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Chapter 72
I couldn’t turn back anymore.

Shortly after Mr. Olgrand joined us for the demon subjugation, the cabinet meeting in question was held

At that meeting, the strategy to capture the demonic territory was agreed upon, and the signing ceremony as well as the departure ceremony were conducted simultaneously. The situation is finally moving into its final stage.

At the meeting it was also decided that the territory surrounding the demo territory will be divided equally between Els and Ys.

Because Earlshyde is the major power with the greatest number of soldiers, we will provide reinforcements.

The Ultimate Magicians will be divided into 4 teams of three people each and sent to provide aid to the army surrounding the demon territory.

To further clarify, the Ultimate Magicians aren’t counted as Earlshyde’s forces.

At first glance, it seems to be disadvantageous for Earlshyde, but it’s not.

The Earlshyde Magic Division has implemented and will publish a thesis through the Inst.i.tute of Magic: “If you increase how much and how precisely you control your magic, it’s power will rise and you’ll be able to use chantless magic.”

This is an undeniable fact, however, as it takes time to gather statistics, the Earlshyde Magic Division is the only one practicing it at the moment.

As a result, the other countries will acquire equal power in time, but for now, the Magic Division of Earlshyde Kingdom is stronger than other countries Magic Divisions, and they’ve been a.s.signed to discretely reinforce Els and Ys.

The same is true for the Knight Order. While they don’t have vibrating swords, they are conducting battle drills everyday using jet boots, which is one step ahead of the other countries.

Because of the official integration by the Earlshyde Knight Order, a ma.s.s order for jet boots have arrived at the Walford Company from nearly every country.

In addition to the being introduced by the Magic Division, it seems that the jet boots are becoming a trend in military equipment of the world.

Thus the Bean Smithy is hard at work constructing thousands of jet boots.

… I have to thank Mr. Bean for his work once again… I’ll feel bad if I don’t give him a bonus…

Now you can even see people from the knight and the magic divisions flying in the air from time to time.

It seems that there are many people who fly in the complete opposite direction that they intended to go in…

Still, it looks like they’re somehow finding their form.

Err, everyone’s delicate eyes are attracted to my magic tools…

“I don’t understand what I can and can’t sell in this world.”(Shin)

“What’s that all of a sudden?”(August)

Gus, who was summarizing the details

of the meeting, casually asked me.

He told me the results of the meeting, and I answered by saying I don’t know what I can and can’t sell.

“No. I never thought I would be selling so many jet boots.”(Shin)

“Hm. I would be willing to try anything that might increase our total fighting power. We do live in a crucial time period.”(August)

“That’s the way it is.”(Shin)

“However, if it’s officially adopted by every countries’ military, there may be increased popularity with the general public. It may just be a matter of time until “Airball” becomes popular.”(August)

“Good. It won’t be unfair if it spreads to other countries. Then the dreams of a World Cup, National League, Champions league, and so on won’t be dreams anymore.”(Shin)

But like everything, it will have to wait till after the demon crisis has ended. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could provide entertainment to people who are suffering from great stress.

“As the organizer your a.s.sets will increase exponentially yet again. Just how much money do you intend to earn?”

“…It’s no use…”(Shin)

“In any case, since we’re talking about luxury. If you surround yourself with all those a.s.sets, will you surround yourself with mistresses as well?”(August)

“Hey! What are you saying…”(Shin)


Brrrrr… A very strong chill drifts from the door.

It’s not a metaphor, it’s freezing!

“…Shin… Will you keep a mistress?”(Sicily)

I heard Sicily say that with a frozen smile on her face that matches the cold air.

This atmosphere… It’s exactly like Irene!

“Never! I wouldn’t even think about something like that, not in the least bit!”(Shin)

“Is that so?”(Sicily)

“That’s right!”(Shin)

“…Then it’s fine.”(Sicily)

Without hesitation I put together words of denial.

If I hesitate to say something here… Just thinking about it is scary.

Pure power aside, I think I can never win against Sicily mentally.

“Kukuku. How desperate.”(August)

“Gus! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This is because you said those baseless accusations! A catastrophe almost happened thanks to you!”(Shin)

A catastrophe in the relationship between me and Sicily!

