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Chapter 405: Marriage Phobia

The middle-aged woman's facial expression to frustration after hearing what the long-hair said.

She was the manager of the shop. She told all the employees that the colored diamond rings were only available for VIP clients. Why didn’t Lily follow the rule?

Well, the experienced one knew that the most indeed, unlike the new girl, Lily, knows absolutely nothing. Her paid check should be cut for this month.

"Lily, who asked you for the colored ring?" the middle-aged woman frowned and asked discontentedly.

"Manager, this gentleman here wanted to see it," Lily replied immediately while looking panicked.

She could tell her manager wasn’t happy about that. Lily was upset since it was all caused by the long-haired chick, but she could do nothing since she knew the manager favored the long-haired girl.

"Lily, let me ask you one thing, does this gentleman have the VIP platinum card?"

"Manager, he doesn’t."

"Then you broke the rule for still showing him the colored ring, didn’t you? I’ll deduct some of your paycheck this month. Bring the colored ring back," the middle-aged woman said emotionlessly while frowning.

See? Your paycheck was deducted by arguing with me, huh? The long-haired girl tried to mock the short-haired girl by staring at her.

What, deduct my paycheck?

Lily freaked out immediately. She just started her job, if her paycheck was cut, she wouldn’t even be able to pay for her rent the next month.

"Manager, please don’t deduct my paycheck," Lily begged while looking pale.

"No, I have to since you showed him the color ring." The middle-aged woman seemed highly rigid and didn’t give Lily a chance to explain.

She had to maintain her authority as the manager and would have to punish Lily for not following the rules.

Qingfeng felt bad for the short-haired girl since he got her into trouble by asking for the colored ring.

He decided to solve the problem for the short-haired girl if he started the whole thing.

"I asked her for the color ring, why you deduct her paycheck?" Qingfeng laughed faintly and asked the woman.

The woman shuttered since she didn’t expect a client would stand for Lily. "This is the business of our ring boutique, and Lily wouldn’t be in trouble if you didn’t ask for the color ring from her." She said aggressively.

"I’m the client here, why couldn’t I see the color ring?"

"Because you are not a VIP platinum member, you are not allowed to see that."

"Then let me ask you, what company does your ring shop belong to?"

"Huh, it wouldn’t hurt to tell you, we belong to the Liu Corporation, get it? We are under the Liu Corporation in Jing Capital," the woman said arrogantly as if she was far above Qingfeng.

Liu Corporation? Isn’t that Ruyan Liu's company?

Qingfeng giggled and found it funny that it took for a while to realize the ring shop was actually under the Liu Corporation. He looked at the middle-aged woman with disdain.


Qingfeng pulled out a VIP platinum card and snapped it on the table, "Check out what this is."

What, a five-star platinum VIP card?

The woman was shocked while staring at the card. She had definitely seen the card as a staff member of the Liu Corporation. Ruyan had shown it when she came to the shop last time.

She had marked the look of the card in her mind since then since she knew it was only owned by Ruyan. Yet, the card appeared again from a young man.

"How…how comes you have this five-star platinum card?" the middle-age woman started to stutter while looking panicked.

"It was given to me by Ruyan," Qingfeng sneered and said.

Excuse me, it was given by Boss Liu?

The woman was getting frightened this time. Who the heck was this young man who could receive the five-star platinum card from the Boss?

She started to sweat

and her face started turning pale since she knew she had got herself into trouble with an extraordinary person. She would lose her job once she was complained about by this young man.

"I’m so sorry, sir. This color ring is for free for you with your platinum card," the woman kept apologizing to Qingfeng.

Within a second, her arrogance was replaced by fear.
"Well, save your apology. But since the short-haired girl has provided a great customer service, you should raise her pay instead of deducting it. As for the long-haired girl, you should deduct hers for snitching on the short-haired girl." Qingfeng said while smiling.

The middle-age woman turned her face around and said, "I’m sorry for my mistake, Lily, I’ll double your paycheck this month. And you, long-hair, I’ll remove your paycheck for this entire month since you snitched on others."

Lily became thrilled after hearing what the woman said. She didn’t expect her wage would be switched to double from deducted based on a sentence said by Qingfeng.

On the other hand, the long-haired girl was regretting looking down on Qingfeng and snitching on Lily. She had lost her paycheck for this month now, though she had been working so hard for the commission. Now it’s all gone.

After Lily finished packing the color ring, Qingfeng and Xue Lin walked out the store with the ring.

The middle-aged woman walked Qingfeng and Xue Lin to the exit with respect when they left.

After finishing buying the wedding dress and the ring, it’s finally night time.

Qingfeng drove back to the villa with Xue Lin and it was his time to cook dinner tonight. He decided to make pan-fried mince noodles since Xue Lin loved it last time.

Within a second, two bowls of steamy and tangy pan fried mince noodles were ready. Both Qingfeng and Xue Lin had chucked a large bowl of noodles.

After the dinner, both of them were watching TV on the couch while Qingfeng was holding Xue Lin in his arms. Xue Lin’s body was so soft and had mingled with some virgin fragrance.
Qingfeng became a bit turned on by smelling the virgin scent from Xue Lin, he couldn’t control himself while moving his hand along Xue Lin’s body.


Xue Lin suddenly tensed up and her face flushed , "Honey, not today. Can’t you wait till after our wedding tomorrow?" She said it in a low volume.

Xue Lin felt extremely shy and her face turned as red as a glass of red wine when she said that.

Qingfeng giggled and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you tonight. I will wait till tomorrow night."

Qingfeng was really respectful to his wife, especially when he heard she wanted to do it at the night of the wedding. No matter what, Qingfeng could still wait for one more day.
"Honey, why your body is so stiff?" Qingfeng felt Xue Lin’s body was tensing up and said gently.

Xue Lin said while tensing up her body, "I have Marriage Phobia."

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