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Chapter 1163 – $$?!?$$

“Miss Mo, how much property would a World King level powerhouse and a World King level Holy Land have?” Lin Ming asked Mo Eversnow, a bit unsure of himself.

Mo Eversnow said, “Property is divided into fixed assets and liquid assets. Whether it is a World King powerhouse or World King Holy Land, over 99.9% of their total wealth will be locked down in array formations, palaces, transmission arrays, training locations, pills, treasures, and so forth. They wouldn’t have many liquid assets available. For them, having too much money is useless. It’s best to invest everything into training disciples and exchanging for resources. In the past, my Verdant Feather Holy Lands only kept around 4-5 trillion in liquid capital, and the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was also a Great World King level Holy Land. It was much wealthier than these ordinary World King Holy Lands like Sacred Martial Mansion or Dual Polarity Palace. I estimate that they have a total of 1-2 trillion in liquid assets!”

Lin Ming nodded. This was a reasonable amount. When the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had been destroyed, Mo Eversnow had quickly snuck away some of the wealth, but that was only a small amount of the total, around a trillion in all. And then later, most of that had been taken away by Mo Eversnow’s little sister, leaving less than 400 billion at Starbind Bank.

As for an ordinary World King Holy Land, even though their liquid capital was normally around 1-2 trillion, they could sell a small amount of their fixed assets in exchange for violet sun stones. The true value of their property was definitely above his own!

Fortunately, a World King Holy Land was far too large. There was more than one peak disciple and there was much more to do than attending a single auction. This meant that the wealth of that Holy Land would be scattered about all over. This was his only chance!

As Lin Ming was thinking about his own wealth, the bidding price had already dramatically risen to 3.8 trillion. The one who cast this bid was actually Sacred Yueping!

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