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"Well, I'm glad the BSC has. .h.i.t a lull. My family is about to do its summer vacation trip to the sh.o.r.e," announced Shannon. "So I won't be here next week or the week after."

"The beach." Dawn looked envious.

"I'd love to go to the beach, too," Mal said. "Even if I do get sunburned. But I think we're going on a camping trip." She wrinkled her nose. There was a moment of silence as we imagined the havoc the Pikes could wreak on a camping trip.


Claudia cleared her throat. "Uh, good luck, Mal."

Mal grinned.

"What about you?" Jessi teased me. "You and Logan. Any big summer plans, once you are off your crutches?"

I thought for a moment. Then I shook my head. "I'm going to take it easy," I said. "Hang out with my family. Enjoy having my dad home again." I looked around the room. "That's what summer's for, you know. Sometimes, the best vacation of all is just learning to loosen up!"

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