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Jiang Liushi did not expect that he could meet Li Yuxin. Actually, he was overjoyed. "Will you also participate in this mission?" Jiang Liushi asked in surprise.

Li Yuxin was wearing a camo hat and a white robe, which was a military doctor's dress-up. He remembered that Li Yuxin's Major was in medicine. As a military doctor, Li Yuxin was obliged to put her medical knowledge into practice. It seemed that Li Yuxin would stay in those ambulances.

"Yes. It was a curious coincidence." Li Yuxin felt extremely happy after encountering Jiang Liushi. Beside Li Yuxin, Wang Shiqi was also dressed the same. In fact, Wang Shiqi felt strange after seeing Jiang Liushi. Actually, she always thought of Jiang Liushi as a refugee, although she had witnessed his real strength.

Although Wang Shiqi herself had no special abilities, she led a munificent life after doomsday. As a result, Wang Shiqi had developed a superiority complex. At first, she showed her superiority to Jiang Liushi. But later, after learning that Jiang Liushi was a powerful paranormal, she felt conflicted about how to get along with him. Actually, Wang Shiqi wasn't pleased.

"Li Yuxin, do you know who Lin Yaoshan is? And where the sniper team is located?" That old General urged Jiang Liushi to find Lin Yaoshan before they departed. After all, Shi Ying Squad's strength was powerful. So the old General took a fancy to Jiang's team.

However, on most occasions, one plus one would be greater than two. So the old General wanted for Lin Yaoshan to cooperate with Shi Ying Squad.

"Lin Yaoshan? I'm sorry. I don't know that name…As for the sniper group…"Li Yuxin said and then she looked at Wang Shiqi, "Wang Shiqi's brother, Wang Jianlang, is the sniper group's Captain."

Hearing Jiang Liushi's question about the sniper group, Wang Shiqi said proudly, "My brother is the Captain. Do you want to meet him?"

"Uh, we need to discuss something about cooperating." Jiang Liushi explained casually.

"Cooperation?" Wang Shiqi was shocked, and then she looked at Jiang Liushi with doubt, "Is there a sniper in your team?" It was quite difficult for Wang Shiqi to imagine that there was a sniper in an ordinary squad.

"I can be regarded as a sniper. But I don't think so much about it." Jiang Liushi explained.

"You?" Wang Shiqi stared at Jiang Liushi. She was rather perplexed with the answer to her question, but she didn't ask further. And then she said with a smile, "Classmate Jiang, it indeed is a coincidence. My brother can be regarded as Shenhai Island's top sniper. He is this mission's trump card. Since we were classmates, I'd like to ask my brother to help you." Wang Shiqi said in a joyful voice.

"Good." Jiang Liushi also answered happily. After all, this mission had many unknown dangers, and he did not intend to do it alone.

"Hey, my brother is there...Brother!" Wang Shiqi shouted.

Wang Jianlang initially was talking with the team's Commander about some plans, but he suddenly heard his sister's voice. He frowned and felt helpless to his naive little sister. So he didn't answer.  

However, he didn't expect that the Chief Commander in front of him said suddenly, " Is she your sister? We just needed to go there." Wang Jianlang remained perplexed despite much thought. But that Chief Commander had already left. He was a 40-year-old middle-aged, thin man in a uniform. Two bars and four-star, that meant he was a Colonel! Wang Shiqi immediately realized she had done something wrong, so she stayed quiet.

"I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Lin Yaoshan, the mission's Chief Commander." Lin Yaoshan smiled and turned to Jiang Liushi, "I think you are Captain Jiang, right?"

"Yes, I am. General Lin, nice to meet you." Jiang Liushi said.

Lin Yaoshan laughed, "I am not a General. Haha. I'm just a Camp Commander! I'd like to introduce to you to Wang Jianlang, the sniper team's Captain. His nickname is Eagle. His gunmanship had reached perfection."

Lin Yaoshan said, and then he turned to Wang Jianlang, "Jianlang, this is Captain Jiang. Our leader emphasized that we should cooperate with Captain Jiang. And you should follow Captain Jiang's orders during this task…"

Hearing what Lin said, Wang Jianlang became confused. "I…I should follow his orders?" Wang suspected his own ears.

"It's a direct order. You are to command the sniper team. But you'll have to cooperate with Captain Jiang when he deems it's right." Lin Yaoshan said, and in fact, he knew that the committee spent a lot of money to invite Jiang Liushi!

Actually, Lin Yaoshan didn't agree with this matter in his heart. But he didn't have any decision-making power, so he had to obey his superiors' commands. But he decided to observe Jiang Liushi carefully. After all, he was the mission's Chief Commander, which was quite difficult to be completed. Generally speaking, with him at the helm, they were a hundred percent safe crossing these treacherous rapids.

Lin Yaoshan had many thoughts, but his face remained calm.

However, Wang Shiqi couldn't hide her emotions. Actually, she was artless, simple-minded and candid. Listening to them mission's arrangement, Wang Shiqi was not convinced.

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