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243 – Guys with a screw loose are such…

Sensei, Yamada-kun and the rest have returned back to the academy. Natsume-kun is seized, and the assassins have been arrested by the other teachers who came rushing. I had appeared before them and used my Evil Eye to weaken them, so the teachers caught them easily. Also, although it had worried me the Earth Drake didn’t rampage in the end, and was retrieved in its cage to the teachers’ camp. It seemed quite nervous though. I wonder what’s with that Earth Drake.

Finally, Natsume-kun has been confined to his own room. Even though he had caused a problem, Natsume-kun is still the prince of a foreign country. It’s not like they can just punish him. Well, it’s not like that they absolutely cannot punish him either though. Before long, he will definitely be punished. Before that, I gotta do something.

I teleport to Natsume-kun’s place.

「Shit! Don’t think it’s over yet! This world is mine! Me, me only, the world exists for me only! I’ll never accept an ending like this! Never! Until everything is in my hands, it’s not gonna end! That elf bitch! I’ll definitely get revenge! No mercy, absolutely no mercy! Someday I’ll steal everything she has! Just like how she stole from me! Just you wait! Everything that she cares about, I’m gonna demolish it all! On top of that I’m gonna rape that fucking bitch senseless while laughing at her crying face! Just you wait! I’m gonna take back this world!」

Woah. Mind if I leave? What, is, going, on? He’s completely lost it, yup. Somehow, I feel like I want to return while pretending that I’ve not seen anything. At this rate, he seems motivated enough to acquire the Seven Deadly Sins skills without me doing anything ya know.

Ugh. I guess I can’t just do that either. If I neglect this it could become risky. Umm, maybe instead of something risky, something risqué?

Okay. That’s enough escaping from reality.

I mean, I’m right beside him and he’s not even noticing me. It’s like he can’t even see various things around him any more huh. Well, that’s handy for me though.

Slowly slowly I bind him with threads. Then I force him to turn around to face me and, bingo, activate Evil Eyes. Steal his consciousness.

The next thing I do is bring out a tiny clone, the size of a fingertip. This, I grind into Natsume-kun’s earhole. Natsume-kun’s body twitches in convulsions but I ignore it. He’s fine, he’s fine. He’s not going to die. I’m merely installing something that works a bit like a radio antenna okay. If he can obey the radio waves it’ll be wonderful. A degenerate life awaits. Done!

I confirm that the clone has properly reached his brain, then heal up Natsume-kun’s ear. Well, I had to punch through various bits of his ear to reach the brain you know. To actually go out of my way to heal him up, I’m so nice.

Now then, with this Natsume-kun has basically become my puppet. It’s not like I can’t dominate him completely, but in that case the development of his soul will slow. Instead, it would be better to limit myself to just guiding his thoughts somewhat. Though in an emergency I won’t restrict myself that much. Oops, I should erase his memory of me as well. Click, clack, done.

For the duration of his confinement I’ll push him towards acquiring skills. At this rate, Greed seems gettable. If all goes well then Lust too. Then I’m as good as done. Before the Ruler authority is properly established, it is possible for me to intercept and usurp it. What I’ve been able to take command of so far are Pride, Sloth and Patience – the Ruler skills I originally held, and then, Envy that the vampire girl has acquired and Wrath that ogre-kun has acquired.

Conversely, what’s been taken command of by others are Temperance, Diligence, Charity and also Gluttony. I originally held Charity, but before I could interfere with the Ruler authority the next owner was quickly decided unfortunately, and to make matters worse I’m currently unable to interfere because the Ruler authority has already been established. That next owner is sensei. The situation has turned into a real pain in the ass.

The ones yet untouched are Greed and Lust and then Humility, Kindness and Chastity huh. I’ll have Natsume-kun work on Greed and Lust. Then I can throw him away. The problem is Humility, Kindness and Chastity I guess. It would be best if someone would pick them up, but there’s no point if they get picked up and the Ruler authority is established. It’s fine if it happens to someone like me in the old days who doesn’t know how to establish the authority, but it would definitely be annoying if the acquirer is someone among the elves.

The safest scenario is if someone in my grasp acquires them though. For the vampire girl, there’s no way she has the spirit of Humility in her. Kindness is a big no. For Chastity she’s sort of on the right lines, but recently she’s started having men waiting on her so it feels impossible. For Argnar, it’s hard to say if he’s really in my grasp for a start, and even though he’s lived a long life he’s not really gotten that far either I guess. Even if I tell him to get a skill isn’t it a bit too late? If only some highly talented kid who might comply with the requirements would fall into my hands…

I sense the activation of magical power. It seems that the ones guarding the room have fainted. The door is opened slowly and cautiously.

The one who enters is a lone girl. A girl who looks a little bit like Yamada-kun. Well, I guess so. Even if it’s just half, she’s still related by blood after all.

Her name, was Sue or something? Judging by her dangerous intent, she’s come to assassinate Natsume-kun or similar I guess? This girl sure has quite a far out brother complex huh. Well, considering her target is someone who actually tried to kill her brother Yamada-kun, I guess she wouldn’t just leave him alone.

Here we go. A highly talented girl who seems capable of getting a Ruler skill.

「Who are you?」

Imouto-chan turns towards me with a cautious look. Well then. How shall I prevail upon her?


Translation notes:

“Maybe instead of something risky, something risqué?” – the original is a pun in Japanese too. A literal translation would be more like “Maybe instead of something serious, something erotic?”.

Shiro consistently refers to Sue as “imouto-chan” (kid sister) so I’ve left it as is.

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