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This youthful advanced level pill refiner paled as his limbs turned icy. He was in disbelief as he crumpled to the ground. He pointed at Ji Anyun and roared, "You broke the rules! You broke my concentration!"


That was too much!

Everyone was speechless, even the people from the Butterfly School twitched their lips in exasperation.

To be honest, even they felt that he had gone overboard!

Pill refining is all about one’s abilities. If you failed this time, you just lost a round, not the whole world, is it necessary to break down like that?

Furthermore, you were the one who tried to distract others with your car crash like singing!

They just turned back and said that your singing was horrible, yet you have the audacity to scream at them?

Even though they were on different camps and were upset about losing, a loss was a loss!

Everyone could see that this young advanced level pill refiner lost this round because he crumbled after seeing the 64 exquisite pills refined by Ji Anyun.

After the Purple Cloud School people recovered from their shock, they exploded into catcalls.

Even though there weren’t many of them, they were all cultivators, and when they catcalled at the top of their lungs... it was a sight to behold.

The ones watching were not just people from the two schools, there were also people who came over to spectate the competition.

These were all neutral parties and they didn’t prefer one school over the other.

The youthful advanced level pill refiner from the Butterfly School was also too ungraceful in defeat.

As such, these people cheered with the Purple Cloud.


To be honest, there were some from the Butterfly School who wanted to cheer too, but they suppressed it.

What the hell was this? Really! Where did the school find such a piece of trash?

Hearing the cheers from his surroundings, the youthful advanced level pill refiner paled.

At this point, the Sky Dazed School student who was the judge for the day asked flatly, "Butterfly School representative, do you admit defeat?"

"I... admit defeat!"

This pale faced youth blushed and finally spat out the three words. Then, he turned and walked off the stage.

He could not possibly stay here any longer.

The lips of the student from the Sky Dazed School twitched and his eyes flashed with mockery.

If you can’t take the pressure, why bother being a hired representative? How shameful!

However, he couldn’t be bothered to say such a thing and immediately declared the Purple Cloud School as the victors.

"Purple Cloud School, one win, three points gained!"

Ji Anyun stood calmly on stage as she smiled at the people from the Purple Cloud before bounding off the stage

She came in front of Chu Yu, "Old Song, I didn’t embarrass you did I?"

Chu Yu smiled and nodded, "Good job!"


Ji Anyun smiled, then returned to her seat.

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