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Even in such a rare, high-end luxury store, there is no one who doesn't recognize Zhou JinChen. The two shopped all around the mall so even An XuMo was photographed by people. Fortunately, because of security guards, nothing large ever happened.

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The black Bentley restarts. They are two hours away from the birthday party. Halfway there, they decided to go to another place to make An XuMo a simple model. Zhou JinChen has already made the necessary preparations, but because An XuMo's hairstyle was fixed at the last concert, it is not appropriate for the birthday party.

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This banquet was said to be a celebration of Old Master Zhou's birthday, however, it is also a celebration of the Zhou Group. Not only the children of Zhou Jia but also many business contacts received invitations. When the two arrived at the main house, it was already evening and the row of lights was lit in the vast garden. The fully opened main door was decorated to create a great atmosphere and the attendant guides the luxury cars in an orderly fashion.

The Bentley was parked in the open s.p.a.ce at the front of the lawn. An XuMo was behind Zhou JinChen as he got off the car. The attendant at the reception looked at An XuMo with surprise, but very quickly, he recovered his expression. He courteously invites the two into the s.p.a.cious main house. 

The lobby on the first floor was arranged to be the locale of the banquet, with gorgeous lights shining on the magnificent displays. There are many people indoors, looking ahead, wearing perfumed clothes and having gorgeous hair, toasting each other. If someone strays in, they would think that there is going to be a magnificent party held. In reality, in terms of ZhouJia's financial resources, this kind of scene doesn't count as high-end to them.

When Zhou JinChen and An XuMo went in, they won a lot of gazes. One person is dark and tall, the other is light and tall. Although different in temperament, they are an eye-catching view. Everyone's sight fell on them, but all are filled with different emotions. 

After all, one of them is the promising heir, the other is the illegitimate son who was recently swept out of the house. 

Like the waiter at the reception, many people were more or less surprised when they saw An XuMo. The wealthy has no secrets and the rumors about ZhouJia is known by all. No one ever thought that An XuMo would actually appear at the birthday party tonight. 

An XuMo himself also doesn't know the reason. He asked Zhou JinChen in the car. The other only said that it was the family's command so the details are not clear. It's not that An XuMo is not perturbed, but this is the only chance to get along with Zhou JinChen. Plus, he could conveniently eat a full meal which is why he is standing here right now.

After entering the lobby, the people, who went up to greet Zhou JinChen, broke the two up. An XuMo did not have any other thoughts. The long, snow white table has been filled with sumptuous meals. He took a plate of food for himself and sat down at an inconspicuous corner. 

Zhou Jia has their own pastry cook. His masterpieces' taste and quality are all first cla.s.s. An XuMo is probably the only person at the banquet who is content with eating, no one would talk to him anyways. However, in the eyes of the most attentive foodie, these carefully crafted meals were not tasty. 

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This wealthy family's birthday party was magnificent. But to An XuMo it is nothing as it seems,  full of undisguised whispering and unscrupulous malice. The subject of conversation, the protagonist, did not notice the emotions around him. He comfortably sat in his corner, slowly biting into a cookie. 

The sweetness of his favorite pastry turns into a flavorless and unpleasant dry sensation between his teeth. An XuMo quietly fills his stomach, however, in his heart he felt that the painstakingly baked dessert was not as delicious as the chicken breast he ate at noon. 

It was cold everywhere. Even the steamy hot, glistening and translucent shrimp dumplings were covered in ice, which would cool the stomach after biting into them. 

After continuously eating, An XuMo stopped. He did not look back at the more direct stares. He just searched for the familiar black figure in the room. Zhou JinChen's appearance does not let him be submerged in the crowd. Even at a grand feast where everyone is meticulously dressed, An XuMo still could immediately find his figure. 

Zhou JinChen, who was just talking to his friends and family, is now standing at a rather hidden, uninhibited corner. He was whispering to a hastily young man, his expression somewhat cold. An XuMo looked at the young man curiously. He felt as if he had seen the other before.

He just glanced at them a few times. Then the two men suddenly raised their heads and turned, landing their gaze at him. 

Looking at those pair of cold eyes, An XuMo was stunned for a moment. 

But in reality, the person that is more surprised than him is Zhou JinChen.

"Are you sure that the person who died fifteen years ago was his biological father?" With no one around, Zhou JinChen's voice was very low. He grasped the wine gla.s.s but was hurt by the round base.

"Since his father jumped to his death, who was the one who poisoned my people ten years ago?"

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