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Chapter 24: Changing Jobs into Magic Warrior

Asura: Ten thousand years ago, Luo Jia fell into the Asura Path from his despair and reincarnated as an Asura, using that to gradually form the Asura Job.  The Asura Job had once caused the continent to fall into a panic, but after declining, the Asura Job faded from everyone’s memories.

Job Stats: Only if the user becomes the legendary Asura Emperor, they are not allowed to join or form any guilds.  The user can use any kind of weapons and equip equipment from any Job.  The user is not restricted by any rules of the Heavenly Dragon Continent (For example: Red name after killing someone, being punished for speaking vulgarities, and etc……).  The user also completely negates all forms of death qi.

Asura’s Hand: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Asuras can use weapons from any Jobs and turn them into a sharp killing weapon.

Effects: When using any weapon, attack power increased by 20%.

Asura’s Body: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Asuras can use any equipment from any Job and increase its defense with the Asura’s power.  

Effects: When any piece of equipment, defense is increased by 20%.

Asura Heavenly Return: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Effects: HP and MP will recover every second based on how much vitality and intelligence the user has.

“Other than not having attack skills, the Asura Job really is quite strong!”  This was Feng Xiao’s first impression of this Job.

Feng Xiao clearly remembered the stat increase he received when he changed Jobs and they were three-four times higher compared to normal Jobs!  Especially attack power.  It had been increased by 100 which was equivalent to a level 20 player with an ordinary weapon equipped.

The three passive skills the Asura Job had were quite powerful, seeing as how normal Jobs only offered a 5% increase in attack strength.  For example, the Spear Warrior Job would increase one’s attack by 5% if they used a spear, but this Asura Job increased one’s attack by 20% and it did not matter what weapon was equipped.  The Heavenly Return was even more incredible…...Only Knights had self regeneration and this regeneration was based on his vitality!  With his current vitality, his per second recovery rate was already equivalent to drinking a health potion.

Feng Xiao could only say, “This Job’s basic stats are just too strong.  If he could tap into its potential, then how strong would it really be?”  Feng Xiao was filled with confidence and anticipation.

“There is still a broken Job waiting for me.”  Feng Xiao finally remembered the five other old men standing here.

“Instructor Heavenly War, I’ll have to trouble you with the Job Change.”  Being able to change into two different Hidden Jobs and being asked by two people do so.  Compared to the Heaven Defying Scroll, Feng Xiao thought that his own luck was even more heaven defying.

Heavenly War did not say anything and activated the Job Change Scroll in his hands while pointing it at Feng Xiao…...A green light came from the scroll and shot out at Feng Xiao, completely enveloping him with the light.

The green light lasted for around ten seconds before it faded away.  When everyone thought that the Job Change was over, a mass of intense white light enveloped Feng Xiao’s body until he could no longer be seen.

Heavenly War was mystified by the sight in front of him, “Why is it white light?  How is this possible……”  An idea suddenly formed in his head and he almost jumped up, “Perhaps…..He……”

The white light changed into countless beams of dragon shaped light which quickly revolved around Feng Xiao’s body.  Feng Xiao felt an endless energy entering his body, finally forming seven different coloured powers inside of him.  The seven different powers fused together and the white light concentrated together as it entered into his body.

The dragon shaped beams of light surrounding him disappeared.

“Ding, Congratulations to player Wind Spirit for changing into the Magic Warrior Job.  You have gained 100 prestige.  Strength +20, Vitality +20, HP +100, Critical Hit +10%, Poison Resistance +20%, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, and Earth Resistances +20%.”

“Ding, player Wind Spirit, your skill “Shattering Slash” has fused with the water attributed energy in your body and has created the water attributed magic martial art ‘Ice Shattering Slash’.”

“Ding, the water attributed energy in your body has awakened and you have comprehended the skill ‘Water’s Magnificence’.”

“Ding, player Wind Spirit, your skill “Returning Slash” has fused with the wind attributed energy in your body and has created the wind attribute magic martial art ‘Wind Wheel Slash’.”

“Ding, the wind attributed energy in your body has awakened and you have comprehended the skill ‘Wind’s Spirit’.”

A flurry of prompts ringing out almost made Feng Xiao forget to react.  After changing Jobs, the skills he had already comprehended had been evolved by the Magic Warrior Job.  After recovering from his stupor, he immediately looked at the new skills he evolved and comprehended.

Water Shattering Slash: Basic Water Attributed Magic Martial Art

Only a person with the Demon God’s body and an extremely high perception can learn this skill.  When used, this skill will form a sword of ice to shatter all enemies in front of the user.  This attack has a forward range of 4 meters and does 150% of the user’s normal attack damage.  This attack will deal an extra 50 water attributed damage and have a 10% chance to freeze the enemy.  Costs 30 MP to use and has no cooldown.

Water’s Magnificence: Support Skill

After a body containing water attributed energy is covered in Water’s Magnificence, the user will have their stats strengthened.  

Effects: HP +10%, MP +10%, Magic Attack +10%, HP Recovery +10%, MP Recovery +10%, Water Resistance +10%, Freezing Resistance +20%, Cold Resistance +30%.  Costs 10 MP to use, lasts 10 minutes, and has no cooldown time.

