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Chapter 132

As we ate snacks and drank the tea Sakura brought, I listened to what the Dragon Kings had to say.

「Huh, so a dungeon is getting created again?」
「More accurately it is a situation on the verge of another dungeon where only magic stones aggregate.」

Anne said with a warm and fluffy look on her face as she hugged Hesty.


Hesty looked at me with eyes that seemed to have abandoned all hope, but as soon as Anne arrived she had caught Hesty and hugged her.
I’d help her once we finished talking.

「Would there be a Dungeon Master?」

That was what I was most concerned about.
It wasn’t a big threat, but his appearance would signal the ruining of my garden by large numbers of monsters, so I’d prefer if he didn’t appear.

The one who responded was Hesty who was being crushed into Anne’s chest.

「Normally, it shouldn’t exist, yet. A Dungeon Master, needs many years of magic power, and magic stones, before running wild.」
「Fumu fumu, so it needs time to grow. Well it’s a good thing it hasn’t appeared.」

I said, but Hesty shook her head.
But she hit Anne’s chest while doing so.

「Ahn…how pushy…..!」

A vein in Hesty’s head became visible.
It seems she was quite irritated.

「That’s, just what usually, happens. You are an, exception, so there is a possibility that, a small one was created. A strange magic, power has been felt, as well.」
「I don’t really want to be treated like an abnormality…but you’re saying there’s a possibility.」

It’d be troublesome if my home was damaged.
In that case there’s only one solution.

「Then I should go into the basement and crush the problem before it flourishes.」
「You mean preventative measures in the dungeon?」
「Yeah, but it’s already pretty late and I need to make preparations…..I’ll go down tomorrow.」

I wanted to finish up my new golem prep so I would go tomorrow morning.

「I see……then I’ll, help too.」

Hesty said as she shook off Anne and walked to me.

「Oh, thank you.」
「Don’t worry about it, I want the Dungeon Master’s Magic, stone too.」

Hesty said and nodded. This Dragon King is reliable I thought when…

「Ah, can you take me too?」
「Me too me too——. I wanna see the basement~」
「If possible me too! I want to stay near Daichi if I can!」

The Dragon Kings raised their hands one after another. Somehow the participants increased quickly.

It’s suddenly become quite a large group.

…….well the more the merrier, it’d make it easier on me.

「So all of us are going this time huh?」

I said and Sakura gave a small laugh.

「Fufu, then I’ll need to make a large lunchbox.」
「Yeah, sorry Sakura. I’ve given you some more work.」
「No no, I enjoy this type of thing so don’t worry. I’ll make something with all my skill. —-also I will of course be going along on this basement picnic.」

Sakura said as she hugged my arm.

「Yeah, thanks Sakura.」

And so our plans for tomorrow were set, and we split up.

Tomorrow we would take our lunch down below and explore the dungeon before coming back.

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