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Chapter 82.
Here comes the boss.

82 Spider vs Fire Drake ③

The catfish was delicious.
It's a very delicious dish.
When doing so, "Enhanced Taste" rose to level 7.
I want to retort on myself who concentrated on eating.
But, it can't be helped!
Up until now, I have only eaten unappetizing things!
I want to taste delicious things!

Incidentally, "Overeating" rose to level 8.
The stock is still enough, but if the level rises, the amount that can be stocked will also increase, so there's no disadvantage.
It will soon become level 10, and I'm also interested in either "Overeating" derived skill or evolved skill.
It's such a convenient skill, so I can expect from it.
Besides, there's something that's on my mind.

That's the "Pride" skill.
Speaking of "Pride",  the seven deadly sins.
And, among the seven deadly sins, there's one called "Gluttony".
"Overeating" and "Gluttony".
The sound of the word and the meaning are similar.
Perhaps, is "Gluttony" the evolution of "Overeating"?
I can't help but to feel so.
The effect of "Pride" is too extraordinary, so if "Overeating" evolves into "Gluttony", as the same series, it might have an effect rivaling "Pride".
However, in that case, as expected, I will be shadowed by the same uneasiness as "Pride".

Well, it's still level 8.
It's still early to be worried.
Besides, the skill level rose as it pleases, so it can't be helped even if I worry.

Well then, let's search for the next catfish.

I wander around the middle layer searching for catfish.
But, I can't find the catfish.
In the first place, I can't find it if it dives into the magma.
During the first time I encounter it, it also appeared suddenly from within the magma.
If it usually dives in the magma, then finding it will become difficult.

In my opinion, my searching ability without relying on my skills is quite high.
Although I'm not aware of it myself, when I think back, it's just that my intuition is good.
I never received a surprise attack in the upper layer or the lower layer, and when I feel the dangers, it roughly hits.
I think that this is might be something equipped originally on a spider.
Without being aware of it, feel the flow of the air, I think that it's like that.

Come to think of it, even though a catfish was nearby in the magma, I understand that I didn't notice it.
If I can perceive it by the flow of air, then it can't be helped that I can't perceive it if its in the magma.
Underwater or underground, I probably won't be able to know if it's a surprise attack from there.
Then, it's dangerous to be near to the magma.
If it suddenly springs at me and drag me into the magma, then my death is decided.
Well, even if it's not like that, because being near to the magma is dangerous, I should keep away from it as much as possible.
From now on, I should put myself on guard so that I'm good to go when a monster appears suddenly.

Like this.

It came out from within the magma, and the guy appeared in front of me is, an eel?
It's the eel-like monster that has limbs.

『Elro Generave LV2
 Average Offensive Ability:893
 Average Defensive Ability:821
 Average Magic Ability:454
 Average Resistance Ability:433
 Average Speed Ability:582
 「Fire Drake LV4」「Dragon Scale LV5」「Enhanced Fire LV1」「Accuracy LV10」「Evasion LV1」「Probability Correction LV1」「High-speed Swim LV2」「Overeating LV5」「Heat Nullity」「Life LV3」「Agility LV1」「Endurance LV3」「Powerful LV1」「Sturdy LV1」』

This eel is very strong.

『Elro Generave:The medium rank monster who belongs to the dragon that inhabits in the Elro Great Labyrinth Middle Layer. Omnivorous but it has the habit of eating other monsters by its own choice』

This strength is only medium rank.
I mean, seeing the skill composition, is this eel the evolution of the catfish?

I have no time to care about such thing now.
The distance with the eel is about 15 meters.
The other side has already noticed me and lock-on me.
Although I'm higher in speed, my other status are hopelessly inferior.
Especially the red stamina gauge, I lost even including the "Overeating" skill stock.
Even if I escape, the possibility of it catching up after my stamina is exhausted is high.
I hope that it gives up before that happens....
And, my yellow stamina gauge is low, so I can't maintain my top speed for a long time.
The worst possibility is that I will get caught when my yellow gauge is exhausted.

Can I get away from it?
When thinking so, the eel's appearance blurred.
This, "Foresight" is activated.
And, the blurred eel seems to take an action like spitting something.
After that, the eel spit out a fireball similar to the blurred image.
After all, the basic strategy is the same.
But, the fireball is fast and big that it cannot be compared with the seahorse and the catfish!

I evade it in a hurry.
Although "Thought Acceleration" works, the fireball flies at the speed that I can't feel that favor.
The fireball hits the place I was directly together with an explosion.
I can only barely avoided it even though I borrowed the power of "Foresight" and "Thought Acceleration".
I thought that I was able to avoid it with a little more time, but what's this?

『Probability Correction:Increases the power of the skills that are related to probability』

It's because of this skill.
The hit rate might rose because of this skill.
Then, it might be difficult to keep avoiding it even with my "Evasion".
This might be genuinely dangerous.

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