

The Demon King moves.
The Dragons also move at the same time.

The Dragons activate the skill.
"Divine Dragon Barrier".
The powerful unrivaled absolute defense skill that has the effect of the magic obstruction of the Dragon species and the physical wall.
The most troublesome point of this skill is, let alone magic, but the effect of all skills is negated.
In order to destroy this barrier, there's nothing but to either use pure physical ability to break it or hold down the obstruction with the power more than that.
In other words, either way, the only method is to overpower it.
It's an extremely outrageous skill that it won't even be a match if the power to break this barrier is not owned.

Besides, the barrier activate now is not an ordinary barrier.
It's an original barrier that has "Space Magic" mixed in it.
The multiple barrier by the combined skill that the Earth Dragons newly think out.

The Demon King's "Space Magic" level is low.
In other words, she doesn't have the means to break the "Space Magic".

In addition, the Earth Dragons don't attack assertively, but retreating like escaping while keeping a fixed distance.
Hey, the escape prevention "Great Demon King" skill is not working.
Ah, the escape obstruction of the "Great Demon King" only shows its effect when the opponent leaves more than the fixed distance or when the opponent tries to Transfer.
I see.
That's why, the Earth Dragons are keeping a fixed distance.

I mean, isn't this a great chance?
Let's advance the erosion before it's too late.
Prepare yourself, Maou.
Know that the true enemy is not the Earth Dragons, but me.

It was decided.

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