“Hah, it was merely a hypothetical. Along with the power to take over the world, you have enough wealth that you can’t spend it all even if you wanted to. On top of that, your bride is the beautiful Saint. The more talented you are, the more you’re a target of envy.”(August)


“That’s right. Since that’s the case, just like now, baseless rumors will pop up left and right. It was a rehearsal.”(August)

“Is that so…”(Shin)

Gus was worried about me…

“Don’t be fooled Shin. This is just his Highness’ prank.”(Thor)

“Thor, why did you expose me?”(August)

“Return the heartwarming feeling I just felt!”(Shin)

Truly! This guy!

“Speaking of becoming famous, what happened to you-know-what, Your Highness?”(Alice)

As usual, when I try to interrogate

interrogate Gus, someone always interrupts me.

The You-know-what?

“Big talk, Shin’s story will become a book!”(Shin)

…I had completely forgotten…

After that case in the Swedes Kingdom, I was dragged into all sorts of strife.

I wonder if they’ve already gathered enough anecdotes…

“Oh, that thing…”(August)

“What about it?”(Shin)

“It will be released next week.”(August)

“I thought they didn’t have enough anecdotes!?”(Shin)

Released next week!? That’s way too soon!

“Don’t worry. Your real character was removed, it’s written that you are a possessor of pure heroism who aspires to save the world.”(August)

“Well, if that’s the case… Wait, is my personality unsuitable!?”(Shin)

Surely, this has to be by mistake!

“I read the ma.n.u.script, and I burst out laughing.”(August)

“Why did you burst out laughing if it became a heroic story!”(Shin)

What does that mean!?

“Sorry Shin. I… Huff… Laughed…”(Thor)

“I thought my abdominal muscles would break.”(Julius)

Even Thor and Julius!

“…I wonder what kind of story it is.”(Rin)

“Your highness, your highness! Can’t we read it before it’s released!?”(Alice)

“I thought you’d say that.”(August)

While saying that, Gus took something out of the Different Dimension Storage.

“Here is a chapter of the book.”(August)

It was a chapter of the book before the release.

There are even 13 copies of them.

One for everyone including the teacher.

“First, Shin. This is your story.”(Shin)

He said that and handed me the chapter.

For some reason an applause rang out.

I took it from Gus’ hands

Ooooh…I don’t want to read it!

“Next is Claude. There’s probably a lot written about you as well.

“T-thank you…”(Sicily)

Sicily also has a non-descript expression.

I wonder how embarra.s.sed she is…

“Next is Messina. You also appear quite a lot. This will make you even more famous so be careful not to get caught by some strange man.”(August)

“I know. I know.”(Maria)

Maria has been my friend since I came to the capital. It’s likely she’ll appear a number of times.

After that, the rest was distributed at the same time because the rest have pretty much the same parts.

…Gus’ fellows became restless…

Since the first lesson was magical practice, we decided to read the book during it just so that everyone completes it. A copy was also give to Mr. Alfred who appeared for homeroom.


“Hahahaha! Who!? Oi!?”(Alice)

Alice bursts out laughing…

“‘Grandfather. I want to use this power for the sake of world peace.’ He said… ‘Grandfather’? ‘I’?”(Maria) (TN: j.a.pan and their many ways of addressing people.)

Maria is reading while her shoulders are trembling.

“I must not laugh. Look at this ‘August. If it’s of any use, I’ll lend you my strength anytime. Our friendship is forever.’ He said… fufufufu. Hahahaha!”(Yuri)

Yuri bursts out laughing imagining me saying those words.

“Wow, I… I didn’t say anything like this…”(Sicily)

Sicily is also writhing from the words her character in the book spoke.

“I was born

was born to meet you. This heart and body are all yours.” These are also lines I’ve never heard before.

“Huf… Walford you… My sides seem to be broken…”(Rin)

Rin, who I thought was reading calmly until now, ends up saying something like that.

However, since this is something that happened plot-wise, it’s difficult to make a strong argument against the content, and the release day is so soon.

They can’t change the lines now.

Really… This will go out into the world…

When I think that this will be read by someone I know, I want to die.

