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Chapter 1281 – 

The Cang Liang who walked on the martial stage was a silver-haired martial artist who used a black spear, the same weapon type as Lin Ming.

Lin Ming also silently took out his Phoenix Blood Spear from his spatial ring.

“Spear? How interesting!”

Cang Liang faintly smiled. “I have some impressions of you. You were the first ranked participant from Gravemoon Star, and many people know of you. They believe you can easily enter the top three of the Earth Proclamation, and perhaps even bloom in splendor during this First Martial Meeting and reach the top 10 ranks of the Heaven Proclamation.”

According to the rules of the First Martial Meeting, the Empyrean direct disciples and Heavenly Palace core disciples were considered within the Heaven Proclamation, but the Earth Proclamation removed all of them. Basically, those that would rule the Earth Proclamation would be disciples of Great World King Holy Lands.

In the past First Martial Meetings, the top three placed participants on the Earth Proclamation would only have an average ranking on the Heaven Proclamation. Without mentioning Empyrean descendants, many Heavenly Palace core disciples, which were also in the second group, were often better than disciples of Great World King Holy Lands.

This was because these Heavenly Palace core disciples often had half-step Empyrean masters, and their inheritances and resources were often much better. Many times they were even able to study transcendent divine mights. It was extremely difficult for disciples of Great World King Holy Lands to compare with them.

Cang Liang was this type of Heavenly Palace core disciple. As a Heavenly Palace core disciple, he were naturally arrogant. But no matter how arrogant Cang Liang was, he didn’t think for half a second that he could enter the top 10 rankings of the Heaven Proclamation. This was because the momentum and grandeur of this First Martial Meeting was far too vast. As the First Martial Meeting was held, more and more Empyrean direct disciples began to join in. At the start there were less than 10, but now as the finals were about to begin, there were already 30 of them.

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