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Meg and Seron VII: The Fiancée out of the Blue - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Bridget





The moment Kenneth’s words reached the office, several things happened at once.


“Mph!” Larry cringed as he watched through the viewfinder, pressing the shutter. Then he stuck his hands in his jacket.


Nick chuckled to himself, unable to hide his amusement, but no one noticed.




Natalia spewed chunks of macaron across the floor.


Jenny simply grinned.


Meg also said nothing, her face locked in a droll expression with her mouth agape. Thankfully no one was looking in her direction.


Bridget replied mechanically, neither angry nor surprised.



Kenneth and Bridget’s conversation under the oak tree continued.






















Inside the office.


“He’s just as bad as she is!” Natalia exclaimed.


“Which one do you think we must side with for the greatest merit?” Nick wondered amusedly.


“It cannot be this… It cannot be…” Meg shook her head, looking about ready to burst into tears.


“C’mon, Mr. Hero. It’s about time for you to show up,” Jenny whispered under her breath.


“It’s time,” Larry muttered, taking another photo.



Kenneth said, turning.



But a voice stopped him from very far away. Everyone in the office soon heard the sound of footsteps running across the snow.




Meg’s teary eyes blinked at the familiar voice.


“Whoa!” “Hm?” Natalia and Nick were taken by surprise as well.


As they watched, a figure in a coat approached Kenneth and Bridget.





Bridget and Kenneth were visibly shocked by Seron’s entrance.


Seron said, positioning himself near the two students so his voice would be captured on the microphones.


“Why is Seron there?!” Meg asked out loud.


“Ah! Shoulda noticed when he took his coat with him!” “He pulled one over us, I see.” Natalia and Nick seemed to feel a mix of defeat and triumph. Meg alone remained oblivious.


“Wh-what will he do?” She wondered, hanging from the windowsill.


“I wonder.” “Wow, it’s Seron.”


Jenny and Larry’s reactions were clearly feigned, but the others were too busy focusing on the conversation by the tree to notice.







“Pleasantries? Now? What a couple of losers,” Natalia commented.


said Kenneth in a cold voice,


Meg nodded furiously. “Yes! Seron is a side role! Why is he interrupting?!” She cried, though Seron could not possibly hear her, “someone please, bring Seron back!”


“How?” Natalia asked.


“Even if with sleeping mind powers!”


“Don’t have any of those. You, Nick?”


“I’m afraid I’m not hiding anything else up my sleeve.”


Seron and Kenneth’s conversation continued.





That was when Bridget spoke.



“No, Seron is interrupting!” Meg cried. The conversation continued.


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