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Chapter 1261 – 

“Dragon Fang was defeated. It really is impossible for a Divine Sea martial artist to climb up this Divine Seal Altar that Empyrean Vast Universe created!”

“Even Dragon Fang was defeated, but he was able to crawl up 80,000 feet. That beats the top record of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, it’s amazing!”

As the billions of people in the audience saw Dragon Fang wrapped in energy and slowly brought down from the Divine Seal Altar, all of them were shocked. This was truly a rare semifinals seen once every million years! To witness an unrivalled genius climb up the Divine Seal Altar was a truly unique experience. To the young geniuses present, this experience could broaden their world and even affect their future achievements to a certain extent.

“We still fall far too short.”

“There is no limit in this universe. There is always a higher mountain and a stronger person. I originally thought Bloodless Sword and Nether Limitless were fierce, but I never imagined that they would be nothing compared to Dragon Fang.”

“We have to work harder. After all, Dragon Fang and Lin Ming’s backgrounds aren’t that outstanding!”

None of them knew that in truth, Dragon Fang was the successor of an Empyrean.

“Don’t be so hasty in your assumptions. It’s possible that Dragon Fang has an extremely strong master behind him that we cannot understand. As for that Lin Ming, I really have no idea what sort of heaven-defying lucky chances he has experienced. It is impossible for a genius to accidentally grow to this level.”

As everyone was speaking, their eyes naturally gathered onto Lin Ming.

Now, on the entire Divine Seal Altar, there was only Lin Ming left.

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Martial World Chapter 1261 summary

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