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Standing under a sky-reaching tree, the blue-garbed Pei Qiqi looked as pure and quiet as a lotus as she said with an expressionless face, "Go on. Don't mind me." With these words, she sat down where she was, took out a medicinal pill, and swallowed it. Then, she closed her eyes to refine it and stimulate its efficacy.

Her cold and indifferent attitude made Dong Li feel slightly annoyed, and she couldn't help but frown slightly.

Her eyes rolled around as she searched in her mind for other tricks. However, at this moment, Pei Qiqi's slender eyebrows suddenly furrowed as a hint of pain appeared on her face.

Nie Tian's expression flickered.

He remembered that Pei Qiqi's internal injuries hadn't fully healed yet. Her recent battles with Poison Sect disciples might have worsened those injuries.


He blurred into action and appeared behind Pei Qiqi in the next moment. Without a word, he sat down, gently pressed his hands on her back, and practiced Heaven Wood Heal.

Tens of thousands of wisps of liquidized wood power flew out of his fast-spinning vortex of wood power and infused into Pei Qiqi.

With Nie Tian behind her back, Pei Qiqi was facing Dong Li with her eyes closed.

However, at this moment, as Nie Tian rushed over to heal her injuries, her eyes quietly opened.

Face still expressionless, she shot a glance at Dong Li.

The smile immediately faded from Dong Li's face as she let out a soft, cold snort.


Floating off the edge of the continent, Lu Bai's face looked especially grim as he listened to Zhang Jiu describe the situation to him.

Looking frustrated, Sha Cheng bowed his head as he stood off to the side, not saying a word.

"You led a team of nine people back in there, yet just the two of you came back alive." Lu Bai struggled to suppress his fury, yet he felt it increasingly hard as he saw Dong Tuodi and Qin Yi, who were watching them from some distance away with expressions as if they were enjoying a show. "I can't believe those two Greater Heaven stage bastards managed to kill so many of you, including Jin Lin!"

A bitter smile appeared on Zhang Jiu's face.

Keh! Keh! Dong Tuodi cleared his throat to attract the Poison Sect members' attention. Only after all of their eyes landed on him did he take his time to say, "It seems that the Poison Sect isn't destined to explore this floating continent."

With a stern expression, Qin Yi said loudly, "I'm gonna let this one pass, since Qiqi isn't hurt."

Dong Tuodi seemed to turn a blind eye to Lu Bai's anger as he added, "Judging by the time, those from the Gu Clan, Cao Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect should be here any moment now."

Lu Bai's expression grew even grimmer.

He knew very well that the five Qi warrior powers from the Realm of a Hundred Battles always acted together, and this trip to this mysterious dimension was no exception.

Now that the Dong Clan and the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce were here, it meant the other three powers probably weren't far away.

Considering the Dong Clan's strength alone, the Poison Sect didn't have absolute confidence in beating them in battle. If all of the other four powers came along...

After weighing the situation in his mind, Lu Bai eventually beckoned for his people to leave.

Dejected and despondent, the crowd of Poison Sect disciples sped away from the floating continent one after another.

Lu Bai, who was the last to leave, shot a cold glance at Dong Tuodi and Qin Yi, and said, "I'll see you around!" With these words, he turned around and flew away.

With a disdainful smile, Dong Tuodi said, "Do you think you can scare me?"

Soon after Lu Bai left, Dong Baijie emerged from the floating continent. Gazing at the empty space where the Poison Sect members used to be, he asked, "Where are those people from the Poison Sect?" 

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