“Well, only a handful of people reading this book can laugh like us now. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people reading this will be moved by the story and will think Shin Walford is a kind-hearted hero that desires world peace.”(August)

Well, that’s true…

“Did you make up this story to manipulate my public image?”(Shin)

I know the editing was done by Earlsyhde Kingdom. Did they hire a writer to write it like this?

Given that we need to raise morale because we’ll be fighting the final battle against the devils from now on.

Even if you show the power to subjugate a demon, you would probably want to set a good impression so that you’re not feared.

Truly… The Earlshyde royal family caring so much about that…

“Oh, it’s was completely made up by the writer. When we read this, my entire family and I burst out laughing. Only May was reading this with sparkling eyes. Well, I gave them permission, so that people wouldn’t have a bad impression of Shin.”(August)

“s.h.i.t! Return my optimistic att.i.tude towards you!”

It was a coincidence!

Really! These royals!

I empathised with Grandpa’s feelings when I read my own book thinking “Whose story is this?” when I finished reading I found out that there was a “A New Hero’s Story” book releasing next month.

I mean “A New Hero’s Story” is…

Because it’s a continuation of Grandpa’s book “A Hero’s Story”…

“Well, I didn’t I would be roaring with laughter like that. Will that be the case just for this cla.s.s?”(Alfred)

Like everyone, Professor Alfred finished reading the book and couldn’t help but laugh.

I was surprised my homeroom teacher Alfred had such an impression of me, but when I think about it, Professor Alfred wasn’t involved in many of the incidents.

Even if you’re someone that’s not directly acquainted to me…

What’s written in this book is true, and they’ll believe I’m really that person.

Somehow… It’s scary because everyone will imagine a Shin Walford that’s different from the real one.

But isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when one becomes famous?

Even in my past life, older entertainers, at the time it the time it was ah, for example, it was revealed what wasn’t expected at the time.

“Therefore. People in the future will recognize Shin as a heroic thinker. So act a little more prudently.”(August)

“…Somehow, I feel like I’m being more and more restrained…”(Shin)

“Give it up. It means that you’ve become world-famous.”(August)

… Just now I’ve heard Gus say something I shouldn’t overlook!?


“Oh. This book will be sold ‘worldwide’.”(August)

…That’s a lie! Right?

“Huh!? Why!? Why is a book from Earlshyde being released worldwide!?”(Shin)

“Isn’t that natural? Your grandparents are world-famous heroes. Isn’t this their grandchild’s story? People from all over the world want to read it. I mean we already received orders from every country through communication machines. The first edition has already been shipped to every country.It should have been delivered to most of the countries by now”(August)

People from all over the will world read this…

“I wanted to have it ready for the demon territory recapture operation. Wouldn’t it be too late after the battle is over?”(August)

“You don’t have to worry about something like that…”(Shin)

Certainly, it’s meaningless unless the information manipulation happens before the battle begins. But… my heart isn’t ready!

“Rather than Earlshyde, we should inform other countries that Shin is not a dangerous existence. Give up your resistance. It’s futile.”(August)

If that’s the case… I don’t want to get any more famous…

While watching Shin become depressed that his story will not only be released in Earlshyde but across the world, Thor talked to August.

“Your highness is a bad person. Was it not your highness that ordered the writer to write those lines that won’t leave a bad impression of Shin?”(Thor)

“…Is that right?”(August)

“That’s right.”(Thor)

Thor and Julius knew that the heroic mindset of wanting world peace was written directed by August’s instructions and not by chance.

“…Will you tell Shin?”(August)

“Hehe, are you worried?”(Thor)

“It reached the point where I should say it… Thor.”(Julius)

“Oh, I’m sorry. Were you influenced by Shin?”(Thor)

“…Well, it’s fine. I want Shin to be in a good mood when he finds out. By any chance, can’t you let him think the content ended up like that accidentally?”(August)

“Your highness is a liar.”(Thor)

It will probably be awkward if August doesn’t tell Shin the fact that the accident was his doing.

Given that feeling, Thor and Julius were watching August with melancholy eyes.

From a young age, these two were chosen to be the Prince’s bodyguards, and they have grown up together, but that relationship still had a distance.

However, recently these two are losing their hesitation in front of August.

For August it was a favorable change but…

“You guys… are poisoned by Shin…”(August)

August sighed as he thought they were influenced by Shin a bit too much.

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