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Chapter 397  [Disturbance in the tennis court]

The following days are rather calm and quiet, allow Liu Yi to have sufficient rest time.

On the side of Dragon Group, it is also quiet. The foreign spies have become more honest. Especially the people from Japan who no longer attempt to investigate deeply.

Perhaps it is because of the ten people that were killed by Chen Cai which gives them a very large warning!

As for Acacia Sect, they have yet to find the location of their sect. Otherwise, Liu Yi would have gone over and purged that damn sect!

The rest of the powers have also quietened down like there are all giving Liu Yi a holiday.

For nearly a month, Liu Yi was cultivating in class while accompanying the girls.

Since everything that had happened recently, Liu Yi feels like his relationship between him and the girls had become closer.

In the past, they had minor issues that they were unable to clear up with each other but now they had all disappeared and allowed them and Liu Yi to be even more close.

Especially Wang Yuzheng. Since the last time when she was pushed down by Liu Yi in the classroom, she basically can claim that she is the girlfriend of Liu Yi!

"Big sister Ling, why would the club activity be in the tennis court ah!"

Currently, Wang Yuzheng is wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, revealing her white legs.

It is because she had joined the Martial Arts Club and needed to exercise quite regularly.

The other attires seem to be not really suitable.

Thus this s.e.xy and neat exercising attire attracts countless of guys gazes.

Although Wang Yuzheng's chest is not very large her bum is very perky. Especially since she is wearing the tight black shorts, it perfectly displays her arc!

Honestly speaking, even Liu Yi is somewhat unable to stand still.

This usually obedient girl…recently is walking a few dangerous paths ah!

Is she possessed by some sinister things?

"Our Martial Arts Club members cannot just swing the lance and pole around daily ah!"

Ling Zhuoyi is also wearing exercising attire, revealing her beauty, "Although we get together because we love martial arts, but there is no need to only practice martial arts together! Playing tennis is also quite a good method of exercising our body! Yuzheng how is it? Do you want to play a set with me?"

"That…I, I don't know how to play tennis…I only know how to play badminton…"

When had Wang Yuzheng had played this kind of luxurious activity?

It is not too much to call tennis a luxurious activity.

Because at North Dragon city, there are few tennis courts and only some high schools possess it, furthermore it needs the permission from the school before they are able to use.

As for the indoor tennis courts, you need to pay over a hundred dollars per hour, thus it is very luxurious.

In comparison for badminton, with two rackets and a shuttle court, you can it as long as you find an empty space!

To be honest, Liu Yi also had never played tennis before, but as for using Asura's head as a ball, he did do it quite often.

But because he is unable to bear with Wang Yuzheng's coaxing, he finally came along.

Although they claim that it is a club activity, the people who came is only Ling Zhuoyi, Wang Yuzheng and Liu Yi with his dormmates.

After all now is summer and the temperature is hot. Most people would rather hide within places with aircon and relax, who would be willing to play tennis in this hot weather and sweat!

Ling Zhuoyi most probably thinks this way and decided to come to the tennis court…

In the end when they are there…damn it, it is obviously so hot but why are there so many goddamn people around!!!!

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