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Chapter 22: The Hexagram Heaven Defying Scroll

Heaven Defying Hexagram Scroll: The yellow glowing Heaven Defying Hexagram Scroll.  After use, it will give the user “Sacred Hexagram Spiritual Heart” which allows them to have six different Jobs at once.

…….This was another strong Heaven Defying Scroll that made one’s blood boil!

Crazy, it’s all crazy.  Since the Seven Heaven Defying Scrolls have come into existence, not a single one has appeared before, but two were appearing today.

What did having six different Jobs mean?  Feng Xiao could not imagine it, but now it seemed like if he had this scroll, he could become an Asura and Magic Warrior at the same time.  As well as obtaining that War God Scroll.

“Oh my god.”  Feng Xiao’s heart began to beat fast, “It seems like the heavens are just sending their blessings to me today.”

Heavenly War’s face did not change as he gently said, “Since you had this scroll, why did you not take it out earlier?  Why would you cause this dispute?  You’re this old and you want to bring it into your coffin with you?  Are Asuras really that selfish?”

“Humph, the Hexagram Scroll is something the previous generation’s Asura passed down whose last words were to pass this down to the Emperor of Asuras.  If it wasn’t for you being so aggressive and this little brat’s million year rarely seen talent, I definitely would not have taken it out before he became the emperor.”  Tian Xiu gave a cold snort.  He was not really all that angry, but a stone did fall down in his heart.  In front of this kind of enticement, this little brat would obediently obey, unless his head had been kicked in by a donkey.

No one knew just how much perseverance Tian Xiu used to hold back taking out this scroll before finally being unable to endure any longer.

Tian Xiu rubbed the Hexagram Scroll with a bit of regret before trading it to Feng Xiao, “Stinky little brat, you’re really lucky!  Use this scroll and then obediently change into the Asura and old man Heavenly War’s Magic Warrior Jobs!”

Tian Xiu was willing to take out this scroll because of his own selfishness.  An Asura that was a Magic Warrior would still be an Asura, but it would be a stronger Asura!  As long as he obtained the Asura’s strength, no matter what Jobs or how many Jobs he obtained, he would still be an Asura!  As for the other Jobs, it would just make the Asura Job stronger!

Feeling the scroll in his hand transmitting a strange energy, Feng Xiao was filled with excitement.  With an “oh” sound, he crushed the Hexagram Scroll…...

“Wait a minute……”

Feng Xiao was so excited that he almost choked on his own breath.  It was a good thing he had heard these words so many times today that he had already built up a resistance.  He helplessly said, “What now?”

“He, he, it’s just a small request.”  Tian Xiu was a little embarrassed as he patted his head.  Then he grabbed Feng Xiao’s shoulder and said with a serious face, “I don’t care what Jobs you change into in the future, but I hope that when you declare what Job you have, you will tell everyone you are an Asura!”  After he finished speaking, he looked over at Heavenly War with a kind of questioning gaze.

Before Feng Xiao could respond, Heavenly War had already said, “I’m fine with that.  Wind Spirit, as long as you change into the Magic Warrior Job, reach the peak to become a Magical Martial God and find the Demon God Sword Ao Feng left behind, I don’t care what you tell others your Job is.”

Feng Xiao certainly did not have any arguments, “Alright, from this day forth, my Job will be Asura!”  Tian Xiu nodded with satisfaction as his expression finally relaxed.

Feng Xiao used a little force with his right hand and the Hexagram Scroll turned into yellow light that surrounded his body.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit.  You have used the Saint Grade Scroll ‘Hexagram Scroll’.  You have gained 100 Prestige and now can have 6 different Jobs at once.”

“It’s over?  It’s over like this?”  Feng Xiao was a little stunned.  There was no golden light shower, dark clouds, wind and thunder appearing, or the earth shaking like he had expected.  There was just a yellow light and everything was over.

“Calling this a Heaven Defying Saint Grade Scroll is…..A little too easy.”  Feng Xiao was filled with confusion.

The six old men looked at each other in blank dismay.  The Seven Heaven Defying Scrolls have never been used before and they who wanted to see something heaven defying, just saw a light flash and it was all over.

“It’s over like this?”

“It seems so…..I received a System Notification that I can have six different Jobs now.”

“.......”  Tian Xiu was speechless. “Then that’s fine.  Prepare to accept my power and to change into the Asura Job!”

“Asura, with the intention of not being just, disregarding playing and heaven rankings.  One of the six paths and one of the ten realms, known first as a kind god, and finally becoming an evil god.  It is the harmonious mix of man, god, and spirits!”

“Asura’s are naturally good at fighting and seek a life of battles, loving to live on the edge of life and death.  Asuras also represent ‘hell’ and represent cruel slaughters.”

“This Asura Job dates back to ten thousand years ago.  The founder was named Luo Jia and was a well known Sword Saint across the continent, but with an extremely just manner, he invoked jealousy and hate, creating many enemies.  Finally one day, his enemies came at him altogether while Luo Jia was out and these ferocious people slaughtered his entire family…..”

“Luo Jia was filled with pain when he heard this, but he could go against those people with his strength.  Finally, after being defeated countless times and experiencing countless narrow escapes, his hatred and desire for strength sent him down the Asura Path, reincarnating him as an Asura.  With the price of his life and intelligence, he had obtained the might of the formidable Asura.”

“Finally, Luo Jia had settled his grudges and became the most terrifying existence on the continent.  However, Luo Jia grew more and more fear every day, turning into an Asura.  His personality became more bloodthirsty and brutal.  The previously just him could not tolerate himself turning into this kind of person he hated.  After dancing on the line of good and evil for several years, Luo Jia finally came up with a new method to inherit the power of the Asura and to resolve the Asura’s brutal aura.”

“So, Luo Jia began to wander the Heavenly Dragon Continent looking for a successor.  He clearly understood that the awakening of the Asura’s power and comprehending it would require a high perception, so it took him ten years until he found a suitable person.  After using an incredible method to transfer the power of the Asura to that person, Luo Jia killed himself.  This was because after decades of being tortured by his conscience, he no longer had a reason to live anymore.”

“But…..If it’s like this, the successor…..”  Feng Xiao could help interrupting.

“Don’t interrupt.”  Tian Xiu waved his hand and said, “I know what you want to ask.  You’re worried about whether that person’s personality changed, right?  Your worries are for nothing.  Think about it, how could Luo Jia not think of this?  How could he allow the same thing to happen again?”

“Listen closely little brat.  The Asura’s inheritance means inheriting the Asura’s strength and not the Asura’s heart!  If I say it like this, do you understand it now?”

“Only inheriting the Asura’s power and not the Asura’s heart?”

“It basically means that you will have a bit of the Asura’s personality, but it will not affect your personality at all.  This is because the Asura’s inheritance does not truly change one into an Asura, so it is impossible to inherit the Asura’s heart.  But it is very fair because a person without the Asura’s Heart would find it hard to the strength and essence of being an Asura.  This is why there has never been an Asura on the same level as Luo Jia since ten thousand years ago.  It is also the reason why the successor of the Asura Job needs to have a high perception.”

“So, the Asura Job has been inherited like this generation after generation.  I am the 22nd generation.”

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