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Chapter 1279 – 

“These grouping rules are too unfair. Why are some people that were ranked second in their contest area still placed into the second group, and yet the fifth of another contest area can be placed into the first group!”

“Yes! This is unfair! I would like to ask what the basis of this grouping is. Is it only subjective judgment?”

The geniuses present were very proud. After being viewed as worthless by others and also being treated unfairly, they certainly weren’t convinced.


Vast Cosmos didn’t need to speak at all. Beside him, several World Kings shouted out, their voices fierce. These World Kings, once they released their pressure, were not something that these juniors could withstand. Many of them immediately began to stream a cold sweat.

“Rules are rules. You may only follow and cannot resist. As for the reasoning behind how these rules are established, I have no need to explain to the likes of you.”

Vast Cosmos’s voice was indifferent, as if he couldn’t be bothered to speak at all.

To someone at his level, this group in front of him was nothing more than a pack of children. Although they were chosen prides of heaven, the road of a martial artist was long and difficult, filled with dangers. Whether or not any of them could grow was unknown. Out of these 10,000 geniuses present, only a very small number of them would reach the World King realm. As for the rest, they would only be Holy Lords.

They simply weren’t worth Vast Cosmos paying attention to.

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