Wind Wheel Slash: Basic Wind Attributed Magic Martial Art

Only a person with the Demon God’s body and an extremely high perception can learn this skill.  When used, the user’s sword will fly out of their hand and create a wind wheel to attack all enemies.  It will fly out and fly back to attack the enemies twice.  

Effects: A straight line attack that will hit twice dealing the user’s normal attack power in damage with an extra 50 wind attributed damage added onto each attack.  There is a 10% chance of inflicting the enemy with the sleep status.  This attack has a range of 15 meters and can be used on land, in the air, or in the water.  Costs 30 MP to use and has a 10 second cooldown time.

Wind’s Spirit: Support Skill

Uses wind attributed energy to summon a wind spirit into the user’s body, strengthening a variety of the user’s abilities.

Effects: Evasion +10%, Accuracy +10%, Move Speed +10%, Wind Resistance +10%, and Sleep Resistance +10%.  Costs 10 MP to use, lasts 10 minutes, and has no cooldown time.

“This is the might of a Magic Warrior.  It really is strong!”  Feng Xiao was filled with satisfaction.  These two support skills would have definitely shocked any normal person.  Moreover, it cost so little MP and had such a high performance to cost ratio.

“Strange…..Why did the skills I comprehended before seem like they belong to the Magic Warrior Job…..”

“Instructor Heavenly War, I’ve finished changing Jobs.  I can feel that this Job is incredibly strong.”  Feng Xiao voice was filled with a trace of gratitude as he spoke to Heavenly War.

Heavenly War’s greatest wish had been fulfilled, so he was feeling very good.  He smiled and said, “This Job is not just strong, only someone who understands the true prestige of the Magic Warrior Job would be able to understand how terrifying it is.  Feng Xiao, do you want to hear the origin of this Job?”

Seeing Feng Xiao nod, Heavenly War thought for a bit before he said in a recollecting kind of voice, “The story is very short.  On the easterns side of the Heavenly Dragon Continent, there is a small, but very strong tribe.  They live in a very elegant environment where the natural elements are very abundant.  Under the nourishment of all this, everyone born there has an innate ability to communicate with the natural elements, so everyone born there is a natural mage.  They are very proud and arrogant because of this.”

“However, when the two greatest wind magicians came together, they gave birth to a child without any ability to communicate with the elements, but had the physique of a warrior.  To the people of this area, this was a very shameful thing.  The people who were crazy about magic finally chased the boy away when he was 10 years old and even his parents could not stop them.”

“The boy did not feel hate towards his tribe because each tribe had their own believe.  When something appeared that attacked that believe, they would try their best to chase it away or destroy it.  The boy was not dejected and even though he had no way of communicating with the elements and could not become a mage, he still believed that with the power of wind inherited from his parents, he would definitely be able to find a way to return to their side.”

“So, he began to find a way to combine the wind attributed energy and martial arts.  With his tenacity and his strong perception, in twenty years, he had succeeded.  He had successfully created the “Wind God’s Dance”, which is also the final form of the skills that you were using!”

“Wind God’s Dance - Wind Wheel Slash?”

“That’s right, magic fused with martial arts was much stronger than just magic and martial arts alone.  Moreover, the attacks would have extra attributes that would ignore the enemy’s.  When this attribute became the thing the enemy feared most, it could still be used as a normal magic attack.  So, this Job’s skills could only be strengthened and could not be resisted.”

“Wind Spirit, if I haven’t guessed wrong, in the near future, you will be giving me a large pleasant surprise.  Of course, you would also be giving it to yourself.”  Heavenly War revealed a mysterious smile, but did not explain his words.

Feng Xiao was confused, but did not ask anything.  He had already gained a lot today, so much that he was considering whether he was in a dream.

“This is the Wargod Scroll and now it belongs to you!  But I really hope that you have no need to ever use it.”

Feng Xiao received the Wargod Scroll.  He could understand Heavenly War’s meaning because if he ever needed to use this, then it would mean that he was in a truly desperate situation.

“That’s right Wind Spirit, the first person to change Jobs will have the right to meet the Heavenly Dragon Emperor.  You can go over there now.”  Heavenly War had a trace of envy in his eyes as he spoke to Feng Xiao.  This brat, his luck was so good that even god would be jealous of him.

“Meet the emperor?  A hidden quest, this has to be a hidden quest!”  Feng Xiao’s eyes lit up as he quickly said goodbye to the five old men and prepared to rush towards the Heavenly Dragon Imperial Palace.

Feng Xiao had not moved yet before a black shadow appeared in front of him.

This person was covered in black clothing and had a long and white beart.  His appearance was very dirty, but his eyes were as sharp as a hawk, as if it could see through people’s hearts.

“Yi?  Why does it feel like I’ve seen this old man before?”

Seeing Feng Xiao’s curious gaze, the old man wanted to leave, “Fuck, foolish brat, what kind of eyes do you have?  I am Tian Xiu!”

“Oh, oh, I was wondering why you were so familiar.  Strange, why aren’t you wearing your mask…..Oh….Ke, ke, did you want to go explore the continent?  Why are you back?”  A bead of cold sweat fell down Feng Xiao’s forehead because the old man’s mask was currently on his face.

“Humph, I came back because I remembered something important.”  Tian Xie had a serious look on his face as he said, “I’ve heard that the first person to help an otherworlder change Jobs will receive 10000 gold coins.  I almost forgot to take my money from the old emperor before leaving!”


Feng Xiao and the others all fell to the ground.

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